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Tucson Section

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This is the final notice for the Wednesday February 21st @5:30 pm meeting of the IEEE EMC Society Phoenix Chapter at Compliance Testing in Mesa (tomorrow evening).
Please see the meeting information below and attached.

Featured Speaker:
We will have the honor of William (Bill) Limburg speaking at our meeting! Bill will be presenting “Demystifying EMI Filter Design”, addressing the methodology used for designing EMI filters. Bill is an independent consultant and the proprietor of Limburg Electro-Optics, specializing in electromagnetic compatibility and electro-optical system design. I have personally known Bill for decades and I can vouch for his superb practical knowledge on the subject.

Officers Elections:
We are also planning to have our bi-annual officer elections during this meeting. We are especially looking for those interested in the Secretary elected position. In addition, we are looking for volunteers that can help: a) as Webmaster/Social Media Specialist, b) with Membership Outreach and c) with Chapter Publicity. If you or someone you know is interested in any of the above elected or volunteer positions, please let me know before the meeting – or at least show up at the meeting! ??

As usual, you do not need to be a member of the IEEE to attend (although becoming a member is encouraged!), our Chapter will supply dinner and drinks and attendance is free. A minimum $10 donation is encouraged to help cover the dinner cost. To RSVP, please contact me before the meeting so we can have a headcount. I plan on ordering Joes BBQ (!) around 3pm today.


Glen Gassaway
Chairman, IEEE EMC Society Phoenix Chapter
Office: (480) 725-9961
Mobile: (480) 273-9726
Email: glen@southwestemi.com

IEEE Phoenix EMC Chapter Meeting Announcement
Demystifying EMI Filter Design
Date: Wednesday February 21st 2018
Time: 5:30 PM: Networking, Dinner and Drinks (food and beverages provided, $10 donation encouraged), 7:00 PM: Presentation
Speaker: William Limburg, Limburg Electro-Optics

Location: Compliance Testing, LLC
1724 S. Nevada Way, Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone 480.926.1775

RSVP: Please respond to glen@southwestemi.com so we have an approximate head count. Everyone is welcome to attend – you do not need to be an IEEE member – just interested in EMI/EMC.

This presentation will attempt to dispel the notion that EMI filter design involves “black magic”. It is true that an EMI filter is a very unique type of electrical filter. However, all the steps and procedures necessary tor EMI filter design are based on sound scientific principles.
The first issue that must be addressed is to determine the minimum required attenuation versus frequency which the filter must provide. There are a couple of alternative ways to accomplish this task.
Next, the necessary elements and topography of a power line filter will be presented. Important concepts to be considered in the design of a power line filter, such as differential mode (DM) and common mode (CM) currents will be discussed. Other important items which must be addressed include the proper packaging and installation of the filter.
Finally, some unique types of EMI filters will be described.


William (Bill) Limburg is a 1960 graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has held numerous engineering and management positions in the military, industry and educational institutions. For the past 40-plus years Bill has worked as an independent consultant as proprietor of Limburg Electro-Optics, specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, electro-optical system design and related fields. Bill first became involved in EMC work while in the US Air Force, stationed at Rome Air Development Center in central New York State in the mid-sixties. Bill has supervised the EMC design of the power distribution system of the Bombardier “Global Express” long range business jet, and directed the EMC Qualification Tests on the system. Recently Bill has assisted in the EMC design of systems which are part of the James Webb Space Telescope. In the mid sixties Bill was the principal investigator on a program to develop extremely wide bandwidth (greater than 100 MHz) optical recording. Bill is the co-inventor on two issued patents in the optical and electro-optical area. Bill has presented papers at numerous EMC seminars and conducted EMC training classes for numerous organizations.
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AP/MTT/Com/EMC Chair Hao Xin.

This joint chapter is formed from members of the Antennas and Propagation, Microwave Theory and Techniques, Communications, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Societies. There are approximately 150 members in these societies combined in the Tucson Section.

If you are interested in finding out what activities are being planned or are interested in helping out. please contact Hao Xin at hxin@ece.arizona.edu or visit his website at http://www.ece.arizona.edu/~hxin/


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