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Monday, 25 March 2019; NOTE THE NEW LOCATION: Harper College, on the east side of campus in Building H, Room H130, from 6:45 pm through 8:15 pm.
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"IEEE1451: A Universal Standard for Sensors, or, How to Easily Make Everything Just Work"

By Robert Stemp P.E., NGC Technologies, LLC


With the revolution in the Internet of Things, smart everything, and data fusion, data from sensors is needed everywhere. This means that interfaces converting between the physical and virtual worlds are more and more vital. There are methods out there, from industrial standards of OPC, MODBUS, HART, Fieldbus, to custom interfaces on not-quite-standard I2C buses, and that's before you get online. These interfaces that make things "smart" require a lot of work which seems kind of dumb. So, are there any grand unifying standards that make it so you can just plug a device in and have it work? IEEE's 1451 family of standards, which have been around since the late 90's, do just that.

Robert Stemp P.E., NGC Technologies, LLC


Robert Stemp is a licensed professional electronics engineer with 10 years of experience in the design of embedded and wireless sensor systems and new product development. After obtaining master's degrees in electrical engineering and systems engineering, he worked for several companies developing new technologies in a variety of fields from satellite, autonomous vehicles, medical devices, and industrial automation.

He is currently the President and Co-founder of NGC Technologies LLC, which helps clients develop their ideas, focusing on designing full product platforms that will grow with their businesses.


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Information on past meetings: Please feel free to contact the presenter if you would like more information or an unlisted copy of the presentation.

On 26 Nov. 2018, Jerry Meyerhoff, JDM LABS LLC presented "Why does my design fail EMC? & How to fix it!".

Jerry Meyerhoff, JDM LABS LLC


On 24 Sept. 2018, Jim Spangler presented "Design Resources for Power Sources".

Jim Spangler


On 23 July 2018, Ben Miller, P.E. presented "Professional Engineering Licensure".

Ben Miller, P.E.


On 31 May 2018, Rob Klein presented "The Engineers Behind the Curtain: Realizing the Client's Vision".

Rob Klein


On 22 Jan. 2018, John Zulaski presented "Science Kits for Public Libraries".

John Zulaski


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The Objective of the Network is:

* To foster and promote the interests of its members with respect to the business of providing professional and technical consulting services.

* To maintain, publish and distribute a directory of the members and the consulting services offered by each.

* To arrange for and provide technical and management talks, tutorials, and special seminars and workshops on subjects of interest to members professional development.

* To provide a networking forum for personal interaction through meetings, social functions and other events.

* To publicize the contribution to society by its members.

* To collect and distribute charitable funds on a voluntary basis, consistent with these objectives.


The Directors at their 2015 board meeting.

Left to Right: Robert Abrant, Roy Leventhal, Benjamin Miller, Michael Sullivan and Paul Johnson. Photo by Joseph Auer


Directors, Elected by Network Members; Positions Appointed by Board:

Mike Sullivan P.E., Chair
Pete Kindinger, Vice-Chair
Rob Klein, Secretary
Donald Zinger P.E., Treasurer
Roy Leventhal P.E., Program Chair
Joseph Auer, Venue Co-Chair
Wesley Martin P.E., Venue Co-Chair
Ben Miller P.E., Director-at-Large
Robert F. Gillette P.E., Director Emeritus
Gary Blank P.E., Director Emeritus


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