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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Western Digital, 1710 Automation Parkway, San Jose, CA 95131
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A Look at Reducing Energy Consumption with More Efficient Electric Motors

John Petro, Consultant




Electric motors consume far more electric power than any other use. The percentage of electric power consumed by motors is currently growing as other uses, such as lighting and power supplies, have become much more efficient. Also, new applications for motors, such as the electrification of transportation, delivery drones and electric aircraft will further increase the amount of electric power consumed by motors. Therefore, increasing motor efficiency is an obvious opportunity for saving energy. This has been a lively topic in the motor industry for the last couple of decades. The workhorse induction motor is being improved with better magnetic design and motor designs using permanent magnets are being more widely used especially in newer and more challenging applications. This talk will look at this subject from several different angles. What are the theoretical and practical limits on motor efficiency? How can advanced magnetic design achieve better performance and what improvements in magnetic materials are needed? What is the industry doing, not doing and actively resisting? How is public policy addressing motor industry and what should it do? What barriers exist to adoption of higher efficiency motors? What are some new developments in magnetics that could be in the marketplace soon? Projections about what lies ahead in the near future for motor developments will also be presented.






John is a consultant specializing in high efficiency electric motor designs using novel approaches and materials. He received his BSEE from University of Virginia and a MSEE from Stanford University. He has worked in many electronic fields, including over the horizon radar, sensor development, magnetic recording, medical devices, active radar suppression, robotics and geophysical seismic imaging. He founded Quizix, Inc. which manufactured high pressure precision pumps in 1987 and sold it in 2005 when he founded NovaTorque. NovaTorque's conical air gap motor is the market leader in power efficiency for industrial motors. He holds over 30 motor patents and has delivered numerous papers on motor technology. He exited the company in early 2013 to pursue new ideas on motor development. His current projects include the use of amorphous metals in motor applications, the use of improved magnet materials and new motor designs for challenging applications such as drones, electric aircraft and ground transportation.

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