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Bernhard Hiller

Director of Reliability Engineering

Western Digital Corporation

Bernhard′s early work at IBM provided fundamental understanding of contamination-induced failure mechanisms of the head-disk interface of hard disk drives. At his next stop in Germany at Siemens Medical Systems in the mid-90’s, he was a lead engineer for the development of a reliable fluid bearing for rotating-anode x-ray tubes. Back in the U.S., he was responsible for the first-time product introduction of head ramp loading technology at Maxtor Corporation, which greatly enhanced product reliability. He is currently leading the Reliability Engineering team at WD in improving reliability margin against late life wearout, in quantifying technology building block reliability, and in driving the application of parametrics and data analytics for better reliability risk assessment. Bernhard Hiller received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a B.S./M.S. degree in ME from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. He holds sixteen U.S. patents and has published twenty journal papers.