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EIC Medals

IEEE Canada is one of 10 member societies in the Engineering Institute of Canada.   The EIC Awards Gala (where presentations occur) is held annually in Ottawa, usually in early March.   The following is a description of the Medals that EIC presents at the Awards Gala.   Generally, EIC Fellows are nominated for these awards. The IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee urges you to consider nominating suitable candidates for these awards.

The Sir John Kennedy Medal  
Established in 1927 and awarded every other year to commemorate the great service rendered to engineering by Sir John Kennedy, a Past President of the EIC, this medal is the most distinguished award of the institute.   It is awarded in recognition of outstanding service to the profession or for noteworthy contributions to the science of engineering or to the benefit of the Institute.
One in each odd numbered year.

The Julian C. Smith Medal
Founded in 1939 by a group of senior members to perpetuate the name of a Past President of the Institute,the Julian C. Smith Medal is awarded for "Achievement in the Development of Canada".
Two per year.

The K. Y. Lo Medal
Established by a former group of students in 1997 to honour Professor K.Y. Lo of the University of Western Ontario, this medal is awarded in recognition of significant engineering contributions at the international level. Such contributions may include:
-· promotion of Canadian expertise overseas;
- training of foreign engineers;
- significant service to international engineering organizations;
- advancement of engineering technology recognized internationally
One per year.

The John B. Stirling Medal
Awarded for the first time in 1988 and Gifted by EGM Cape & Co.Ltd.,in recognition of leadership and distinguished service at the national level within the Institute and/or its Member Societies, by members of these Societies.
One per year.

The Canadian Pacicic Railway Engineering Medal
Awarded for the first time in 1988 and Gifted by CP Rail in recognition of many years of leadership and service at the regional, branch and section levels by members of the Societies within the Institute.
Two per year.

EIC Fellows

The Engineering Institute of Canada elects annually a select number of engineers to the grade of Fellow for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada.

Nomination Process for EIC Fellows and Medals

In addition to a completed nomination form, two letters of support are required.   The same forms are used for Fellow and Medal nominations.   Generally, EIC Fellows are nominated for EIC Medals. The deadline for receipt of nominations and letters of endorsement is the middle of November.   Please use the link on the left (to the EIC web site) for more information on the nomination process and the link to the nomination form.   One strategy for selecting suitable candidates to be nominated for selection as EIC Fellows is to use the list of Canadian IEEE Fellows who are not yet EIC Fellows. However, as noted above, the criteria for selection is much broader than that for IEEE Fellow elevation so that many additional IEEE Canada members qualify.

list of IEEE Members who are EIC Medalists and Fellows
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