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Graduates Of the Last Decade

IEEE Region 1 GOLD
The society for Young Professionals

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Start a New GOLD Affinity Group

Identify members (you need a minimum of six individuals) who match the GOLD criteria (graduated within the last ten years).
Fill out the Affinity group petition. If you want to handle the whole process electronically, send this form with just the names and member numbers of the six petitioners. Ask each of the six individuals to email Section, and express an interest in forming the affinity group. Please remind them to include their member numbers in the email. A sample petition is available to help you fill the petition out.
Once the petition is approved (10-14 days), you will be notified by email. Your section will get the section rebate immediately.
Plan your affinity group activities for the year and come up with a tentative budget. A sample plan is available to help in the process.
Next, fill out a Quick Start Initiative Fund (QSIF) form to request funding. A sample QSIF form is available to get you started.

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First Created: December 15th, 2006
Last Updated: December 15th, 2006