2008 Events:

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May 21, 2008: "Advancements in Noise Measurement" by Ken Wong, Agilent Technologies

Abstract: Noise measurements were developed since the beginning of telecommunication. The Y-factor method was introduced back in the 1930's. The cold source method was also mentioned at the same time. Noise parameters were defined in the late 1950's and at about the same time, the noise wave concept was also introduced as an alternative amplifier noise model. The significance of noise wave wasn't noticed until the mid 1960's for amplifier network analysis. Since then, numerous measurement methods of noise parameters and noise wave were proposed. Refinements to the Y-factor methods were also made. However, no commercial noise wave measurement system was available until recently. This presentation will present an overview of the noise measurement methods and show their relationships. The new noise wave measurement system, that provides full mismatch corrected noise figure measurements, will be discussed.

Biography: Ken Wong has been with HP/Agilent for over 35 years. His experience at HP/Agilent includes product design, manufacturing process development, and test process development of microwave hybrid microcircuits and instruments.

Currently, he is the principal engineer responsible for the development, modeling, and measurement of precision microwave calibration and verification standards. He is also responsible for the development of VNA calibration methodology.

He has published and presented many papers on VNA calibration and standards. He had been granted many patents on connector design and VNA calibration. He is an officer of the ARFTG (Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group) Executive Committee and a senior member of the IEEE.