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IEEE Humanitarian Workshop - Speakers

Soon Wan (Session Chair)

Soon Wan IEEE Member (GOLD)
- IEEE MGA GOLD Committee Past Chair
- Member of IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge

Ashifi Gogo

Ashifi Gogo IEEE Graduate Student Member (GOLD), Dartmouth College
- To develop a mobile technology for drugs authentication.

Crystal Mao

Crystal Mao IEEE Student Member, MIT
- To develop a remote medical diagnostics platform for health workers. (Philippines)

Emma Brunskill

Emma Brunskill IEEE Graduate Student Member (GOLD), MIT
- To design a visit scheduling technology for health workers.

Ehsan Hoque

Ehsan Hoque IEEE Graduate Student Member (GOLD), MIT
- To develop social-emotional technologies for Autism Spectrum Disorders. (Bangladesh)

Mohit Agrawal

Mohit Agrawal IEEE Student Member, Princeton University
- To build a library to further education opportunities.

Ethan Larochelle

Ethan Larochelle IEEE Member (GOLD), Beth Israel Hospital, Northeastern U
- To acquire knowledge on energy application and to develop a water pumping System. (Honduras)

Jeremy Schein

Jeremy Schein IEEE Student Member, Boston University
- To develop a sand filter to provide clean water.

Wah Wah Myint Garis

Wah Wah Myint Garis IEEE Member (GOLD), Bank of America
- To invest in equipments and techniques to sustain food supply. (Myanmar)

John Henson

John Henson IEEE Graduate Student Member (GOLD), Boston University
- To develop communication network in rural Africa (Zambia). Partner with Linknet Zambia

Stephanie Quinn

Stephanie Quinn IEEE Member
- To design & implement MFPs (Multifunction Platforms & water system) to improve agriculture production.
(Uganda) Partner with EWB Columbia Student Chapter

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