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The Nominations Committee shall propose to the Steering Committee an Audit Committee that shall, on an annual basis, review policies and procedures which substantially impact the finances and operations of the Region, monitor conformance thereto, and recommend such changes as it considers desirable, in addition to their review of the Treasurer's financial records for the previous calendar year. The Audit Committee shall consist of one Treasurer or other qualified member from each of the three Areas and one Past President who shall chair the committee. The Audit Committee shall meet during the Spring Meeting and conduct an overview of the budget, income and expenditure together with such policies and procedures as it deems necessary . The Audit Committee shall make a report to the Board at its Spring Meeting and recommend any changes to the Region policies and Procedures, or any remedial actions arising from its review of the financial records .  The Board shall approve any recommendations of the Audit Committee. The ExCom shall report on the implementation of all recommendations made by the Audit Committee and approved by the Board to the Board and Chair of the Audit Committee.

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