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Can the event you are planning be defined as a Section Technical

Conference? To be defined as such, your program should meet the following criteria:

  • A Section Technical Conference occupies the major portion of a full day or longer.
  • A Section Technical Conference contains a program of five or more technical papers, panel discussions or similar technical presentations (in addition to any planned social activities). The technical program runs for a minimum of five hours, including discussions.
  • A Section Technical Conference is sponsored exclusively by one Section (and possibly it's own Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups or Branches).
Sections in Regions 8, 9 and 10 may co-sponsor a meeting of this type with national engineering societies in their respective Regions.

* Attendance should be drawn from the territory of the Section and its environs. When circumstances warrant, this requirement may be waived by co-sponsoring the event with another Section, or by obtaining a "cross endorsement." See the next article on organizing a conference, for further information.

The prime objective of conducting IEEE conferences is to provide IEEE members, other individuals and organizations with information and exhibits to assist in the advancement of electrical and electronics engineering and the related arts and sciences. As a Section or Chapter leader, please remember to consult the IEEE Conference web site at before you begin planning your event. In addition, you should be aware of the following items:

  • IEEE organizational units engaged in conference sponsorship may not enter into any type of sponsorship arrangement with a "For Profit" organization.
  • Geographic Units are expected to keep their sponsored events within their geographic area. When a unit moves out of its defined area, co-sponsorship or cross endorsement is required (IEEE Policy Manual 10.1.4.).
  • Check the IEEE Conference Database at before you determine the date/location of your conference. Are there any other IEEE Conferences (with similar technical content) scheduled at the same time of the your conference?

Please contact IEEE Conference Services at if you have any questions regarding the organization of conferences.

Reminder: The Section Arrears Recovery Pilot program will conclude on 31 August 2003. Thank you to those Sections that have participated! The program was designed to encourage Sections to initiate a personal outreach to members in arrears. The Section Arrears Recovery Program offered Sections $5.00 for each full dues paying arrears member recovered between 10 March and 31 August 2003. This incentive was in addition to the regular rebates paid to the section for every active member.

All Sections are encouraged to reach out to local members in arrears. For a complete program description please visit the following URL:

For additional information about this pilot program contact Felicia Taylor via email at

In addition to the Section efforts in the Arrears Recovery Pilot program, the IEEE Member Services Department conducted a telemarketing campaign designed to recapture Arrears members in the US and Canada (Regions 1-7).

The program is an annual activity sponsored by the Regional Activities Department. The program ran from 19 March through 2 July 2003.

We are pleased to report that the outreach has resulted in the recovery of 2,280 IEEE Members along with 2,216 Society Memberships ? with renewals occurring in all 37 Societies, as well as in the Women in Engineering affinity group. Members who did not renew cited the following as the most prominent reasons: 1. Dues/Fees too expensive (18.9 %); 2. Employer doesn't pay dues (11.6%); and 3. Change in career (9.9 %).

For additional information on this program, please contact Felicia Taylor, Regional Activities Department, via email at

Access to the latest technology is one of the benefits of IEEE membership. IEEE publishes the top eight journals in electrical and electronics engineering and the top seven journals in telecommunications, according to recently released results from the Institute for Scientific Information's annual Journal Citation Reports (2002 edition). The ISI study ranks journals by their impact factor -- the number of times their papers are quoted or cited by other scientific publications in their initial year of issue publication. You can view the report in more detail at

A list of member benefits can be found at

An interesting article regarding the results of a survey done on technical jargon can be found at

You can take the jargon quiz at,,,00.html. We suspect that IEEE members would do better than the general population (3% of the 1500 people surveyed in the US, UK, China and Japan got a perfect score).


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