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Southeastern Michigan The IEEE Southeast Michigan EMC Society presents

Werner Schaefer

"Signal Detection with EMI Receivers"

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Time: 5:30 PM

Eaton Corporation - Innovation Center - B Conference Rooms - 2nd Floor 26201 Northwestern Highway Southfield, Michigan 48076. Maps to Eaton may be found at

Use the Civic Center West Entrance. Look for the white IEEE sign at the door. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor B Conference rooms.

This is a FREE event. Snacks and refreshments will be provided at 5:30 PM. Presentation at 6:00 PM.

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Werner will discuss his paper which has the following content:

1. It explains in detail how to choose the sweep time for a scanning receiver or the dwell time for a stepping receiver to intercept broadband and narrowband signals. An interpretation of the expected test results on the receiver display is provided along with an explanation of the limitations of test equipment.

2. The difference of frequency and receiver display resolution is explained. Furthermore, the available receiver display detection modes are discussed along with their appropriate use and limitations.

3. The different receiver IF detectors, per CISPR 16 Part 1, are discussed. Their hardware implementation, purpose and correct use are explained.

4. Some EMI receiver specifications, as contained in CISPR 16 Part 1, are explained. This also includes a discussion of specifications like dynamic range and IF bandwidth specifications which are not called out in the standard.


Werner Schaefer is currently a senior compliance engineer with Cisco Systems, corporate complinace department, in San Jose, California. His educational background includes degrees received from the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany (RF and Microwave Major, MSEE, received in 1982), and the Hochschule für Berufstätige, Germany (Marketing Major, MBA, received in 1990). He joined Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company in Frankfurt, Germany as a Microwave Systems Engineer in 1983. He has worked at HP and Agilent Technologies, Inc. as an EMC business development manager, EMC Product Marketing Engineer, EMI Software Design Engineer and Technical Contributor for EMC applications. As of May 2000 he is responsible for EMC standards work and EMC test development at Cisco Systems, Inc. He has 15 years of EMC experience involving extensive conducted and radiated emissions measurement practices, Open Area Test Site qualification and antenna calibration, measurement equipment calibration (e.g. LISNs, antennas, EMI receivers, spectrum analyzers), semi-anechoic chamber verification, measurements of shielded effectiveness (cables and shielded rooms), EMI troubleshooting, development of EMI software, development of conformity modules and check lists for emissions measurement assessments of EMC laboratories, assessments of EMC laboratories and development and teaching of EMC classes at universities. Mr. Schaefer is an active member of CISPR/A, CISPR/H, ANSI C63, SC1, SC3, SC6, TC 77B, SAE-AE4, ASQ, the IEEE EMC society and the VDE in Germany. He was appointed as a Distinguished Lecturer of the EMC Society in March 2000 for the years 2000-2001. Mr. Schaefer is a NARTE certified EMC engineer and an assessor for EMC laboratories for A2LA. He has published many papers on EMI and microwave measurements and has co-authored a book on microwave measurement techniques.

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