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May 12 to 15, 2002
Hotel Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Professor Mohamed E. El- Hawary

Applications of Neural Networks in Electric Power Systems

Professor Mohamed E. El-Hawary, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Associate Dean of Engineering
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS B3J 2X4

12 May 2002 (Monday)

8:35 to 9:25 AM

Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0R3

This presentation is devoted to a tutorial introduction to a sample set of operational planning problems of electric power systems, which have been successfully solved using artificial neural networks. The presentation begins with a brief outline of fundamental neural network concepts. A classification of electric power system problem areas where neural networks have been successful is presented. We then focus on operational planning problems that include unit commitment, economic, environmental and dynamic dispatching, generation expansion planning, and maintenance scheduling. It is learned that while some applications involved the celebrated back propagation network, the majority of reported applications involve the Hopfield-Tank neural network.

Dr. El-Hawary is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Dean of Engineering at Dalhousie University. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Distinction and First Class Honors, University of Alexandria, Egypt, 1965, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1972, where he was an Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Fellow from 1970 to 1972. He served as an Instructor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Alexandria. He was Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for two years, and subsequently served for eight years on faculty at Memorial University of Newfoundland since 1974. He was appointed Chairman of Electrical Engineering Program in 1976. In 1981 he joined the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) as Professor of Electrical Engineering. In 1997, TUNS was amalgamated with Dalhousie University. Dr. El-Hawary has been Associate Dean of Engineering since 1995, and Chair of the Dalhousie University Senate since 2001.

Dr. El-Hawary's contributions to the electrical engineering profession cover more than thirty five years of sustained work in research, education and service to the community. On the research side, Dr. El-Hawary pioneered in computational solutions for economic operation of power systems including hydro-thermal systems. His pioneering work on the application of computational intelligence techniques to power system operational problems is frequently referred to by the users community, and is documented in research monographs and numerous research articles. He has written ten textbooks and monographs, taught graduate and professional development courses and supervised many graduate theses. In addition, he was instrumental in developing curricula at MUN, TUNS and Dalhousie in the Electrical Engineering undergraduate programs. At DalTech, he has developed graduate and Professional Development courses in Artificial Intelligence Theory and its applications to power systems.

Dr. El-Hawary's Technical service to the community is primarily through his involvement with the Power Engineering Society's operating committees on System Operations, Life Long Learning and other committees. He promoted the introduction of new technologies to power system operations. Dr. El-Hawary is Founding Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Press "Understanding Science and Technology" Series, and is Editor of IEEE Press "Power Engineering Series". He is Founding Editor, Power Letters, Electric Power Engineering Society, and is Associate Editor for the three major Electric Machines and Power Systems' Journals. Dr. El-Hawary is a member of the IEEE Board of Directors, and is President of IEEE Canada (2002-2003). He served as Chairman, IEEE Canada Recognition and Awards Committee IEEE Canada, (1994-1998), Chairman Recognition Working Group of the Power systems Engineering Committee, IEEE, and chair of IEEE Main prize Paper Awards Committee. He is a Member: IEEE Awards Board. He was Chair of Power Engineering Education Committee's Life Long Learning Subcommittee, and the Operating Economics Subcommittee in the Power Engineering Society. He is Secretary of the Power System Operations Committee. Dr. El-Hawary was president Canadian Society for Electrical Engineering and Vice-President of Engineering Institute of Canada (1986-88). He also served as Chairman, Engineering Education Committee, and Canadian Electrical Association, 1990-96.

Dr. El-Hawary served as General Chair: 1984 IEEE International System Man and Cybernetics Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Technical Program Chair: Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1994, Halifax Nova Scotia, and General Chair: Large Engineering Systems Conference on Power Engineering, 1998-2000. Dr. El-Hawary is author of over 100 referred Journal articles. He is a distinguished lecturer for the IEEE Industry Applications and Power Engineering Societies, and is a Fellow of IEEE and EIC.

Dr. El-Hawary is the 1999 recipient of the IEEE Power Engineering Educator Award, the IEEE Canada McNaughton Medal, IEEE Educational Activities Board Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education, and the Millennium Medal. The Engineering Institute of Canada recognized Dr. El-Hawary's contributions by awarding him the Canadian Pacific Medal in 2000, and the J. B. Stirling Medal for 2001.

He has been a registered P. Eng. in the Association of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1974, and in Nova Scotia since 1982, and is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Prof. W. Kinsner, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6

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