Date: November 3, 1999
Issa Batarseh
Robert J. Pirela
Takis Kasparis
Jerry Holst
Kalpathy B. Sundaram
David E. Flinchbaugh
Al Berg
Mercedes McDonald
Curt Hillmann
1) Quorum - Call to Order:
After establishing the required quorum the meeting got on the way at 6:00pm.
2) Chair Remarks: Issa Batarseh
-Batarseh spoke about the Wet and Wild event.
3)-David E. Flinchbaugh presented his report on the Wet N, Wild Event.
Only 27 showed up.
Possible reasons for the low attendance:
-Tickets were not available until last minute.
-There were other events and meetings at the same date and time, creating a
- The weather that week had been cloudy and rainy, although that day was
Accounts will be closed on a week or so, a full report will be presented on
next meeting.
4)- Issa Batarseh presented a report on the events and content of the
-He attended four tutorials, one of them in how to activate the chapters.
-Sections should take a more active role on the Chapters.
-One idea is to have joint meetings.
-We will initially target the Computer Engineering Society.
-We will ask Jorge to make a mailing list of all members.
5)-A motion was made, seconded and approved to appoint Brian Petrasko chair
of the Computer Society.
6)-It has been proven that Senior Members do not let their membership laps.
Issa Batarseh proposed a target to recruit @100 members to become Senior
Issa Batarseh will ask J. Medina to put an add in the Newsletter announcing
that the Section is sponsoring a Senior membership Drive. The only
requirement is to be a Member and to send your resume to Wahid at
7)-Al Berg presented a report about the Millennium Medals and the
-Jorge will be nominated to the Professional Award for his work in PACE.
-A place shall be selected for the Awards Ceremony in four months (March 25,
2000). The place should be accessible to all and have good music and possibly
8)-Petrasko spoke about the activities of the Student Societies, two groups
were represented in the meeting.
-The students will organize a car wash to raise funds for their expenses.
-It was suggested that the meetings of the student's societies be combined to
reduce expenses.
-Other fundraising ideas were discussed also.
9)-An invitation from Wahid was received for the Lake Howell Robotics
Competition in April 2000.
10)-Wahid from AP Society requested from chapter $360.00 for hotel expenses
for visiting speaker. Request was approved.
11)-A motion was passed, seconded and approved for $150.00 for Medina for
12)-A motion was passed, seconded and approved to cancel Voice mail Services.
13)-Old Business:
- No Voucher/Stickers for parking were approved by UCF authorities for EXCOM
members who are not Faculty.
-Batarseh and Sunderam will continue efforts to activate participation from
-To reduce our expenses, next meeting we will order only four pizzas.
14)-Meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM.


Note from the Secretary:

Please send me your comments, additions and/or corrections to Sensorunit@AOL.Com.




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