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PACE (Professional Activities Committee for Engineers) is a grassroots network of IEEE volunteers and committees organized at the section and chapter level in the United States with support from their respective regions and IEEE-USA.Region 1 has historically been very active in promoting PACE activities.

†† Technical proficiency is only one part becoming successful in todayís world.PACE assists members by providing activities that improve professional development or soft skills.PACE also promotes the profession as well as pre-college activities.Across Region 1 there are over one hundred projects annually that promote the profession, improve pre-college math and science, improve memberís professional skills, andPACE provides seed funding for professional activities in addition to increasing awareness of existing programs such as Professional Development Seminars.


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IEEE-USA Annual Meeting

(formerly known as the IEEE-USA Leadership Workshop)

31 August - 3 September 2007

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ


2007 PACE Network Events

31 August - 3 September 2007

  IEEE-USA Annual Meeting (formerly known as IEEE-USA
  Leadership Workshop) in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ



2007 High School Science Writing Contest













Green Mountain






Long Island









Mohawk Valley



New Hampshire



New Jersey Coast



New York


NY Section PACE Website

North Jersey



Princeton/Central Jersey





Career Development and Networking Engineer Day

Rhode Island School of the Future (RISF)

A Historical Perspective on IEEE, and the Engineer

Employment and the Engineer

Career Skills Every Engineer Needs

Robotics Workshop












Syracuse Middle School Robotics Project


Professional Development and Networking Dinner Meeting - Oct

Leadership Development Dinner Meeting-April

Section Member/Leadership Development and Networking Afternoon Picnic

Section Networking and Mentoring Dinner-Dec

Engineer's Week Section Member Career and Network Development Meeting

Engineer's Week Section Member Career and Network Development Meeting



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