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Title: Advanced Control of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

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Speaker: Slavko Vasilic, Ph.D. P.E.

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(Updated 18 May 2017)

Title: Transient Recovery Voltages: An Introduction

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Speaker: Ali Daneshpooy, Ph.D. P.E. (Quanta Technology)

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(Updated 18 May 2017)

Title: Distibuted Energy Resources : A Transmission Perspective

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Speaker: Jameson Thorton (Pacific Gas and Electric)

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(Updated 8 April 2017)

Title: Using Drones in Advanced Technology

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Speaker: David Elizondo (Quanta Technology LLC)

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(Updated 27 Feb 2017)

Title: Regulatory Aspects of Implementing Advanced Technology in the US

Speaker: Jessica Bian (FERC, 2016-2017 IEEE PES Secretary)

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(Updated 25 Sep 2016)

Title: Automated Demand Response using the Internet of Things An Opportunities Assessment

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Speaker: Ramesh Hariharan (CompuSharp Inc)

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(Updated 25 Sep 2016)

Title: SF PES Chapter OCA @ Boston

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Speaker: Charles Mee (CPUC)

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(Updated 10 Aug 2016)

Title: PG&E Energy Storage Testing and Pilot Projects

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Speaker: Jason Pretzlaf, Senior Engineer (PG&E)

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(Updated 15 Jun 2016)

Title: Switching Issues and Solutions for Reactive and Capacitive VAR Compensation

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Speaker: Joe Rostron (Southern States, LLC)

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(Updated 19 May 2016)

Title: Volt VAR Optimization Smart Grid Pilot at PG&E

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Speaker: Rustom Dessai (PG&E) & Andrija Sadikovic (Dorbs)

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(Updated 03 May 2016)

Title: IEC 61850 1-day workshop

IEC 61850: Additions and Applications

Speaker: Mark Adamiak, GE Grid Automation

Benefits and Business Cases for IEC 61850 Standard

Speaker: Steven Kunsman & Peter Rietmann, ABB Inc.

The Evolution of IEC 61850 Standard - IEC 61850

Speaker: Dr. Alexander Apostolov, PAC World

Videos can be viewed here on Youtube

Workshop Photos
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Power Quality Impacts and Mitigation of Distributed Solar Power

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Speaker: Ric Austria, Principal, Pterra Consulting
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: How Do Power Cable Systems Fail?

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Speaker: Ben Lanz, IMCORP
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: The Future of Energy: Smart Grid and Beyond

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Speaker: John D. McDonald, GE Digital Energy
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Understanding the Electrical Arcing and the Arc-flash Hazard Study

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Speaker: Ahmad Shahsiah, Ph.D., P.E.
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Advanced Smart Grid Communications &Applications: A Systems View for Successful Deployment

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Speaker: Edward Sutton III, Black & Veatch
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear

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Speaker: Sharif Ahmed, Siemens Canada
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: The Old Grid vs. The Smart Grid, The Economic Impact on the Electricity Customer

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Speaker: Don Dumich, Application Director, S&C Electric Company
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Community Microgrid Initiative

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Speaker: Greg Thomson, Director of Programs, Clean Coalition
(Updated 09 April 2016)

Title: Protection and Control Workshop - May 29, 2015

Below are the presentations.

Transformer Protection

Motor Protection Fundamentals

Arc-Flash Mitigation

Speaker: Ali Kazemi, P.E., Regional Technical Manager, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Micro-Synchrophasors in Electric Power Systems

Speaker: Alexandra (Sasha) Von Meier, PhD., Co-Director, Electric Grid Research, California Institute for Energy & Environment, U.C. Berkeley

Generator Protection

Speaker: Wayne Hartmann, V.P., Protection and Smart Grid Solutions, Beckwith Electric Company
(Updated 11 June 2015)

Title: Getting Ready for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Speaker: Gary Fox, P.E. - Senior Specification Engineer, GE Energy, Inc.
(Updated 21 June 2015)

Title: Review of the IEEE Guide for Grounding and Touch Potentials

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Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Shahsiah, P.E. - Managing Engineer, Exponent Inc.
(Updated 31 March 2015)

Title: Evolution of the Digital Substation

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Speaker: Steven A. Kunsman, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing - Power Systems Automation and Communications - ABB Inc.
(Updated 3 February 2015)

Title: Principles of Polymer Chemistry for Wire and Cable Application

Download the Presentation (10.2 MB - This will take several minutes depending on your internet speed.)

Speaker: Art Maldonado, CEO of AM Technology Group LLC.
(Updated 21 December 2014)

Title: Microgrids - Future of the Power System?

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Speaker: Yazhou (Joel) Liu, Ph.D., PE, Schneider Electric Engineering Services
(Updated 28 November 2014)

Title: Electric Power Industry Vision

Download the 2014 Banquet Presentation

Speaker: Wanda Reder, Vice President,  S&C Electric Company
(Updated 26 October 2014)

Title: Flywheel Energy Storage: Balancing the Grid and Winning Le Mans

Download the August 27, 2014 Presentation

Speaker: Don Bender, Chief Technology Officer,  Helix Power Corporation
(Updated 24 September 2014)

Title: Protection and Control Workshop - May 29, 2014

Below is the Presentation by Wayne Hartmann of the Beckwith Electric Co.  No other presentations are available at this time.

Distributed Generation Interconnection Protection and Control Fundamentals

Speaker: Wayne Hartmann, Beckwith Electric Company
(Updated 6 July 2014)

Title: Behind the Meter Energy Storage

Download the March 13th, 2014 Presentation

Speakers:Jim Detmers, PSR LLC and Will Fadrhonc, STEM, Inc.
(Updated 16 June 2014)

Title: What is Reactive Power?

Download the February 28th, 2014 Presentation

Speaker: Charles Mee, Senior Utilities Engineer Specialist, Organization of Ratepayer Advocates, California Public Utilities Commission
(Updated 01 Mar 2014)

Title: Introduction to the The Transbay Cable Project

Download the January 15th, 2014 Presentation

Speaker: Jacob Bonogofsky, Associate Engineer, Trans Bay Cable LLC
(Updated 09 Feb 2014)

Title: Toward Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Networks

Download the October 22nd, 2013 Presentation

Speaker: Dr. Reza Arghandeh, Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute for Energy and the Environment, UC Berkeley
(Updated 14 Dec 2013)

Title: PG&E 500 kV Series-Compensated Transmission Line Relay Replacement: Design Requirements and RTDS Testing

Download the August 22nd, 2013 Presentation

Speaker: Davis Erwin P.E., System Protection Engineer, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
(Updated 5 Oct 2013)

Title: Fire Resistive Cables and UL 2196 Issues

Download the July, 2013 Presentation

Speaker: James Conrad, Technical Manager, Marmon Innovation and Technology
(Updated 5 Oct 2013)

Title: Advanced Inverter Trends and Distributed Energy Resource Standards

Download the June 18th, 2013 Presentation

Speaker: Wendy al-Mukdad P.E., Grid Planning and Reliabillity, Energy Division, California Public Utilities Commission
(Updated 1 July 2013)

Title: The Real Reasons We Must Have a Smart Grid For the 21st Century

Download the May 22, 2013 presentation

Speaker: Dr. Merwin Brown Co-Director, Electric Grid Research, California Institute for Energy and Environment
(Updated 27 May 2013)

Title: Gravity Power - Storage Based Ancillary Service and Peaking Power Plants

Download the March 15, 2013 presentation

Speaker: Tom Mason, CEO of Gravity Power, Inc.
(Updated 27 May 2013)

Title: The Value of Ultra-Efficiency Transformers as an Effective Energy Measure - Moving Beyond the Energy Policy Act of 2005

Download the February 27, 2013 presentation

Speaker: Peter Ouellette, Northern California District Manager for Powersmiths International
(Updated 26 April 2013)

Title: Electric Grid Modernization (Smart Grid) - Current Standards Development and Cyber Security Work

Below are the Presentations and Speakers from this Workshop on 10/17/11:


Speaker: Wendy Al-Mukdad, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

NIST Framework & Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards

Speaker: Dr. Gerald J. Fitzpatrick, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Architecture of the Smart Grid

Speaker: Joseph (Joe) Hughes, Reef Energy Systems, LLC

International Standards for Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

Speaker: Frances Cleveland, Xanthus Consulting International

National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource Project

Speaker: Erfan Ibrahim, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
(Updated 14 November 2011)

Title: Trends in Power and Energy Commercialization Based on Patent Filings

Download the August 3, 2011 presentation

Speaker: Steve Bachmann, Counsel
Lewis and Roca LLP
(Updated 29 October 2011)

Title: Reliability Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Download the files from the July 14th presentation.

Reliability and Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Common T&D Reliability Indices

FFNN 0-9 Recognition V2

HNN Pattern Recognition

Markov Modelling

Monte Carlo Simulation

NAS Battery Control Optimization

Particle Swarm Optimization Demo

SOFM and kmeans

Substation Reliability

Traveling Salesman Game

Speaker: Zach Kramer, Electric Transmission Planning Engineer, PG&E
(Updated 26 August 2011)

Title: Trends in Utility-Scale Inverters for Solar PV Projects

Download the March 15, 2011 presentation.

Speaker: Sebastian Kern, PV Business Developer
Siemens Industry, Inc.
(Updated 23 March, 2011)

Title: Smart Grid 1- Day Workshop

Below are the Presentations and Speakers from this Workshop on 11/15/10:


Speaker: Anupama Pandey, Nexant Energy Solutions

Integration of Renewable Resources

Speaker: Mr. Barney Speckman, Vice President, Nexant Energy Solutions

Energy Storage Technologies and Their Role in Renewable Generation Integration

Speaker: Dr. Robert Shainker, Senior Technical Executive, EPRI

Renewable Generation and the Role that Plug-In Vehicles Will Play

Speaker: Mr. Dan Pearson, Manager, Strategy and Regulation, PG&E

Existing, Advanced and Smart Grid Technologies for Renewable Integration

Speaker: Dr. Merwin Brown, Director, Electric Grid Research, California Institute for Energy and Environment

Potential of Demand Response for Renewable Integration

Speaker: Dr. Darren Brady, Senior Vice President and COO, ENERNOC
(Updated 8 February 2011)

Title: Better Place - the other story: Energy Storage

Download Presentation from the October, 2010 Banquet

Speaker: Hugh McDermott, Global Vice President for Utility Alliances
Better Place
(Updated 6 December 2010)

Title: Utility Scale PV: Leveraging Spanish Experience in the US Market

Download Presentation from the June 29th, 2010 Meeting

Speaker: Matt Anderson, Project Manager
Energy Division, Aries Power & Industrial Co.
(Updated 5 July 2010)

Title: PG&E AC Cycling-Ancillary Service Pilot
Design & Outcomes of Operation

Download Presentation from the March 23rd, 2010 Meeting

Speaker: Bashar Kellow, Senior Program Manager
Emerging Demand Response Technologies, PG&E

The entire report can be viewed on the following webpage:
PG&E Demand Response Case Studies and AC Cycling-Ancillary Service Pilot Report
(Updated 15 May 2010)

Title: Current Status of the CPUC Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

Download Presentation from the October 19th, 2009 Meeting

Speaker: Sara Kamins, Policy Analyst
Renewable Procurement and Resource Planning, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
(Updated 1 December 2009)

Title: CPUC General Orders 95, 128 and 165
Rules for the Construction and Maintenance of Overhead and Underground Electric Supply and Communication Systems

Download Presentation from the August 20th, 2009 Meeting

Speaker: Julian Ajello, Program Project Supervisor
Consumer Protection Division, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
(Updated 1 December 2009)

Title: California 33% RPS

Download Presentation from the June 24th, 2009 Meeting

Speakers: Barney Speckman and Anupama Pandey, Nexant Corporation
(Updated 1 December 2009)

Title: Smart Grid Evolution and the Role that Standards will Play

Download Presentation from the May 15th, 2009 Meeting

Speaker: Chris Knudsen, Director, Technology Innovation Center, Pacific Gas and Electric
(Updated 1 December 2009)

Title: Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers using Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

Download Presentation from the March 16th, 2009 Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Shahsiah, P.E., Exponent Failure Analysis Associates.
(Updated 25 April 2009)

Title: Smart Grid - 1 Day Workshop

Below are the Presentations and Speakers from this Workshop on 11/03/08:
The Smart Grid Vision

Speaker: Terry Mohn, Technology Strategist, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Vice Chairman of the Grid Wise Alliance
Defining the Pathway to the California Smart Grid of 2020

Speaker: Michael Gravely, Manager-Energy Systems Research, California Energy Commission (CEC)
Infrastructure Standards and Architecture Development for the Smart Grid

Speaker: Joe Hughes, Senior Technical Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Demand Response and Research Activities in California

Speaker: Mary Ann Piette, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Demand Response Research Center
Megawatt Storage Farms

Speaker: Dr. Edward Cazalet, Megawatt Storage Farms, Inc.

Title: Addressing Global Warming with Solar Energy

Download Presentation from the August 6th, 2008 Summer Banquest

Speaker: Bob Stuart, Senior Director of Transmission, Bright Source Energy, Inc.
(Updated 8 November 2008)

Title: Project Management Aspects of the Solar Installation at AT&T Park

Download Presentation 1 from the July 2008 Meeting
Download Presentation 2 from the July 2008 Meeting

Speaker: Fernando Aguilar, Senior Project Manager, Electric Transmission, PG&E
(Updated 13 September 2008)

Title: Past, Present and Future of Solar Thermal Generation

Download Presentation from the June 2008 Meeting

Speaker: Bruce Kelley, renowned expert in solar energy.
(Updated 18 July 2008)

Title: Root Cause Analysis

Download Presentation from Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 Meeting

Speaker: Walter Bak
Senior Managing Engineer at Exponent
(Updated 8 July 2008)

Title: Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)

Download Presentation from April 2nd, 2008 Meeting

Speaker: Sara Kamins, Policy Analyst
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
(Updated 28 April 2008)

Title: Holistic Transmission and Resource Planning - For the Good of the Whole

Download Presentation from March 3rd, 2008 Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Lee, Senior Technical Executive
Power System Planning and Operation - EPRI
(Updated 13 March 2008)

Title: Out of Step Protection Fundamentals

Download Presentation from December 13th, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: Demetrious Tziouvaras, Senior Research Engineer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
(Updated 22 December 2007)

Below are the references used for this presentation:
Out of Step Protection Fundamentals and Advancements

Relay Performance During Major Sytem Disturbances
Zero-Setting Power-Swing Blocking Protection
Power Swing and Out-Of-Step Considerations on Transmission Lines

Title: Cyber Security

Download Presentation from October 15th, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: Joseph M. Weiss, PE, CISM Managing Partner, Applied Control Solutions, LLC and industry expert on control systems and electronic security of control systems.
(Updated 19 October 2007)

Also you can read the testimony of Joe Weiss before the Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives on October 17, 2007. His testimony was titled, "Control Systems Cyber Security-The Need for Appropriate Regulations to Assure the Cyber Security of the Electric Grid"  Click here for his testimony.

Title: Recent Trends in Substation Automation and Enterprise Data Management

Download Presentation from September 27th, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: John McDonald P.E., V.P., Automation Power System Planning for KEMA, Inc., IEEE PES President and IEEE Fellow
(Updated 17 October 2007)

Title: Protection Basics for Power Engineers - 1 Day Workshop

Protection plays an important role in the safe, reliable operation of the electric system.   During this workshop we reviewed a variety of protection related topics presented by distinguished speakers from the CAISO, PG&E and InfraSource.
The class materials, including Power Point presentations and audio files, are now available for the purchase price of $50.   The audio files can be downloaded to your MP3 player and listened to while you follow the presentation on your computer.  The sound quality is excellent!

Note: There was a total of 7 topics presented, as you can see from the course agenda below. Due to technical difficulties, we have no audio file for Topic 2, Project Planning and Protection Considerations, but we do have the Power Point presentation.  We also have the Power Point presentations and audio files for the other 6 topics.

Click on this link for the protection course agenda and biographies of the speakers.

For your convenience you can pay for this material using the Paypal payment button below. When we are in receipt of your payment, we will send you instructions on how to download the material.  Please confirm your purchase by sending an e-mail to

(Updated 16 June 2007)

Title: Beacon Flywheel System Test Results

Download Presentation from March 28, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: Mike Gravely, Research Program Manager-Energy Systems Integration Research Program, California Energy Commission
(Updated 23 May 2007)

Title: Electrical Failure Investigations

Download Presentation from February 20, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: Ashley Harkness, Laboratory Manager at ETI Conformity Services
(Updated 23 April 2007)

Title: Cathodic Protection

Download Presentation from January 18, 2007 Meeting

Speaker: Craig Meier, V.P. of Corrosion Control, Inc.
(Updated 26 January 2007)

Title: Third Generation California Electricity Market Design

Download Presentation from November 14, 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Chris Mensah-Bonsu, Senior Market Design Engineer - California Independent System Operator.(CAISO)
(Updated 3 December 2006)

Title: Why AC Transformers "Complain" Noisily About DC Current

Download Presentation from October 30, 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Ron Sharp, Principal Engineer - Pacific Gas and Electiric, Electric Systems Engineering Dept.(PG&E)
(Updated 8 November 2006)

Title: Application of New Technologies for Power Transmission Systems

Download Presentation from June 7, 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Mark Reynolds, P.E. - Siemens High Voltage Systems Group (Siemens)
(Updated 12 June 2006)

Title: California and the Western Grid: Transmission Challenges

Download Presentation from May 11, 2006 Banquet

Speaker: Stewart Ramsay, Vice President of Asset Management & Electric Transmission (Pacific Gas and Electric)
(Updated 21 May 2006)

Title: Application of Auction Theory in Electricity Markets

Download Presentation from April 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Shmuel S. Oren (UC Berkeley)
(Updated 07 May 2006)

Title: The Disaster Recovery Workshop - 1 Day Course

Download the agenda from the March 30th workshop


Thomas Siegel - Supervising Engineer in Electrical System Operations at PG&E

Stig Nilsson - Practice Director and Principal Engineer Electrical Practice at Exponent Inc.

John Osteraas - Civil Engineer at Exponent Inc.

Cole Emerson - Director specializing in Business Continuity for KPMG

Greg Suhr - Deputy Chief of Police, San Francisco Police Department

NOTE: Course instructional materials are available for purchase.
Click on this link for information on how to order course instructional materials.
Note: course materials are proprietary. Copy or distribution of course materials without permission from SF PES is prohibited.

(Updated 12 June 2006)

Title: Pad Mounted Substations

Download Presentation from February 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. John Wood (PG&E)
(Updated 28 Feb 2006)

Title: Broadband Over Powerlines

Download Presentation from January 2006 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. Jerry Ramie (NCT, ARC Technical Resources)
(Updated 29 Jan 2006)

Title: Harnessing the Waves and Tides to Generate Electricity

Download Presentation from October 2005 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. Peter O'Donnell of the (San Francisco Department of the Environment)
For additional information also visit the following websites:
(Updated 18 Oct 2005)

Title: The Future of California Energy

Download Presentation from October 2005 Banquet

Speaker: Mr. Yakout Mansour, CEO of the (California ISO)
(Updated 18 Oct 2005)

Title: Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) - Pending Permission from ABB

Speaker: Mr. Ron Beltran of (ABB)
(Updated 18 Sept 2005)

Title: What Goes On In A General Rate Case

Download Presentation from May 2005 Meeting

Speakers: Mr. Bruce T. Smith (Pacific Gas and Electric) and
Mr. Marty Lyons (California Public Utilities Commission)
(Updated 18 Oct 2005)

Title: Transbay Underwater HVDC Cable

Download Transbay Cable Presentation from March 2005 Meeting

Download HVDC Technology Presentation from March 2005 Meeting

Speakers: Mr. Lindsay Martin of (Siemens) and
(Updated 18 Oct 2005)

Title: Congestion Management In Interconnected Power Systems - 1 Day Course

Download Description of October 16th Course

Download SF PES October 16, 2004 Short Course Photos:
Instructors: Ali Amirali, Rajat K. Deb, Lorenzo Kristov, Stephen T. Lee, and Tom Qi Zhang

Course instructional material are available for $50 purchase.
Contact Ms. Shirin Tabatabai at (415) 973-1474 regarding purchase of course presentations.
Note: course materials are proprietary. Copy or distribution of course materials without permission from SF PES is prohibited.

Title: Demand Response Initiatives: Lowering Costs and Preventing Blackouts

Download Presentation from August 2004 Banquet

Speakers: Ms. Mary Ann Piette (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and
Mr. Joe Desmond (Advisor to the Governor of California)
File Size: 1.5 MB
(Updated 22 August 2004)

Title: Overview of the August 2003 Northeast Blackout

Download Presentations from April 2004 Banquet

Speakers: Messrs. Bob Stuart (Pacific Gas & Electric Company)
and Terry Winter (California Independent System Operator)
Total File Size: 14.7 MB (Three Files)
(Updated 22 August 2004)

Title: Distributed Generation

Download Presentations from October 2003 Short Course

Instructors: Messrs. Chase Sun (Pacific Gas & Electric Company), Brian Sekula (Altran), Willie Chew (PG&E),  Gary Olson (Cummins Power Generation), Chuck Whitaker (Endecon Engineering), and Drs.   ShyShenq Liou (San Francisco State University School of Engineering) and Mohammad Varizi (PG&E)
File Size: 7.7 MB
(Updated 22 August 2004)

Title: Role of FACTS Technology on Transmission Grid Reliability

Download Presentation from May 2003 Banquet

Speaker: Mr. Mike Bahrman (ABB)
File Size: 3.2 MB
(Updated 11 August 2003)

Title: Landfill Gas Utilization Project in Santa Cruz County

Download Presentation from March 2003 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. Tom Vence (Brown, Vence & Associates)
File Size: 805 kB
(Updated 21 March 2003)

Title: Engineering Green Buildings

Download Presentation from February 2003 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. Geof Syphers (KEMA)
File Size: 4.0 MB
(Updated 12 February 2003)

Title: The Future of Real-Time Energy Management Systems for Transmission System Operations

Download Presentation from January 2003 Meeting

Speaker: Mr. John Sell (EleQuant)
File Size: 650 kB
(Updated 20 January 2003)

Title: Congestion Management at the PJM ISO

Download Presentation from October 2002 Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Mehmet Kemal Celik (Nexant)
File Size: 480 kB
(Updated 07 January 2003)

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