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Hard Disk Drives: The Giants of the Storage Industry

Dr. Edward Grochowski, Computer Memory/Storage Consultant

Dr. Peter Goglia, President, VeriTekk Solutions and CTO, L2Drive Inc.




The magnetic hard disk drive continues to occupy a principal role in all storage applications, shipping more bytes per year than all other competing technologies. This product has been the recipient of many technological innovations over the past 60+ years to attain the orders of magnitude capacity/performance increases as well as price per gigabyte decreases. This amazing story happened through the efforts of many key innovators who produced the breakthroughs in read/write heads, thin film disk media, and electronics technologies that made it all possible. This presentation recognizes these technology evolutions, form factor miniaturizations, and the people who produced them.

The continued development of desktop and laptop as well as cloud computing applications has firmly established the future of HDD products well into the next decade, continuing the demand for low cost storage bytes. In addition, an analysis of newer disk drive technologies will be made and their role in continuing HDD progress.






Edward Grochowski is a disk drive researcher, known best for his charts and diagrams that are used worldwide by members of the storage industry. His HDD areal density trend chart is an ongoing standard, analogous to Moore's Law chart for the semiconductor industry. A long-time IBM employee, his interests include HDD, flash, and NVM evolutionary trends, and he has authored many technical articles on those subjects. Dr. Grochowski holds twelve patents and has made many presentations worldwide on magnetic disk drives and alternative storage technologies including flash memories, STTRAM, RRAM, carbon nanotube, and phase change products. He has long been active in the conference world, having been for many years a storage Symposium Chairman both in the US and Asia Pacific. More recently, as a consultant, he has published reports on HDD and NVM storage technologies, and has been active as a lecturer, market researcher, and expert witness. He holds a PhD in Chemical/Materials Engineering from New York University.

Peter Goglia is President of VeriTekk Solutions and CTO at L2Drive. He has more than 34 years of experience in the disk drive industry. Peter was Vice President, Ion Beam Products Group at Plasma-Therm NES, CEO of Nano-Etch Systems and has held key R&D rolls as CTO for Xyratex Storage Infrastructure Division where he was responsible for technology development and growth strategies for HDD capital equipment. He also held senior positions at WD, Seagate, Control Data and Hewlett Packard. At WD he was VP of R&D in the Magnetic Head Operation including device development, slider, HGA design and process development. At Seagate, he contributed to the recording head development in both design and process. At the Disk Memory Division of Hewlett-Packard he was a senior member of the technical staff. He holds 10 patents and has been an invited speaker at industry technical and trade events. Peter has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Illinois.

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