Interested in what happened during the North East blackout?  Come to the IEEE's "Out of Step Rapid Voltage Collapse Tutorial" scheduled to be held on Wednesday, September 24th, 2003 at 6:30 P.M. in the Progress Energy building in beautiful Lake Mary.  Come hear Anwar Saeed tell us what happens when to a power system once a power swing occurs.   An outline of the topic matter and a Anwar's bibliography are listed below.  Please RSVP back to me if you plan to attend so that I can get an approximate head count. Pizza will be served.  Directions to the Progress Energy building will be provided soon to those who plan to attend.


A recent headline from Associated Press:

"Power Swings Seen Hours Before Blackout (AP) - The Midwest power system recorded numerous voltage swings as early as midday Thursday, long before high-voltage lines failed south of Cleveland."

This presentation will answer the questions like: What is a power swing? What is the meaning of power system stability, stable system/unstable system?

The basic concept of Power System Stability will be introduced. Role of protective relaying will be explored.

The published sequence of events of the recent blackout will be presented - time permitting.

Anwar Saeed has a master's degree in EE from University of New Brunswick. He worked over 20 years for Florida Power & Light Company. His recent assignment has been with Siemens Westinghouse. Presently he is a Senior Engineer with Progress Energy at Lake Mary. His area of interest is Protective Relaying.