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Magnetic Nanoparticles: Building Blocks of Future Magnets

J. Ping Liu, Professor, University of Texas, Arlington




Ferromagnetism is a size-dependent physical phenomenon, as has been realized through theoretical studies for many decades. However, ferromagnetic nanoparticles have only been available till recent time when nanotechnology has been developed and applied. By adopting newly developed techniques including "salt-matrix annealing" and "surfactant-assisted milling", we have successfully synthesized monodisperse ferromagnetic FePt, FeCo and SmCo nanoparticles. These first-ever-available nanoparticles display various hard and soft magnetic properties at room temperature which are found to be strongly size dependent. A systematic study on size dependent Curie temperature of the L10 structured ferromagnetic nanoparticles with size from 2 to 15 nanometers reveals the finite size effect in the tiny ferromagnets. The ferromagnetic nanoparticles are used as building blocks for advanced bulk and thin film magnets, and can be also applied in biomedicine and magnetic fluid technologies.






J. Ping Liu received his PhD degree in Physics at the van der Waals-Zeeman Institute, the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is currently a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Physics, the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. His research work is focused on nanostructured magnetic materials including hard magnetic and soft magnetic nanomaterials. He has organized and led several nation-wide joint research programs in nanocomposite magnets and has authored or co-authored more than 260 peer-reviewed scholarly papers, including review articles and book chapters (citations > 11,000, H-index 47, i10-index 154). He is the lead editor of two books ("Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Applications", Springer, 2009, and "Skyrmions: Topological Structures, Properties, and Applications", CRC Press, 2016). Dr Liu is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

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