SCOOP, November 2002
Published for Section Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support
- Rebate News - Change In $$
- 1 2 3 Ways To Upgrade IEEE Member Status
- How Do You Prefer Your Report Forms?
- Sections Congress 2002: We Are A Global Community!
- IEEE Standards Association Geoports
- Information On Cultural Issues
The annual required reports of officer, meeting and financial activity are
the basis for Section and Chapter funding in the form of Section Rebates.
Packages with all the necessary reporting forms will be in the mail to
Section and Council Secretaries and Treasurers by the 2nd week of December.
Updated forms will also be available on the web at after 1 December.
Please note that there have been some adjustments this year in the rebate
algorithm. The IEEE Regional Activities Board has approved the following
- Per member rebate for Senior Member and Fellow grade will increase from
$3 each to $4 each.
- Per member rebate for affiliates will change from $3 each to $1.50 each.
Member, Student and Associate grade rebate will remain at $3 per member.
- Subsections can now receive $500 for meeting annual requirements (to be
included in Section rebate check if earned).
You can see that 2003 will be a good year to encourage your Section's
members to elevate membership grade (more on this below). Reporting
requirements and other details can be found on the 2003 rebate schedule
link at
1) Individual IEEE members can get more information and complete forms for
upgrading member status by going to and
clicking on "Manage your membership" and then "elevation applications."
2) Your Section can hold a Senior Member nomination event. For example,
some Sections have organized successful events such as brunches or dinners,
inviting potential Senior Member candidates as well as current Senior
Members and Fellows to serve as references (being nominated by a Senior
Member or Fellow as well as the Section means that candidates need only two
additional references instead of the three usually required). Applicants
can complete the applications right there, either on paper or, if computers
are available, online. Assistance in filling out the forms can be provided
and they can be matched with known references.
3) It's a start: Section Chairs can review an Associate member's academic
training and request the IEEE Admission and Advancement committee (A&A) to
approve the Associate member for Member grade. All you have to do is
complete and return a signed "Section Associate to Member Grade
Recommendation Form." You can find the form on the web in PDF format at Upon review by the
A&A Chair, the grade of IEEE Member will be approved in most cases.
The report forms needed to complete the Section/Chapter annual required
reports have been available on the Internet since November 1998. Has your
Unit been using them? We would like to know your preference?is it for hard
copy forms, the electronic versions, or maybe a combination of both?
Attached to this email is a short (7 questions) survey. Please take a few
minutes to fill it in and email it back, to let us know how you would like
your forms to arrive in the future.
(See attached file: Electronic Reporting Survey.doc)
With 70 countries and 262 out of the 298 IEEE Sections around the world
represented, the Sections Congress theme of "Creating a Global Community"
became a reality. 605 delegates, approximately 200 partners and 72 staff
were in attendance at the event 18-21 October in Washington, DC, USA.
Overall feedback was very positive.
For the first time, a "Core Training" program was presented in order to
give Section leaders the basic information needed to run their Section.
All of the training presentations, IEEE governance documents, job
descriptions and a Leadership Training Program developed by IEEE President
Ray Findlay were published on a CD, funded by a generous grant from the
IEEE Foundation. The CDs were distributed to all attendees, and will be
updated annually for distribution to incoming Section Chairs. If your
Section was unable to send a representative, and you would like a copy of
the Section Officer Training CD, contact Tracy Hawkins at, to request a copy.
The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is providing a unique way for its
members and customers to promote their quality work. To recognize the
efforts of individuals and organizations that incorporate technical
standards into their operations, products, or services, the IEEE-SA has
recently launched a new portal network.
This new initiative is global in scope, with different portals focusing on
specific geographic regions. The first portal, StandardsAsia, was launched
in July 2002. The link can be found on the Standards home page at (the icon link is on the right side of the page)
or go straight to The link
for the Americas portal will be added later this month (or you can type in
"americas" in place of "asia" on the StandardsAsia Portal URL to view right
away). The portal for Europe will follow in the next month or so.
With members from more than 150 countries, IEEE members represent a variety
of cultures. A handy web site for IEEE members and volunteers
participating in activities outside of their home country is
BRAINTEASER column to be continued next month?
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