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Sept 26, 2018

The First Ten Years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

In the early 50’s renowned physicists E.O. Lawrence and Edward Teller argued for the creation of a second laboratory to augment the efforts of the laboratory at Los Alamos. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was established in 1952 at the height of the Cold War to meet urgent national security needs by advancing nuclear weapons science and technology. Tom Ramos has researched the history of LLNL from the Laboratory’s Archives and he has brought out new perspectives of the weapons program that have been little understood until now. Tom will present a historical view of the Laboratory’s first ten years.


About the speaker:

Tom Ramos has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he has worked on numerous projects that supported the Defense Department. In the 1980’s Tom was a nuclear weapons designer in the Laboratory’s X-Ray Laser Program, which supported the Strategic Defense Initiative. Later, Tom was assigned to the Pentagon as a nuclear weapons advisor to the Secretary of Defense. Prior to joining the Laboratory, Tom was an associate professor of physics at West Point, New York, where he taught each of the physics department’s core courses, as well as electives in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics.

For the past few years Tom has been conducting research and writing a history of the nuclear weapons program of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Through interviews with past weapons designers and with extensive research into the Laboratory’s Archives, he has brought out new perspectives of the weapons program that have been little understood until now.


Tom has a BS, General Engineering, United States Military Academy, 1969 and a SM, High Energy Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977.


October 17, 2018   11:00 am-2:00 pm


Beeb’s Sports Bar and Grill, 915 Club House Drive, Livermore, Ca


Lunch and talk $10 advance registration


Link to information and registration:


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