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The electronic services committee started with a mandate to provide leadership and assistance in increasing the use of electronic communications between Sections and Chapters in Canada, and IEEE members across the world. The objective evolved to be the development of the infrastructure to support professional networking, sharing of experiences and information through electronic media.

In the 1994, Canadian government support for computer networking via the CANARIE project led to the purchase and operation of a server in Ottawa under the management of Jacek and Hanna Chrostowski and the establishment of a number of electronic services such as the IEEE Canada web site, e-mail aliases for IEEE Canada members and web sites for Canadian Sections and Conferences.

In 2001, IEEE Canada discontinued the use of the Ottawa server, and transfered much of its content and services to IEEE servers at the IEEE Operations Center in Piscataway, New Jersey. EWH is the entity web hosting service that provides secure, managed hosting facilities for IEEE entities such as Regions, Sections, and Societies at no charge. Similarly, e-mail aliases for all IEEE members are now provided on an IEEE server in Piscataway that provides virus protection for all e-mail messages that pass through that server.

May 2002 saw the start of a major upgrade of the web site, which included completion of the transfer of server content on the IEEE Canada web site, the development of bilingual content, a new volunteer webmaster and a team of dedicated volunteers. This was completed by March 2004.

In the spring of 2005, a process was started to decentralize the maintenance of the web site by involving additional volunteers. The names of these volunteers and their areas of responsibility are provided at the bottom of this linked page. At the same time, the electronic services committee was discontinued and the responsibilities for these activities transfered to the Webmaster.

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