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IEEE Canada remembers, through the A.G.L. McNaughton Award, General McNaughton’s contributions to the engineering profession in Canada. Recipients of the McNaughton Award are outstanding Canadian engineers recognized for their important contributions to the engineering profession.

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General Andrew G.L. McNaughton

General Andrew G.L. McNaughton is remembered by most people as a military man who later became a member of the Canadian cabinet, assuming the post of Minister of Defense. His many other contributions to Canada are not realized. McNaughton was a graduate of McGill University, holding the degree of Master of Science, with Honours in Electrical Engineering. His interest in science resulted in the invention of the cathode ray direction finder - the direct forerunner of radar.

In the 1930's, with the characteristic enthusiasm he devoted to all his undertakings, he secured Canada's place in civil aviation, represented Canada at several important Commonwealth conferences, and established army-administered work camps for the unemployed. Work done at these work camps created a network of air fields which enabled the creation of Trans Canada Airlines.

In 1935, he became president of the National Research Council, where he remained until the second World War drew him into active duty again. In August of 1945, McNaughton was named Chairman of the Canadian Section of the Canada-United States Permanent joint Board on Defense. In 1946, he was appointed not only the Canadian representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, but also, President of the Atomic Energy Control Board of Canada.

In January of 1948, McNaughton was appointed permanent delegate of Canada to the United Nations and a representative of Canada on the Security Council. In 1950, McNaughton became a Commissioner of the International Joint Commission and shortly after, became its Canadian Chairman. During his twelve year tenure of this position, the IJC considered, among other major engineering projects, the development of the St. Lawrence River for power and navigation, the best use of the Columbia River for power in the west and the international tidal power potential in Passamaquody Bay.

Over his lifetime, McNaughton demonstrated beyond refute his abilities, as a diplomat, a scientist and a politician. Over a period of many years, he was deeply involved with a majority of all national engineering decisions.

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The McNaughton Medal

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