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  • IEEE Job Site Revenue Share Program for Sections
  • Find Conferences Scheduled in your Section
  • Call For RAB Award Nominations
  • Reminder, Bounty Offered For Arrears Members!
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In 2003, the IEEE Job Site has a valuable new revenue share program for IEEE Sections. Your Section can receive a ten percent commission from the job posting fees of companies, which you refer to the Job Site. Single job posts cost $175 for 30 days and multiple post contracts start at $570 for

four postings annually.

Sections are encouraged to make their local members aware of the Job Site and to ask them to enroll their recruitment managers for a free job posting at This form requires that a member indicate their local Section so that the referral can be tracked for revenue share purposes. Member referral to this page can be done through announcements at meetings, Web site links and notices in e-mail and print newsletters. Recruitment managers referred by members will be contacted by Job Site staff to place their free posting and to determine whether they wish to pay for additional online job ads.

Each participating Section receives a quarterly revenue activity report and their revenue share commission is paid annually. For further details, please contact Mike Buryk, Job Site business development manager, at +1 212

419 7571, or

To view and/or download a slide presentation on the Job Site revenue share program, go to the IEEE Section Chapter Support Volunteer Forum virtual community at Select

"Lists" from the menu on the left of the screen. Other presentations will become available at this location as well. Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly emailed updates to the virtual community.

First time visitors to the site, you will need to sign up by doing the following:

1. Click on "Join".

2. Choose "Option A: Create a new account".

3. Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk.

4. Read the Terms of Service and check the box to indicate agreement.

5. Click the "Join Now" box.

If you have questions about the IEEE Section-Chapter Volunteer Forum, contact Denise Maestri at +1 732 562 5505 or



There may be opportunities in a number of Sections for enhancing technical opportunities. IEEE Societies have hundreds of conferences around the world each year. These conferences may be held in the geographic area of your Section or in a neighboring Section. The IEEE Conference Search Web

Page can help your Section identify conferences that will be held in the territory of your Section. The web address is There is a sheet for each conference with information on contacts, locations, and dates. The Conference Search database can be searched for city, state, Region, by sponsor, and by year.

For near term conferences, there may be a possibility of setting up a Section meeting with a world-renowned speaker who is in town for the conference. The conference organizers may be able to get your Section a discount for the meeting room.

Your Section may be able to provide an educational opportunity for members who are not Society members by informing them and getting access to a conference without travel.

There may be a revenue opportunity for conferences that are in the planning stages, your Section can provide volunteers and operational support in areas such as registration, photography, finance, guest programs, and other volunteer tasks. The conference organizers probably won't contact you, but

if you contact them with information about what you can do for them, they may be interested and may negotiate a sharing of profit.

The other opportunity is to meet active IEEE members in your Section. Askif you can attend a local organizing committee meeting, and meet active IEEE members that you might not normally meet. Invite them to Section meetings. You may even be able to recruit them for a Section office!



The strength of IEEE is the work of the volunteer at the local level. Without the efforts of the local volunteer, IEEE would not be able to promote the understanding of the influence of technology on the public welfare. These volunteers need to be recognized for their efforts, we don't recognize the local volunteers enough for their work or the impact they have on society.

The RAB Awards and Recognition Program seeks to honor the outstanding efforts of some of the most invaluable IEEE Volunteers who have made substantial Regional contributions through innovative projects, exemplary leadership, service, and by fulfilling the goals as related to Transnational Activities. Each prestigious award has a unique mission and criteria, and offers the opportunity to honor distinguished colleagues, inspiring teachers and corporate leaders. We are currently accepting nominations for the following RAB Awards:

* RAB Achievement Award

* RAB Innovation Award

* RAB Leadership Award

* RAB Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

These awards, the most prestigious RAB has to offer, are designed to recognize outstanding efforts by IEEE volunteers. These are NOT technical achievement awards. The deadline for nominations is 15 October 2003. You can submit award nominations online by visiting the following web page:

As the nomination process, and the requisite documentation, takes its own time, I would recommend an early start.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Hans Peek, Chair - RAB Awards & Recognition Committee, at



The Section arrears recovery pilot program is underway. All Sections are eligible to participate in this program, which awards Sections for recovering full dues paying members. Under this program, each Section will receive $5.00 for each full dues paying arrears member recovered between now and 31 August 2003.

Don't miss an opportunity to help recover arrears members and earn additional funds for your Section. For more information about this program contact Felicia Taylor at or visit the web at



IEEE publications and Web sites now have access to hundreds of print ads and Web graphics free of charge through the IEEE Online Promotional Library.

The ads in the IEEE Online Promotional Library were created by the IEEE Creative Services team on behalf of the IEEE businesses they serve. These ads have appeared in The Institute, IEEE Spectrum, at, and in numerous other IEEE media to extend the IEEE messages of value, quality and service to the profession.

IEEE publishers may browse print or Web ads to find promotional items that match their needs. Web ads are available for immediate download. Print ads may be requested through an online form and will be shipped on CD within seven business days. All users must register on the site before receiving any of these promotional items.

The IEEE Online Promotional Library is located at: For more information, contact Terry Burns, IEEE Sales & Marketing, at



It is now graduation season in many places around the world. Sections can reach out to offer warm congratulations and support to the IEEE students graduating this year. You can identify graduating Students by using SAMIEEE to select Students and filtering by graduation date. For SAMIEEE

assistance, send an email to


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