IEEE Canada Regional Spring 2000 Meeting (cont.)

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Rob Anderson, Bill Kennedy, Cathie Lowell

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Bruno DiStefano, Celia, Ted Sargent

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Meeting table of CCECE 2001 committee

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CCECE 00 Awards Banquet, head table being piped in

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CCECE 00 Awards Banquet, head table

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Master of Cermonies

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Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
Honourable J. James Kinley

00_00055.jpg (21555 bytes)
How to eat a lobster with your bare Wally Read

00_00056.jpg (25428 bytes)
Wally and his assistant - Cathie

00_00059.jpg (22483 bytes)
Wally cracking open the lobster claw

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Dr.Tom Traves - President Dalhousie University

00_00065.jpg (21530 bytes)
Vijay Bhagava - Awards Chair

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