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Do you have old computers or printers collecting dust at your home or office?
Put that computer / printer to good use!
The IEEE Orlando Section is sponsoring a computer / printer donation to the
local county school systems (Orange, Seminole, etc.).
Please call David Witter, Acting Computer Society Chairman, at 407-366-3520, for
further information!
Where have all the engineers gone?
H-1B and you
Tell your elected officials how you feel about the H-1b program.
Explain how outsourcing has impacted you or someone you know.
Explain in your own words why this program should be stopped.
Explain in your own words if you have direct knowledge that a U.S.
Citizen has lost a job to an H-1b. Explain that you do not approve of
the practice and that it should be stopped.
Important: Ask for written acknowledgement on the matter, no more thank
you that's too bad that your job has been sold out.
Calling List for August 22nd
If you want to find what other races are pending use this link below
Key issues and the H-1b program:
Job loss - US workers are being laid-off while the H-1B workers have
been retained
Jobs and the economy - Hundreds of thousand of US jobs are gone. Not
because of the economy but from permanent outsourcing arrangements.
These jobs are not coming back. What are your plans congressperson, to
create to new jobs.
Ask what their current position is on the H-1B program.
National Security: Banks and insurance companies have outsourced
millions of records of US citizens. Ask what they're doing to prevent
your personal information from being misused. What safeguards are in
place?. Data is a National Asset that shouldn't be spread around the
Ask them how many citizens have called about the H-1b problem.
Demand that the Dept. of Labor and the INS determine where the H-1b's
are currently working. Remind them that the legislative branch of
government was created to be the watchdog for the executive branch of
government and judicial branches. These agencies have lost control of
the H-1b program.
Ask if they are aware that the DOJ has an ongoing investigation
regarding Sun Microsystems layoff of citizens and retaining the H-1B
At any given time thousands of H-1B workers are in the pipeline for
permanent labor certification. Companies have little motivation of
hiring Americans when they have access to cheap labor pools. It's the
DOL's responsibility to make sure that Citizens get a chance to land
these jobs.
Tax loss - Across the US a problem is emerging about the drop in payroll
tax collections. Ask them if they are aware of this tax shortfall?
The H-1B program is responsible for billions in lost payroll to
Americans. Unemployment costs millions per day but companies get to
keep the H-1b's while Americans languish in the unemployment line
waiting for a job that isn't coming back. Tell them - I don't want
training I want my career!
Be nice, be polite but stand firm!
Remind them that you're the American who is getting cheated
Remember this bill passed by an overwhelming majority.
The H-1b program was supposed to supply us with temporary workers but
instead of going home have stayed to compete for the now scarce jobs.
The H-1b program has affected engineers, software developers,
programmers, teachers and more. Can anyone really believe that we
really have a worker shortage anymore when over 7.5 million citizens are
now out of work?
This program must be stopped.
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