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Upcoming Event: Tuesday December 5, 2017

In the tradition of Micheal Faraday's popular Christmas Lectures at the Royal Instituion in 19th Century London, IEEE SCV Photonics Society Presents a Family Oriented Event :

Title: Saturn, Titan, rings, and moons from the Cassini-Huygens Mission

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Cuzzi, of NASA's Ames Research Center

Date: Tuesday December 5, 2017

5:30pm: Networking/Light Dinner
6:30pm - 8:00pm: Presentation
8:00 to 9:00pm Dessert/Drinks


Building SC-12
3600 Juliette Lane
Santa Clara, CA 95054

(Location: Take Montague Expy. OR Great America Exit off US 101; click to see instructions)

In order for chapter officers to estimate head count for food, Registration required! Register:

Title: Saturn, Titan, rings, and moons from the Cassini-Huygens mission.

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Cuzzi, of NASA's Ames Research Center


Noted planetary scientist, Dr. Jeff Cuzzi, will review the spectacularly successful Cassini orbiter/Huygens Titan entry probe mission to the Saturn system, that just ended its thirteen year mission in a blaze of light in Saturn's upper atmosphere. The talk will be nontechnical and illustrate how images and other kinds of observations work together to tell an in-depth story of the Saturn system. Amongst the results are the dynamic nature and possibly geologically recent formation of the rings of Saturn, the newly discovered jets of ice grains venting from a salty water ocean lying deep beneath the south pole of the small moon Enceladus, and the cycles of liquid hydrocarbons as they fall as rain on Titan's icy mountains and run through river valleys into lakes, while Titan's winds form vast fields of dunes of frozen grains of tar.

Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 5, for an event aimed at a popular/family audience with lots of photos of rings, moons, Titan and a general talk on the recently completed (i.e., mid-September plunge into the planet) and highly successful over decade-long Cassini mission to Saturn.

Bio Jeff Cuzzi:

Dr. Jeff Cuzzi, of NASA's Ames Research Center, is the Cassini Interdisciplinary Scientist for Rings and Dust. He led the Voyager Imaging Team's planning of all ring observations for Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and has been involved with planning, developing, and operating the Cassini mission for almost 40 years. He has won awards from NASA and scientific societies for his work on planetary rings and on the early formation of primitive planetesimals (asteroids and comets) millions of years before the Earth itself formed.

Dr. Cuzzi earned his B.S. (Engineering Physics) from Cornell University, 1967 and Ph. D. (Planetary Science) from California Institute of Technology 1973 He was been with Ames Research Center, NASA; Space Science Division 1978-present and served as Chief, Theoretical Studies Branch/Planetary Systems Branch 1993-1996.

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