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Meeting Notice

The IEEE Southeastern Michigan EMC Society presents

"Why Does Your Cell Phone Work?"

Presented by: Fred Bauer

Date: March 12, 2002

Time: 5:30 PM

Please register for this event online at

Eaton Corporation - Innovation Center - B Conference Rooms - 2nd Floor 26201 Northwestern Highway Southfield, Michigan 48076. Maps to Eaton may be found at

Use the Civic Center West Entrance. Look for the white IEEE sign at the door. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor B Conference rooms.

This is a FREE event. Snacks and refreshments will be provided at 5:30 PM. Presentation at 6:00 PM.

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Speaker: Mr. Fred Bauer  

Presentation information:

CISPR 25 is a widely recognized international standard for measuring automotive radiated and conducted interference. It has been adopted as SAE J1113-41 and is very similar to Ford method RE310.

Fred Bauer: Mr. Bauer, more than any other person in the world, is responsible for the international standardization of vehicle radio frequency interference requirements. He saw the need for worldwide harmonization of EMI standards at a time when the subject received little attention and enjoyed only international disagreement. For almost 40 years he has worked to unify divergent AIEE (IEEE), SAE and European standards. He conceived major portions of the interference limit which has since come into use worldwide. Working with the International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR), he convinced European leaders to widen the protected frequency spectrum so that compromise with the U.S. was possible. He then persuaded the SAE to use identical units, and worked to modify the SAE standard, so that the European and SAE limits could become common. He counseled with the Canadian standard Association to adopt the SAE specification, and enlarged the scope of both U.S. and European documents to fit Canadian needs. After retiring from Ford Motor Company in 1980, Mr. Bauer continued to participate in national and international standards writing bodies, which included much foreign travel, at his own expense. His achievements demonstrate understanding of the art of compromise, technical diplomacy and a tenacity of purpose that is rare in this or any other age.

Mr. Bauer received his BSEE (Com-Laude) from Wayne State University in 1941 and his MSEE also from Wayne State in 1948. His career spanned a wide range of interests and responsibilities. Consulting Engineer, electromagnetic radiation, 1980 - present; retired from Ford in 1980 after 32 years of service in electrical engineering management. Management of Vehicle Electrical Engineering, Ford Motor Company: 1976 - 1980 Supervisor, Electromagnetic Compatibility and (electrical) Load Control Section. 1967 - 1976 Electrical Systems Engineer (project manager). 1963 - 1967 Radio Engineering Manager; design responsibility for on-board radios, steering column electrical, and industry's first eight-track tape stereo system. 1957 - 1963 Car Electrical Engineering Manager. 1948 - 1957 Engineer, Product Quality Reporting System, Technical Standards, Electrical Service Equipment. Douthitt Corporation, Purchasing and Production Manager, large photoengraving cameras, 1945-48. The Detroit Edison Company, Cadet Engineer, high voltage switchgear, substation equipment, purchasing, research; 1941-45.

Fred recieved the 2001 IEEE Southeastern Michigan "Outstanding Engineerng Award" plus the 2001 IEEE EMC Society "Stoddard Award" for outstanding performance of an EMC Society member in contributing to the advancement of EMC technology.

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