Vice Chairman's Message

Dr. David Flinchbaugh,, (O) 407-859-4855

Wet'n Wild "Splash Bash" Report

Blessed with gorgeous weather, those who attended our annual family social had a wonderful time, lots of fun in the sun, and a hearty serving of all-you-could-eat lunch!
Following a dreary week of rain, and more rain, our event fell on a perfectly beautiful day. Your committee chair and his wife arrived early and set up a table at 10 AM so that anyone who had not reserved tickets could come and get them at the gate. Even though 85 tickets had been distributed at the UCF ExCom meeting, and over 100 total had been requested, our showing was much less than expected.
The Wet & Wild sales manager had reserved for us the very nice Terrace Pavilion which is located lakeside at the Knee Ski ride. The tasty barbecued chicken was plentiful, along with the hamburgers and large hot dogs, very tasty baked beans, coleslaw, and condiments bar of fresh sliced tomatoes, lettuce, sliced pickles, onions, and catsup, mustard, and mayonnaise. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream dixie cups and soft drinks were freely available from 10 AM until we left at 7 PM.
While Dave & Heidi Flinchbaugh manned the ticket table from for the first three hours, with the welcome help of Jorge Medina, attended had a chance to get started on the ride and lunch. Awards Chairman Al Berg, Section Secretary Robert Pirela and their families, along with other IEEE members, children and spouses, students, and guests were seen having fun on various rides. Your event chair personally enjoyed the Blue Niagara tube ride, the breathtaking drop on Der Stuka, the twisting Mach 5 flume, the Surge, and the Bubba Tub, along with the exciting new Hydra Fighter and the calming Lazy River and Surf Lagoon. The Hydra Fighter tests your, and your partner's skill at timing the water thrusts to set new heights in swinging delights. You also get a chance to spray the onlookers and those waiting in the line in the same way you got showered and soaked standing there!
We hope to see more students and families there next year, so be sure to anticipate this fun event!


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