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Region 4
Serving IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Region 4 Categories

Large Sections

Large Sections Chair
Bob Burke

Large Sections Support Chair
David H Hendrickson

Central Area Tehnical Activities Coordinator

Large Sections: Central Illinois, Central Indiana, Chicago, Fox Valley Subsection, Northwest Subsection, Milwaukee, Southeastern Michigan, Twin Cities

Medium Sections

Medium Sections Chair
Hamid Vakilzadian

Medium Sections Support Chair
Thomas R Kaminski

East Area Technical Activities Coordinator

Medium Sections: Calumet, Madison, Nebraska, Northeastern Wisconsin, West Michigan

East Small Sections

Small Sections East Chair
Tom Papademos

Small Sections East Support Chair
John D Johnson

West Area Technical Activities Coordinator

East Small Sections: Fort Wayne, Northeastern Michigan, Rock River Valley, Toledo

West Small Sections

Small Sections West Chair
Jitendra J Solanki

Small Sections West Suppport Chair
Greg Long

West Small Sections: Arrowhead, Cedar Rapids, Central Iowa, Iowa-Illinois, Missouri Slope, Red River Valley, Siouxland, Southern Minnesota, Coulee Subsection

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