Rocky Mountain Chapter EMC Society

First Meeting

Date:Tuesday, February 16, 1999, 12:00 noon – 5:00pm (note time).

Location: NIST, Boulder, Rooms 1103/1105.

Guest Speaker: Doug Smith, EMC Manager of Auspex Systems, Inc. (Biography)

Our Technical Program on February 16,  Doug Smith  lead off with a tutorial presentation on scope probes. The title of the presentation was  An Overview of Signal Probing Techniques (& Build your own 1GHz scope probe!!). The talk consisted of one hour of background in signal integrity measurement using scope probes. Some of the pitfalls and limitations of probing were covered as well as solutions to common measurement problems. After the talk, materials were made available for everyone to build their own 1 GHz passive 20X probe.

Some pictures of the event:

Here is a picture of Doug wrapping up his inital presentation on signal probing errors. On the screen you should see what the finished probe should look like. Almost a full house. 

Some of the attendees hard at work:

Pictured above are Mark Moyer and Scott Gurst of Exabyte Corporation. For the record this team produced the best performing probe with a frequency response of better than 1dB from DC - 1GHz !!

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IEEE EMC Society Membership

The Rocky Mountain Chapter is open to members and affiliates of the IEEE EMC Society. If you are not a member of the EMC Society, we encourage you to join. The free probe at the February meeting is just one of many benefits for Society members this year. We will have applications available at the meeting, or you can apply on-line at