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Meeting Notice

The IEEE Southeastern Michigan EMC Society presents


Presented by: Mike Windler

Date: October 23, 2002

Time: 5:30 PM

The Southeastern Michigan Fall 2002 IEEE Section Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2002.

The event will be held at Lawrence Tech University (LTU) in Southfield, Michigan.

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Schedule of Events 
5:30 - Registration
5:45 - Chapter Presentations begin
6:45 - Break / Student Exhibit time
7:15 - Dinner
8:15 - Keynote Address 
9:00 - End
The Chapter Presentation is a FREE event. There is a charge for the dinner.

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Synopsis of Presentation on Site Requirements > 1 GHz

This is a summary of recent efforts conducted under the auspices of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee C63, Sub-Committee 1, working group 1-13.2. The main purpose of this group is to assess the applicability of low-frequency site qualification methodologies, prescribed in current domestic and international standards (e.g. CISPR, ANSI) to frequencies above 1 GHz. A new measurement procedure, which uses presently available equipment and should fully evaluate all types of facilities, has been derived. Conceptually, this procedure is a rotational pattern comparison of an antenna in a reference site to the same antenna in a test site.

Biographical Sketch
Michael J. Windler is an Associate Manager responsible for the operation of the EMC laboratory of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in Northbrook IL where he has worked since 1985. The Northbrook laboratory provides comprehensive EMC measurement services to a wide range of customers from industrial equipment to appliances to international requirements. Mike has a BSEE, 1985, from the University of Wisconsin, an MBA, 1995, from Northwestern University and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Mike has been a member of the IEEE for 20 years and is a member of the American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee C63. In addition Mike is the Vice Chair of Sub-committee 1 on measurement techniques and methods, chairman of the Finance Committee and a member of sub-committee 6 on laboratory accreditation. Mike is the chairman of working group 1-13.2 on requirements for sites operating above 1 GHz and has been one of the principle researchers in this area. Mike was also a principle researcher in the development of correction factors for biconical antennas under working group 1-15.6 and working with the ITE industry members on a working group addressing the absorbing clamp issues associated with the new CISPR 22 requirements. Mike is currently co-authoring the ANSI C63 standard on measurement uncertainty. Mike has published technical articles on EMC measurement issues and given presentations on EMC related issues at the IEEE EMC Symposiums, EMC Europe (Zurich), NEBS Symposiums and numerous EMC Society Chapters. Mike has been awarded Underwriters Laboratories Professional Engineer award three times.


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