2006 Events:

Note: The presentations are available for browsing and downloading at each linked subject title.

August 30, 2006: "TI MSP430 in Test and Measurement Applications, The World's Lowest Power MCU" by Randy Wu, Field Applications Engineer of Texas Instruments

Abstract: We will review the MSP430 Product Line and see how it can be used in real world applications. There will be a presentation on the available features, tools and roadmap for the MSP430.

Biography: B.S. Computer Engineering, Cal Poly SLO, M.S. Computer Science, CSU East Bay, 11 years experience in this field

April 6, 2006: "SHARC and TigerSHARC DSP Architectures in Test and Measurement Applications " by Alan Leek, Field Applications Engineer of Analog Devices

Abstract: SHARC and TigerSHARC are the high-performance floating-point DSP families from Analog Devices. Each family has a solid history of use in the Test and Measurement space, and each family has certain target applications based on architecture, peripheral set, and cost. An overview of both architectures will be provided with a focus on how each family fits into Test and Measurement applications.

Biography: Alan Leek has been with Analog Devices sine June 2002 as a Field Applications Engineer dedicated to supporting the four major DSP families from ADI, with an emphasis on SHARC and TigerSHARC. Currently the SHARC and TigerSHARC customers he supports represent a wide range of market segments, where a significant number of his customers are in the Test and Measurement space. He holds an MSEE and is a member of IEEE and its Signal Processing Society.