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IEEE Canada R.A. Fessenden Silver Medal Recipients

2013 - ZhiZhang Chen - "For contributions to electromagnetic modeling and communication devices & systems"

2012 - David Haccoun - "For outstanding contributions in error control coding by convolutional codes "

2011 - Jamal Deen - "For Pioneering contributions in electronics and optoelectronics for communications"

2010 - Norman Beaulieu - "for outstanding contributions in wireless communication theory"

2009 - David Falconer - "for outstanding technical contributions to the area of data transmission in both wireline and wireless environments"

2008 - Simon Haykin - "for pioneering contributions to radar and wireless communications"

2007 - Vijay Bhargava - "for outstanding contributions to research and education in wireless communications"

2006 - David V. Plant - "for sustained leadership in the formation and execution of University based National and Provincial research programs"

2005 - Tho Le-Ngoc - "for pioneering the world’s first point-to-multipoint wireless access system"

2004 - K. Wu - "for many pioneering contributions to RF, microwave and millimeter-wave theory and techniques, in particular, the invention of substrate integrated circuits for future wireless systems"

2003 - Lot Shafai - "for outstanding contributions to telecommunications and satellite communications as well as the establishment of a unique and comprehensive antenna measurement facility"

2002 - Maier Blostein - "in recognition of visionary and inspirational leadership in university-based telecommunications rersearch."

2001 - Norman Toms - "for outstanding contributions to the technology advancement and widespread adoption of wireless data devices and systems"

2000 - David Vice - "for initiating programs in satellite communications, radio and optical fibre transmission equipment, and for leading global expansion of Nortel Networks"

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