On 28 November 2016, Dr. Dan Sebald P.E presented "Automatic Brain Spike Sorting For Realtime Applications".

Dan Sebald P.E.


On 03 Oct. May 2016, Kevin Kloker presented Anatomy of an (Antique) Microprocessor.

Kevin Kloker


On 23 May 2016, Jerry Meyerhoff presented: The Magic of EMC Consulting.

Jerry Meyerhoff


On March 28, 2016. Gary Kaatz presented: A Brief History of Cellular. Through his gracious consideration you can download a copy of the presentation by clicking here.

Gary Kaatz

On January 25, 2016, Bakul Banerjee, PhD presented: An Overview of the New IEEE Software Quality Assurance Standard.

Bakul Banerjee