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IEEE Power & Energy Society
San Francisco Chapter (SF PES)



SEPT 6TH - SEPT 7TH, 2017


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Damir Novosel, IEEE PES President

Modernizing Transmission - Distribution Interface Coordination for a High - DER Future

Lorenzo Kristov, PhD.

DER Modeling for Bulk System Studies and DER Impact on Transmission Grid Reliability

Evangelos Farantatos

Distribution Volt-VAR Control Issues Resulting from High Penetration of DER

Dr Murty V.V.S. Yalla, IEEE Fellow

Organized Nodal Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Markets for Distribution Systems

Alex Papalexopoulos, Ph.D

DER Modeling and Impact Assessment- An Overview of Current Efforts

Jun Wen

DER Implications for the Transmission System

Jameson Thornton

On the Big Data Applications for Distribution Networks Diagnostics

Reza Arghandeh

Energy Storage and Demand Response/ Flexible load Using Electrolyzers, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Susan M. Schoenung, PhD

DG Standard Updates

Chase Sun

Protection System Response to Distributed Energy Resources

Ali Kazemi, PE

Disruptive Ideas for Power Grid Security & Resilience with DER

Erfan Ibrahim, Ph.D

Plug-in EV Charger Stations Utility Roles and Trends

Ahmad Shahsiah, Ph.D., P.E.

Micro-Synchrophasor research

Dr. Elizabeth Ratnam

Distribution System Optimization using Simulation tools

Daniel Desoriers, ing., P.Eng.

Distributed Generation Interconnection Requireements for the Smart Grid

Slavko Vasilic, Ph.D. P.E.

Impact of DER, Haqrmonics and supra=harmonics on distribution system

Glen Alemjoy & Alex McEachern

An Automated Demand Response Solution Design for Targeted Transmission Reliability Constraints

Xiaofei Xu

High-performance Coupled Transmission, Distribution and Communcation Simulation Tools

Liang Min

Attendees List

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