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Meeting Notice

The IEEE Southeastern Michigan EMC Society presents

"Embedded Circuit Layered Architecture for Internal Noise Cancellation"

Presented by: James Muccioli

Date: October 29, 2003

Time: See Schedule of Events Below

The Southeastern Michigan 2003 IEEE Fall Section Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October, 29, 2003.

The event will be held at bps Training and Conference Center

To register for this event, please submit the online Registration form - Pick "Chapter VIII - EMC" from the registration form menu.

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Schedule of Events 
5:00 - Registration Begins
5:45 - Chapter Presentations begin
6:45 - Break / Student Exhibit time
7:15 - Dinner
8:15 - Keynote Address 
9:00 - End
The Chapter Presentation is a FREE event. There is a charge for the dinner.

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Synopsis of Presentation

X2YŽ Technology is an embedded Circuit Layered Architecture that changes a standard ceramic capacitor into a balanced and symmetrical circuit that results in internal noise cancellation. This presentation provides an overview of the component's internal structure, various circuit applications and broadband performance characteristics. The goal of this presentation is to provide a foundational understanding of the technology for industry. Specific information on applications can be found at http://

1. Component Overview

2. High Frequency Component Testing/Data

3. SPICE Model

4. Filter Applications

5. Decoupling Applications

6. X2Y in MOV and Ferrite Dielectric

Biographical Sketch
Jim Muccioli is Chief Technology Officer for X2Y Attenuators, LLC, an Intellectual Property Company focused on technology solutions for the passive component industry. Mr. Muccioli has over twenty years of specialized EMC experience, both with Daimler Chrysler and United Technologies. He is inventor or co-inventor of 17 Patents during his 16 yrs with Daimler Chrysler. He has extensive experience in EMC design, analysis, and testing, and is currently both Chairman of the SAE Integrated Circuit EMC Task Force and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the IEEE EMC Society. Jim was the only member of the EMC Society to be selected as an IEEE Fellow in 1998 for contributions to integrated circuit design practices to minimize EMI. Mr. Muccioli is a NARTE certified EMC and ESD engineer and an active member of SAE J-1113/J-551 EMC committees. Jim has BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Michigan.


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