Award and Recognition Presentations
Engineering Institute of Canada Awards Gala
March 1, 2008, Ottawa, Canada
to members of IEEE Canada
2008 Fellow and Medal Recipients

New EIC Fellows - shown in the photograph from left to right and in the back row are; Dr. Safa Kasap from the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Mohamed Sawan from Ecole Polytechnique, Dr. Alberto Leon-Garcia from the University of Toronto, and Dr. Gregor Bochman from the University of Ottawa. In the front row on the left is Dr. Paresh Sen from Queen's University and on the right is Dr. Raafat Mansour from the University of Waterloo. All these individuals were elected Fellows of the EIC.

EIC Medalists - in the front row, second from the left is Dr. David Irvine-Halliday from the University of Calgary who received the K.Y. Lo Medal recognizing "Significant Engineering Contributions at the International Level" for his "Light Up The World" project to bring efficient lighting to the developing world - more information can be found at this link. Third from the left is Dr. Colin Franklin, retired from Canada's Space Program, who received the Julian C. Smith Medal which recognizes "Achievement in the Development of Canada" for his leadership as Chief Electrical Engineer for Canada's first satellite - Alouette and the subsequent ISIS satellites - more information can be found at this link.

Not shown are four new EIC Fellows; Dr. Mohamed Elmasry of the University of Waterloo, Dr. Witold Pedrycz of the University of Alberta, Dr. Bin Wu of Ryerson University, and Dr. Gregory Stone, co-founder of Iris Power L.P. Also inducted as an Honorary Member of EIC is Michael Lazaridis, co-CEO of Research in Motion. Those not attending the Awards Gala will be recognized at a suitable event to be arranged by the appropriate member society.

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