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IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices (WMED)

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WMED 2012 Technical Program

Friday, April 20, 2012 8:00AM-6:00PM


8:00 AM

Check In and Door Registration
With Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Welcome to WMED 2012
Room: Jordan D

9:00 AM

Keynote Address:
Prof. Rahul Sarpeshkar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Laboratory of Electronics
Room: Jordan D

10:00 AM

Break and Poster Setup

10:15 AM

Invited Tutorials (Parallel sessions)

Tutorial 1: “Phase-Change Memory: Replacement or Transformational”
Dr. Chung Lam, Distinguished Engineer, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center
Room: Jordan D

Tutorial 2: “Practical Applications of Asynchronous Pipeline Circuits”
Brian Johnson, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Micron Technology, Inc.
Room: Jordan AB

12:00 PM

Buffet Luncheon
Provided by WMED
Room: Hatch Ballroom

1:00 PM

Invited Talk: “Nano-Electro-Mechanical Memory Technology for Future Compact and Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems”
Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu, IEEE Fellow, UC Berkeley
Room: Jordan D

1:45 PM

Invited Talk: “Nanophotonic Interconnection Networks for Performance-Energy Optimized Computing”
Prof. Keren Bergman, IEEE Fellow, Columbia University
Room: Jordan D

2:30 PM

Invited Talk: “Emerging Magnetic Memories”
Dr. William Gallagher, Senior Manager, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center
Room: Jordan D

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Contributed Papers (Parallel Sessions)

Session 1 Process and Devices
Room: Jordan D

Session 2 Solid State Circuits
Room: Jordan AB

5:15 PM

Poster Session and Refreshments
Room: Hatch Ballroom


IEEE WMED 2012 Contributed Papers and Posters

Session 1: Process and Devices
Room: Jordan D

3:30 PM

“A Novel Method to Address ILD CMP Non-uniformity Issue for Advanced Memory Device Integration”
W. Wei, I. McDaniel and A. Jindal, Micron Technology Inc.; J. H. Ng, Micron Semiconductor

3:50 PM

“Numerical Simulation of Heat Generation during the Back Grinding Process of Silicon Wafers”
A. H. Abdelnaby, G. P. Potirniche, F. Barlow and A. Elshabini, University of Idaho; S. Groothuis and R. Parker, Micron Technology, Inc.

4:10 PM

“Integration of Laser Control Technology with i-GLV to Directly Image High-Resolution Patterns for Advanced 3D Packaging”
H. Matsui, N. Kawamura and J. Snow, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

4:30 PM

“Analytical Model of Deeply-Scaled Thyristors for Memory Applications”
D. Ventrice, P. Fantini, D. Betto, G. Carnevale and A. Benvenuti, Micron Technology Inc.

4:50 PM

“Step Deposition and Stabilizer Interaction in Electroless Nickel Bath for Bond Pad Metallization”
C. Tiwari, R. Nguyen and Nick Phucas, Micron Technology, Inc.; B. B. Teo and T. Steneck, IM Flash Technology

Session 2: Solid State Circuits
Room: Jordan AB

3:30 PM

“On-Chip 3D Inductors using Thru-Wafer Vias”
G. VanAckern, R. J. Baker, A. J. Moll and V. Saxena, Boise State University

3:50 PM

“An Algorithmic Study of DDR3 SDRAM On-Die Termination Switch Timings”
S.N. Wong, Micron Semiconductor

4:10 PM

“Multi-bit Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator for Audio Application”
R. Mohan, R. Koppula, S. Balagopal and V. Saxena, Boise State University

4:30 PM

“Two Techniques to Reduce Gain and Offset Errors in CMOS Image Sensors using Delta-Sigma Modulation”
K. Yap and R. J. Baker, Boise State University

4:50 PM

“High Voltage Tolerant Stacked MOSFET in a Buck Converter Application”
S. Page, A. Wajda and H. Hess, University of Idaho

Poster Session and Refreshments
Room: Hatch

“PMOS Device Performance Improvement by using Buried Contact Implants”
S. Qin, T. McDaniel, L. J. Liu, R. Burke, Y. J. Hu and A. McTeer, Micron Technology, Inc.

“Deep Trench Patterning and Lift off Resist in Microfluidic Devices”
B. Pun, M. Mitkova and P. Miranda, Boise State University; R. Zoller and M. Seibert, pSiFlow Technology, Inc.

5:15 PM

“Nano-Ionic Conductive Bridge Memristors Based on Chalcogenide Glasses – Electrical Performance Characterization and Modeling”
M. R. Latif and M. Mitkova, Boise State University

“Dependence of the Structure on Performance of Chalcogenide Glass Based Radiation Sensors”
M. S. Ailavajhala, P. Chen, M. Mitkova and D. P. Butt, Boise State University; D. Olesky, Y. G. Velo and H. Barnaby, Arizona State University

“Flexible Photovoltaics”
P. Salvador, M. Ostyn and S. Parke, Northwest Nazarene University

“Measurement and Simulation of Hysteresis in LTCC Electron Hop Funnel IV Curves”
T. Rowe, M. Pearlman and J. Browning, Boise State University





This workshop is receiving technical co-sponsorship support from the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

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