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Soon Wan Gim, MGA GOLD Chair

Soon Wan Gim Soon is a Senior Design Engineer in the Research and Development Engineering group at VICOR Corporation (Andover, MA). He works with a team to design and develop high power density DC/DC power converter with innovative technologies and patented topologies.

In 2007, Soon was appointed the MGA GOLD chair and is now the Past GOLD chair and Boston Section Treasurer. His experience with IEEE dates back to his student days at Merrimack College where he was branch president for 3 years. After graduating, he formed Boston GOLD and served as its chair and subsequently as Region 1 GOLD coordinator.

Darrel Chong, Past MGA GOLD Chair

Darrel Chong Darrel Chong works for Keppel Group, a Singapore MNC, in business development, focusing on M&A and business process improvement. He has been a volunteer with the IEEE for nearly 8 years and has held portfolios of RAB GOLD Chair in 2006 and R10 (Asia Pacific) Student Rep from 2003-2004. He is currently the Singapore Student Activities Chair.

Rob Vice, Boston GOLD Chair

Rob Vice Rob Vice worked for Applications Engineer at Measurement Computing Corp (MCC) for 3 years before taking a postition as a Hardware Engineer.

Rob Vice has been an IEEE member since 2002 but did not start volunteering for IEEE until 2006. In 2007 he became Boston GOLD Vice Chair and is the current Boston PACE chair and past GOLD Chair. He also holds the Boston PACE chair position.

Uri Moszkowicz, R1 GOLD Coordinator

Uri Moszkowicz Uri Moszkowicz works for Mentor Graphics as a Software Engineer in the Emulation Division on a hardware compiler. He previously worked as an ASIC design and verification engineer at Maxtor Corp and has interned at JPL working on the Mars Rovers and Intel working on network controllers.

Uri Moszkowicz has a long track record with IEEE starting in college where he was the student branch chair at Cornell University in 2001 - 2002. After graduation, he became active in Boston GOLD but did not volunteer for the group until 2005. He held several positions in the Boston GOLD committee until he became Boston GOLD chair and subsequently R1 GOLD Coordinator. He is also currently the Boston Student Activities chair.

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