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Region 4
Serving IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Region 4 Committee Members 2017

DirectorBernie Sander
Director-ElectDavid Koehler
SecretaryAshley L Hochstedler
Secretary SupportDavid H Hendrickson
TreasurerSteven W Kerchberger
Immediate Past DirectorRobert C Parro
Large Sections ChairBob Burke
Large Sections Support ChairDavid H Hendrickson
Medium Sections ChairHamid Vakilzadian
Medium Sections Support ChairThomas R Kaminski
Small Sections East ChairTom Papademos
Small Sections East Support ChairJohn D Johnson
Small Sections West ChairJitendra J Solanki
Small Sections West Suppport ChairGreg Long
Membership Development Committee ChairVickie A Ozburn
Professional Activities Committee ChairTarek Lahdhiri
Student Professional Awareness Activities CoordinatorChris Gregory
Regional Employment & Career Services CoordinatorTarek Lahdhiri
Regional Precollege Education Activities CoordinatorSteven D James
Regional Government Activities CoordinatorPhil Walter
Student Activities Committee ChairNevrus Kaja
Regional Student RepresentativeBenjamin Strandskov
Educational Activities Committee ChairAnu A Gokhale
Awards and Recognition Committee ChairJohnson Asumadu
Technical Activities Committee ChairJim Riess
Technical Activities Committee Support ChairAlkesh Patel
Central Area Tehnical Activities CoordinatorSaeed Kamalinia
East Area Technical Activities CoordinatorPraveen Kumar
West Area Technical Activities CoordinatorEd Neller
Chapters CoordinatorAyhan Sakarya
Nominations and Appointments Committee ChairRobert Parro
Sections Congress CoordinatorPraveen Kumar
Communications Committee ChairMichael Fallenstein
Communications CoordinatorMark Ciechanowski
Young Professionals (was GOLD) Committee ChairPraveen Kumar
Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee ChairLiang Downey
Strategic Planning (SPC) Committee ChairDavid Koehler
Life Members Committee ChairHoward Wolfman
Region AdvisorRonald G Jensen
Region AdvisorJim N Riess
Region Vitality CoordinatorSteven D James
History ChairGeorge Thomas
Bylaws Committee ChairRobert Parro
Audit Committee ChairRobert Parro
Region 4 Conference Committee Co-ChairDavid Koehler
Region 4 Conference Committee Co-ChairRuss Meier
EIT 2018 Conference AdministratorJim Riess
EIT-2018 Conference General Co-Chair Subra Ganesan
EIT-2018 Conference General Co-Chair Daniel Aloi
Special Projects CoordinatorVickie Peters
Official roster is at IEEE Roster

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