2009 Events:

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September 9, 2009: "Sensing EEG Signals in Consumer Devices: Introducing the Brain to Main Street" by Dr. Thomas Sullivan, NeuroSky Inc.

Abstract: Electroencephalography (EEG) is the measurement of voltages on the scalp caused by activity within the brain that is commonly applied to treatment and assessment in traditional medical fields. In this presentation, the characteristics of the EEG signals will be introduced, along with the challenges of accurately measuring these signals - issues such as circuit noise, offsets, and impedances, etc. Also included will be the additional challenges associated with sensing these signals in a consumer device as well as the potential consumer EEG technologies application to mass market.

Biography: Thomas Sullivan, PhD. is currently the Director of Technology Development at NeuroSky, Inc. a company that produces biosensor technologies, and the industry leader in Consumer, Brain to Computer Interface systems. Dr. Sullivan has led the research and development department in the inception and production of the ThinkGear dry-electrode EEG systems, currently being employed by NeuroSky's industry leading partners. Prior to his tenure at NeuroSky, Dr. Sullivan practiced for several years as an analog circuit designer at Burr-Brown Corporation. Dr. Sullivan holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Science from University of California, San Diego.