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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
SCOOP, October 2003

Biannual issue for IEEE Section Chairs and Treasurers

Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support

  • Annual Reporting / Rebate News
  • Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers, Part II
  • Making the IEEE Connection Wherever You Go
  • Upcoming SCOOP Survey for Section Chairs
  • Donations To & From Your Section
  • IEEE Foundation news


The required annual reports of officer, meeting and financial activity are the basis for Section and Chapter funding in the form of Section Rebates.

There are some notable changes for the upcoming reporting/rebate season.

The IEEE Regional Activities Board approved the following increases for the 2004 Rebate:

  • $2000 basic allowance (previously $1800)
  • $200 (previously $180) for each Chapter and Affinity Group
  • $500 for Subsections (new this year).

Remaining the same is the membership rebate of $3 per Member, Student or Associate grade member; $1.50 per Affiliate; and $4.00 for each Senior or Fellow Grade member. And don't forget that your Section can earn a bonus of 10% of the total rebate for reports electronically submitted or postmarked by the reporting deadline of 20 February 2004. Minimum reporting requirements must be met and reports must be approved for each unit in order for the rebate to be paid (for details, see the 2004 Rebate Schedule at

Another change this year will be in the method of distribution of forms normally sent to the Section Secretary for meeting and officer reports. An email reminder notice will be sent, along with the URL for the web forms.

Hard copies of the forms will be mailed only upon request.

As in previous years, a package containing the hard copy forms will be mailed to Section Treasurers for completion of the financial report (L50), although use of the Excel form, available on the web, is encouraged. The L50 report form, instructions and information will be updated and available for Treasurers on the Section/Chapter Support web site by 10 December 2003.

All forms and instructions for Secretaries and Treasurers can be found at


Your Section needs volunteers to help with tasks such as planning meetings, creating newsletters and web pages, tracking finances and producing reports, etc. But does your Section find recruiting and retaining volunteers to be difficult? You know what the Section needs, but what are the needs of a volunteer? According to one expert*, there are 12 basic needs that all volunteers share:

1. A specific manageable task with a beginning and an end.
2. A task that matches the interests and reasons for volunteering.
3. A good reason for doing the task.
4. Written instructions.
5. A reasonable deadline for doing the task.
6. Freedom to complete the task when and where it is most convenient for the volunteer.
7. Everything necessary to complete the task without interruption.
8. Adequate training.
9. A safe, comfortable, and friendly working environment.
10. Follow-up to see that the task is completed.
11. An opportunity to provide feedback when the task is finished.
12. Appreciation, recognition, and rewards that match the reasons for volunteering.

(* from "Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them" by Helen Little; page 19, Panacea Press, Inc. Naperville IL., 1999)

In upcoming issues of SCOOP, these needs will be addressed individually and in more detail.


Some IEEE members have found that one of the benefits of membership is using their IEEE connection to help ease their way into new surroundings.

Whether traveling for business or making a permanent move, having a ready-made contact in a new area has been a positive experience for many.

Read about your colleagues' experiences, Region 8's pilot "Golden Welcome" proposal, and more, on the Section/Chapter Volunteer Forum virtual community. If you are not already a member of this community, go to to request membership.


Section Chairs: on or around October 20, we will be sending you an email with a link to short survey about the SCOOP newsletter. Please take a few minutes to complete the 10-question survey. The more feedback we receive from you, the better we can help meet your needs!


As a nonprofit organization, the IEEE must abide by strict rules relating to both the receipt and awarding of any contribution of funds or equipment.

If your Section has received, or regularly receives contributions, be sure to communicate with the IEEE Development Office (

They can assist you in acknowledging the donation and conforming to IEEE Policies relating to contributions.

If your Section is considering making a donation or contribution of either funds or equipment to another organization, you must first submit a request to your Region Director. Your Region Director will then determine what approvals are needed, if any.

Remember, that IEEE funds are only to be used for scientific, technical and educational purposes. If a humanitarian need arises in your community, encourage your members to contribute to the many organizations which specialize in the field. IEEE Sections cannot be a conduit for such contributions.


Acknowledging the importance of encouraging and stimulating students' professional development in the electric power industry and wishing to honor one of its founders, the CH2M Hill Foundation renewed its sponsorship of the Student Prize Paper Award in Honor of T. Burke Hayes, for five years, beginning in 2003.

This Prize Paper Award, presented by the IEEE Power Engineering Society, recognizes an outstanding original student paper in the science and practice of electric power engineering. To learn more about this Award and other IEEE Power Engineering Awards, go to, and select "Awards" from the left hand menu.

For more information about the IEEE Foundation and how to apply for grants, go to


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