2018 Wujek Scholarship

The application period is now open for students wishing to take advantage of the opporunity.  The invitation letter and application are found at the links below:


Past recipients of the Wujeck Scholarship include:

2018 Recipients

        Winner                Reilly Terao         Las Lomas High School        Mechanical Engineering
        Winner                Kushaal Rao        Sanit Francis High School      Cognitive Science

2016 Recipients

Winner              Celina Dioso          Carondelet
Winner              Ryan Liu                Amador Valley
Runner Up        Emma Kristovich    Livermore
Hon. Mention    Lienna Chan          Encinal
Hon. Mention    Daniel Redecker    Irvington
Hon. Mention    Thomas Nelson      Dougherty Valley 
Hon. Mention     Vedika Chaudri     Dublin

2015 Winners

        Winner                         Linnea Arneson              Encinal
        Winner                         Kelsey Ichikawa            Irvington
        Winner                         Juitung Kuo                   Irvington
        Runner-Up                   Katherine  Johnston       Livermore
        Runner-Up                  Omar Abdul-Rahim        Oakland Tech
        Honorable Mention      Ashley Chang James      Logan
        Honorable Mention      Vania Baltazar-Mireles  Castlemont
        Honorable Mention      Elvis Alvarado               Castlemont
        Honorable Mention      Daniel Pilgrim-Minaya    De La Salle
        Honorable Mention      Kevin Zeng                    Mission San Jose

(Note that all recipients received monetary awards for outstanding academics!)

2014 Winners
Kimberley Gonzalez, St. Joseph Notre Dame HS, Alameda
Kerrie Wu, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont
Anna Zeng, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont
Sara Novell, Granada HS, Livermore
Sravya Bhamidipati,  American HS, Fremont
Monica Hung,  American HS, Fremont
2013 Winners
Eirik de Wit, College Park High School, Pleasant Hill
Keith Farwell, Alhambra High School, Martinez
Kevin Chen, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton
Wenye "Wendy" Li, Albany High School, Albany
Blake Wyatt, Salesian High School, Richmond
William Leach, Castro Valley High School, Castro Valley
2012 Winners
Amy Ishiguro, Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek
McKenzie Hubert, Livermore High School, Livermore
Yicheng Sun, Mission San Jose Jigh School, Fremont

2011 Winners
Juliana Cook, Northgate High School, Walnut Creek
Nathan Hendel, Northgate High Schol, Walnut Creek

2010 Winners
Chelsea Finn, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton
Lisa Shue, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton
Justine Betschart, Hercules High School, Hercules

2009 Winners
Laura Matloff, Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek
Benjamin Ellis, Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek
Melanie Stich, Carondelet High School, Concord
Amanda Johnston, Livermore High School, Livermore
Erica Kotta, Livermore High School, Livermore
Diana George, Livermore High School, Livermore

2008 Winners
          Ibrahim Awwal, Amador Valley HS, Pleasanton
          William McGrath, San Lorenzo HS
          Henessy Miller, Northgate HS, Walnut Creek
          Honorable mention Surekha Muralidharan, Amador Valley HS, Pleasanton
          Honorable mention Amanda Ren, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont
          Honorable mention Ethan Kennon, Benicia HS
          Honorable mention Laura Elena Rice, Alhambra HS, Martinez
          Honorable mention Katherine Wong, Irvington HS, Fremont

2007 Winners
          Ryan Ko, Mission HS Fremont
          Sweta Ramachandran, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont
          Honorable mention Didi Xie, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont
          Honorable mention Bill Quach, Maybeck HS, Berkeley
          Honorable mention Sonya Spala, Arnijo HS, Fairfield
          Honorable mention John Harrison, Skyline HS, Oakland