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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
Strategic Planning


I have been asked to activate the Strategic Planning Committee for the Orlando IEEE Section, and I want to invite you to be a part of this committee. Jorge Medina has indicated that he is willing to serve as well, and since he heads the Bylaws Committee, he can be invaluable in helping us to understand our charter as it now stands.
Robert Pirela tonight outlined his agenda for revitalizing the Orlando section, including getting more publicity (letters to editors by members, press coverage of our events, meeting listings in the Central Florida Business and perhaps Orlando Business Journal) and visibility both for the profession and for the section, pushing for more members to upgrade to senior member status (compiling a list of fellows and senior members for reference by those upgrading members seeking references will be a useful first step), better relations with the student branch and more involvement so that graduating students will see a reason to upgrade to full membership upon graduation, promoting more attendance by GOLD members at section functions, returning to paper mailings of the Section Notes for members who prefer to get their meeting information that way (some sections in Region 3 report success with a monthly postcard listing all the meetings for the month in a line or two each), and an expanded awards program, which will not only recognize members who have made contributions to the section but can also serve as a news 'peg' to get short articles and photos in the newspaper.
Our PR Committee should invite press coverage of the annual awards banquet program, at UCF on April 12.
A recent Membership Development Retreat in Princeton, NJ, yielded many ideas for promoting membership, including an 'elevator speech' to preface each section/chapter meeting -- so-called because it won't last more than a minute. There should also be membership materials at each section/chapter meeting. This raises another question: who is our Membership Committee chair now? Jorge gets the SAMIEEE database updates, but is the newsletter editor rather than membership chair.
A member at tonight's meeting mentioned the networking aspect of meeting attendance -- helping in job hunting through knowledge of other members who may know where the jobs are, and how to contact the engineering managers in a company rather than sending resumes to the 'black hole' of the HR department. While section meetings won't become job fairs, the networking attraction increases geometrically as the meeting attendance grows.
We have chapters falling idle (e.g., UFFC <what happened to Don Malocha? He was the first activist in this society chapter and went on to be an officer of the society itself.>, SMC/RA/CS, and earlier VT) so need strategies to revitalize them. New chapters are possible, such as a joint EMC/EMS -- which would require six members of each to support a petition. This latter was discussed at tonight's Excom meeting.
Please advise me of your willingness to assist in this valuable effort, and of any ideas you may be willing to offer to help. I see the initial stage as brainstorming -- we don't want to crush the germs of new ideas by dismissing them as unworkable as they are offered; sometimes one person's idea will trigger a refinement by another person, so that synergy will result in a better strategy than anyone's idea all alone.
Looking to hear from you,
George F. McClure
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076
1730 Shiloh Lane
Winter Park, FL 32789


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