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Region 4
Serving IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Google Drive Links and Help

Region 4 Google Drive Home( you must be signed into your IEEE Google Apps account in order to access):    Region 4 Google Drive

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Links to IEEE GoogleApps@IEEE
IEEE GoogleApps - HomeView
IEEE Region 4 Google Drive Training and Instructions VideoView
IEEE GoogleApps@IEEE Help and FAQ for Google DriveView
IEEE GoogleApps@IEEE Help for MembersView
IEEE Google for OU - package of Google tools that allows section volunteers to create, store, and share files with other volunteers, section members or general publicView
Links to Region 4 Shared Folders and Files
If you are editing you need to select add to my drive after selecting view
Region 4 Google Drive Help Video for those volunteers that are haveing difficulty in access the IEEE Google DriveAccess
Region 4 Google Drive HomeAccess
Region 4 Google Drive ExCom Meeting Presentations for 10-29-16Access
Region 4 Google Drive Training, Help, and Instructions FolderAccess
Section and Chapter Recordings FolderView
Large, Medium and Small Area Meetings, Dashboards and other Area itemsView
R4 PACE ItemsView
R4 vTools Request and Issues Spreadsheet - User input requestedView
R4 Region Meeting in Las Vegas Pictures by Mohamad Berri - 2016 Jan 28View
R4 Southeast Michigan Section (SEM) Training for SectionsView

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