(Professional Activities Committee for Engineers)

PACE Coordinator's Report
Four activities are taking priority:
1- Circulating the resolution from the Orlando section about H-1B reduction,
for consideration and possible adoption by other sections. Copies will be available at the Knoxville meeting, and it will be sent electronically on request (but no Word attachments are allowed with this report). I will deliver a meeting topic talk on H-1B to any section requesting that.
2- Unemployment assistance-
A presentation is available to any section requesting it on steps the section PACE committee can take to assist unemployed members. This was previewed at the national PACE Committee meeting last weekend. Contact me to schedule the presentation or to get the files electronically.
3- PACE Project: Library development-
A library and clip file on career aids and coping with unemployment should be accessible to any member, through the local section or through the public library (if the section assembles the library and donates it to the library). This can be a priority PACE project for sections experiencing high unemployment.
4- Member Professional Development Conferences-
Priority should be given to scheduling these in sections experiencing high unemployment. Funding is from section and region PACE funds. Contact me for assistance in organizing them.
George McClure ["Have LCD projector, will travel"]
George F. McClure
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076
1730 Shiloh Lane
Winter Park, FL 32789

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