IEEE Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

5 February 2002

University of Central Florida - 228 Engineering I


In Attendance:

Al Berg

Christina Caruso

David Flinchbaugh

Joe Juisai

Jorge Medina

Jerry Murphy

Robert Pirela

Kalpathy Sundaram

Thomas Wandeloski

Thomas Wu

Jiann Yuan



Issa Batarseh


Joint Meeting with ED/CMPT


Financial Report:

Closed out year with $23005.74 (31 December)


Chair's Report

Attended SouthCom.

Participated in Florida Council meeting. The Florida Council want a paper issue of the newsletter at least once a year for members without Web access. They also have a new Web site with comprehensive meeting minutes, and will give us access to update our meeting schedule.

Joe Child (Reliability Chapter) has been communicating with chair and Batarseh regarding a speaker. At this time, there are no good candidates for a speaker.

Banquet Committee:

IEEE Banquet scheduled for 12 Apr. 5:30 p.m. reception and 6 p.m. dinner at UCF Student Union 221A/B Garden Key room $20.


Engineers Week Banquet/Activities Ideas:

Students invited to shadow Engineers for a day


Flinchbaugh to write Press Release for Engineer's Week and send to local press.


New Business:


A discussion on quorum.

Rename chapter representative to chapter chairs.

Motion to table until next EXCOM meeting


Christina Caruso has been elected PR Chair.


Motion to change the student chapter's representative to the EXCOM to the student chapter's adviser - carried.

Motion to list the student chapter's adviser as a voting member of EXCOM - carried.


Next meeting TBA - Al Berg to give presentation on VOIP.


Cost of newsletter - will cost $375. Motion to table this issue until March's meeting.


COM/SP: Wandeloski is planning a joint meeting for 1st Tuesday in April for a tour of the AT&T Web Hosting Center in Orlando. Those attending will need to submit a security form. Wandeloski will furnish forms once the visit is approved by AT&T Security.


Old Business:

Radio Chapter

Upcoming Conferences (through June 2002):

IEEE Wireless Communication & Networking Conference:18 to 21 Mar

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference: 24 to 28 Mar

IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference: 12 to 15 May

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing: 15 to 17 May

World Automation Congress: 9 to 11 Jun

IEEE Sensors: 11 to 15 Jun


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