Photos from the IEEE Canada Meetings and Conference
May 2 - 7, 2003, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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The Saturday Region Caucus Director Mo El-Hawary

Photo 405 Mo starts the caucus meeting

Photo 406 Mo thanks the IEEE President Elect Candidates - Cleon Anderson (IEEE VP Regional Activities), Vijay Bhargava, and Mike Lightner (IEEE VP Publications)

Photo 407 Mo thanks IEEE President Mike Adler

The Saturday Evening Pre-Dinner Reception

Photo 408 Vijay Bhargava, Irv Engelson (RAB Vice Chair - Strategic Planning), and Wally Read

Photo 409 Len Ruggins, Luc Matteau, and Vijay Bhargava

Photo 410 Bruno diStefano, Vijay Sood, and Guy Olivier

Photo 411 Gerhard Dueck and Dan Toland (IEEE RAD Staff)

Photo 412 Ron Potts and Beverley Lee

Photo 413 Celia Desmond, Om Malik, and Saman Adham

Photo 414 Janet Bradley, Blair MacGuish, and Scott Lowell

Photo 415 Witold Kinsner and Xavier Maldague

Photo 416 Kathleen Chafe, Denis Peters, Derek Oliver, and Abdel Sebak

Photo 417 Mike Adler (IEEE President) and Mike Lightner (IEEE VP Publications)

Photo 418 Ray Findlay and Gruja Blagojevic

Photo 419 Bob Hanna, Mrs and Kash Hussain, Mrs and Haran Karmaker, and Beverley Lee

Photo 420 Marc Provencher, Yolande Damphousse-Provencher, Denise Martel, Eric Holdrinet, and Dominic Rivard

Photo 421 Luc Matteau and Bill Kennedy

The Region Dinner IEEE Canada Region Dinner

Photo 422 Vijay Sood, Bob Alden, Guy Olivier, Eric Holdrinet, Luc Matteau, and Len Ruggins

Photo 423 Elmer Bourque, Scott and Cathie Lowell

Photo 424 Mike Adler, Mike Lightner, Ray Findlay, Mo and Ferial El-Hawary

Photo 425 Dan Toland (Manager, IEEE Regional Activities Administration) and Cecelia Jankowski (Managing Director, IEEE Regional Activities)

Photo 426 Francisco Martinez (Region 9 Director Elect) and Bill Kennedy

Photo 427 Mrs and Cleon Anderson

Photo 428 Beverley and Brian Lee

Photo 430 Pelle Westlind, Abdel Sebak, Bob Hanna, and Haran Karmaker

Photo 431 Kash Hussein and Pelle Weslind

Awards Presented After Dinner

IEEE Toronto is 100 Photos 432 - 443 See Awards page for IEEE Awards presented at the Region Meeting

Photo 444 Bob Alden, Luc Matteau, Mo El-Hawary, giving Foundation scholarship certicicate to Carlos Saavedra

Photo 445 Same group with Piotr Proszynski

Photo 447 Same group with John Greford

Photo 448 Same group with Pelle Westlind

Photo 449 Same group with Janet Bradley

Photo 450 Same group with Vaughn Schuler

Photo 451 Same group with Ross Elliott

Photo 452 Bob Alden comenting on the scholarships

Photo 453 Mo El-Hawary presents a token of appreciation to Cecelia Jankowski

Photo 454 Same to Dan Toland

Photo 455 Same to Wally Read

Photo 456 Same to Ray Findlay

Photo 457 Same to Bob Alden

Photo 458 Luc Matteau, Mo and Ferial El-Hawary, Charlie Henville, and Danny Wong

Photo 459 Mo El-Hawary thanks Doug Gorham for his Workshop presentation

Photo 460 Bob Hanna, Bruno diStefano, and Pelle Westlind with the Centennial banner

After the Awards Presentations

Photo 462 Bob Hanna, Vijay Bhargava, and Ferial El-Hawary

Photo 463 Blair MacGuish, Cathie and Scott Lowell, Rob Anderson, and Janet Bradley

Photo 464 David Gregson and Derek Oliver

Photo 465 Vijay Bhargava, Mo and Ferial El-Hawary, Luc Matteau, Danny Wong and Kimberley Munroe

Photo 466 Cathie Lowell, Blair MacGuish, Scott Lowell, and Rob Anderson

Photo 467 Vijay Bhargava

Photo 468 Mo El-Hawary and Guy Olivier

The Conference Plenary Session Opening Plenary Session

Photo 470 Vijay Sood, Samuel Pierre, Dr L.L. Lai (Speaker), Mo El Hawary, and Guy Olivier

Photo 471 Dr L.L. Lai (Speaker), Mo El Hawary, and Guy Olivier

Photo 472 Vijay Sood, Samuel Pierre, Dr L.L. Lai (Speaker), and Mo El Hawary,

Photo 474 Conference Chair Guy Olivier formally opens the Conference

Photo 475 Dr. Lai presents the plenary paper

Photo 476 Wally Read asks a question

Photo 478 Roy Billington asks a question

The Conference Registration Area Conference Registration Desk

Photo 479 A poster session being set up

Photo 480 The Life Member/IEEE Membership Desk

Photo 481 A Publisher's Display - McGraw Hill

Photo 482 A Publisher's Display - Oxford U P

Photo 483 A Publisher's Display - John Wiley

Photo 484 The Registration Desk

Photo 485 A Poster Session

Photo 486 Three attendees

The Monday Luncheon NSERC Vice President Blain

Photo 488 The Speaker's Table

Photo 491 Vijay Sood and Isabelle Blain

Photo 492 Guy Olivier and Francois Guibault (Conference Publicity chair)

Photo 493 Ray Findlay and Bill Kennedy

Photo 494 Mo El-Hawary and Guy Olivier

Photo 495 Vijay Sood introducing Isabelle Blain

Photo 497 NSERC Vice President Blain - the Luncheon Speaker

The Awards Banquet IEEE Canada President El-Hawary

Photo 498 Banquet - Danny Wong, Charlie Henville, Venkatanarayana Ramachandran

Photo 499 The Head Table

Photo 500 The Head Table - Bob Hanna, Witold Kinsner, Bob Alden

Photo 501 The Head Table - Standing for Grace

Photo 503 Banquet View

Photo 504 Conference Co-Chair Vijay Sood

Photo 505 IEEE Canada President Mo El-Hawary

Photo 506 IEEE Canada Awards Chair Abdel Sebak

Photos 507 - 524 See Awards page for IEEE Canada Awards presented at the Awards Banquet

Photo 526 Mo presenting a certificate of appreciation to Samuel Pierre - technical program chair

Photo 527 Mo presenting a certificate of appreciation to Raymond Lévesque - conference administration

Photo 528 Mo presenting a certificate of appreciation to Vijay Sood - conference co-chair

Photo 529 Mo presenting a certificate of appreciation to Guy Olivier - conference chair

Thanking the workers! Photo 530 Thank you's to the organizers

Photo 531 Thank you's to the organizers

Photo 532 Thank you's to the organizers

Photo 533 Bob Hanna and Vijay Sood

Photo 534 The CCECE03 and CCECE04 conference chairs

Photo 535 The CCECE03 and CCECE04 conference chairs

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