As electron device densities grow larger, more stringent demands are placed on the photolithography requirements for maskmaking. This is reflected in enhanced specifications for the mask used to pattern the devices. In addition, finer addressing requirements are driven by the adoption of optical proximity compensation (OPC) structures. The solution to achieve higher performance exercises a number of different engineering disciplines. The accuracy and precision of the final pattern is determined by the electron source, column optics, control electronics/algorithms, thermal stability, mechanical characteristics of the writing system, and writing strategy. The develop and etch steps of the mask process are also a significant contributor to the critical dimension (CD) component of the mask error budget. The interaction among these different areas and how it influences writing quality is itself an exercise in system engineering. It is the aim of this presentation to describe and quantify the tradeoffs and provide examples of their influence on writing quality. Specifications of currently available electron beam exposure systems will also be presented.
Ronald A. Rojeski received his B.S.E.E. in 1992 and his M.S.N.E. in 1995 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Currently, Ron is employed at Etec Systems, Inc. as a Hardware Development Engineer. His major focus has been the integration and calibration of Etec's recently introduced MEBESŪ 5000 system, an electron-beam pattern generator that provides 180 nm capability to the end user. Other research interests include the design and fabrication of radiation spectrometers, single charge carrier devices for radiation spectroscopy, and developing new methods of radiation detection.
Directions to ETEC Systems: Take the Clawiter Road exit from highway 92. This is the nearest exit to the east end of the San Mateo Bridge. At the first stop sign, turn south onto Clawiter Road. Turn left at Investment Boulevard, proceed to the end, then turn right onto Corporate Avenue. Enter the large parking lot at 26460 Corporate Avenue, on the left side of the road, just before the stoplights. ETEC is on the right as you enter the lot. The meeting will be held in building 4; NPSS members will be required to enter through the building 3 entrance. There will be a sign placed both at the parking lot entrance, and at the guard station at building 3.


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