20th Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2007)

Our Common Future 22-26 April 2007
Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel
1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

Detailed Technical Program

Session 1: Microfluidic and MEMS Techniques

Chair: Boris Stoeber, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
1.1 Bulk-Metal-Based MEMS Fabricated by Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
Kenichi Takahata,   Yogesh B. Gianchandani
1.2 Design of Electrical Interconnect for SU-8 Microfluidic Systems
Takaya Ueda,   Seema Jaffer,   Stephanie Westwood,   Bonnie L. Gray
1.3 Rapid Fabrication of Micromolds for Polymeric Microfluidic Devices
Pun Pang Shiu,   George K. Knopf,   Mile Ostojic,   Suwas Nikumb
1.4 Thick SU-8 and PDMS Three-dimensional Enclosed Channels for Free-standing Polymer Microfluidic Systems
Stephanie Westwood,   Seema Jaffer,   Olha A. Lui,   Bonnie L. Gray
1.5 MEMS Enabled RF-Signal Source
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar

Session 2: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-I

Chair: William Bishop, University of Waterloo
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
2.1 Efficient DVB-MHP to Blu-ray System Information Transcoding
Zicong Mai,   Panos Nasiopoulos,   Rabab Kreidieh Ward
2.2 An Efficient Compression Scheme for Colour Filter Array Images Using Estimated Colour Differences
Colin Doutre,   Panos Nasiopoulos
2.3 A Hardware Implementation of Real-Time Video Deblocking Using Shifted Thresholding
Martin Hansen,   A. Wong,   William Bishop
2.4 Side Information Improvement in DVC with Two Side Information Streams and 3D Motion Refinement
A.B.B Adikari,   W.A.C. Fernando,   W.A.R.J. Weerakkody
2.5 Medical Image Conversion with DICOM
Boqiang Liu,   Minghui Zhu,   Z. Zhang,   Cong Yin,   Zhongguo Liu,   Jason J. Gu

Session 3: OFDM-I

Chair: Aryan Saadat Mehr, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
3.1 Pilot-aided Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems in the Presence of Narrow-band Interference
Rongrong Zhang,   Xiaodai Dong
3.2 Maximum-Likelihood Timing/Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems with Cyclic Training Symbols
Peng Lu,   Hong-Chuan Yang
3.3 Pilot Feedback Equalization for Time-Varying OFDM Systems
Ali Yazdan-Panah,   Behrang Nosrat Makouei,   Rodney G. Vaughan
3.4 An Expectation-Maximization Solution to Interpolated OFDM Systems
Behrang Nosrat Makouei,   Ali Yazdan-Panah,   Rodney G. Vaughan
3.5 Blind Channel Identification and Data Detection for SIMO OFDM Systems
Malihe Ahmadi,   Aryan Saadat Mehr

Session 4: Advanced Topics in Communications

Chair: Michael Riediger, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
4.1 Performance of a Correlation-Based Detector for Packet Wireless Networks
S. V. Khan,   S. Nagaraj,   Christian Schlegel,   M. Burnashev
4.2 A New Class of Nyquist Pulses with a Monomial Roll-off
Marjan Zandi,   Ali Grami
4.3 Performance of Mobile Agent based Network Topology Discovery
Adnan Ahmed,   Behrouz H. Far
4.4 Systolic Array-based Pipelining Design of CCK Demodulators
Alan Yan Wing Kok,   Eddie Law
4.5 Optical Components based on PCF Fibers
M. Bennoune,   A. Smaoui,   Yassine Bouslimani,   Habib Hamam

Session 5: CAD and Test

Chair: Res Saleh, University of British Columbia
Room: Parksville
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
5.1 Improved Built-in Self-Test of Sequential Circuits
Hosna Jabbari,   Jon C. Muzio,   Lin Sun
5.2 Low-Level VHDL Modeling of Digital-to-Analog Converter
Daniel Teng,   Ron Bolton,   Peng Huang
5.3 Process Algebraic Approach to SystemVerilog
K. L. Man,   M. Boubekeur,   M. P. Schellekens
5.4 A Method for Optimizing Test Bus Assignment and Sizing for System-on-a-Chip
Haidar M. Harmanani,   Rachel Sawan

Session 6: Device and Circuit Modeling Techniques

Chair: James Haslett, University of Calgary
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
6.1 Capacitance Characterization of Interconnection Crossing and Patch in Multilevel Package
N. Hassaïne,   L. Villeneuve,   Y. Shen
6.2 A New SQP Based Space-Mapping Algorithm for On-Chip Spiral Inductor Optimization
Navid Arbabi,   Mani Najmabadi,   Mustapha Yagoub,   Vijay Devabhaktuni
6.3 Nonlinear and Isothermal Neural-Based Modeling of the Dual Gate MESFET
M. Abdeen,   M.C.E. Yagoub
6.4 Steady-State Analysis of Circuits with Multiple Adaptive Grids
Zhou Wang,   Carlos E. Christoffersen

Session 7: Electrical Machines-I

Chair: Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
7.1 Comparison of Brushless DC Motor Drives with 180/120-degree Inverter Systems
Qiang Han,   Nikolay Samoylenko,   Juri Jatskevich
7.2 Numerical Average-Value Modeling of the Brushless DC Motor 120-Degree Inverter System
Qiang Han,   Nikolay Samoylenko,   Juri Jatskevich
7.3 A Simple and Effective Speed Control Strategy for the Brushless DC motor
A. Elandy,   Yan-Fei Liu
7.4 Principle and Realization of a Permanent Magnet Motor Running with a Higher Harmonic Airgap Eave for a BLDC Drive Application
C. Grabner
7.5 An Error Driven PID Controller for Maximum Utilization of Photovoltaic Powered PMDC Motor Drives
Adel M. Sharaf,   E. Elbakush,   Ismail H. Altas

Session 8: Power Systems-I

Chair: Raymond Findlay, McMaster University
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Monday, 8:30am-10:10am
8.1 Advanced Thermal Field Sensitivity Analysis of Power Cables
M.S. Al-Saud,   M.A. El-Kady,   R.D. Findlay
8.2 Applying Probabilistic Method for Determining the Number of Spare Transformers and Their Timing Requirements
Wijarn Wangdee,   Wenyuan Li,   Wah Shum,   Paul Choudhury
8.3 Field Validation Tests of the TLD Box for Online Power Transformer Winding Monitoring Systems
Arvin Singh,   Tom deRybel,   Jose R. Marti,   KD Srivastava
8.4 Sensitivity Analysis for Winding Support and Insulation of Power Transformers
Erich Schmidt,   Peter Hamberger

Session 9: MEMS Applications

Chair: Edmond Cretu, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
9.1 A Differential Mass Component for Signal Processing Using MEMS
Edmond Cretu,   Leo J. Stocco
9.2 Low-Cost Surface Micromachined Pirani Pressure Sensor with Atmospheric Pressure Range
Kourosh Khosraviani,   Y. Ma,   Albert M. Leung
9.3 Acoustic Band Gap Filters: The Next Generation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Filters for On-Chip Silicon Radio Frequency Applications
John S. Hamel,   Ryan Norris
9.4 Attitude Control of Miniature Spacecraft using MEMS Actuators
Y. L. Kuo,   K. D. Kumar,   K. Behdinan,   Z. Fawaz
9.5 Body-Motion Driven MEMS Generator for Implantable Biomedical Devices
Jose Martinez-Quijada,   Sazzadur Chowdhury

Session 10: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-II

Chair: Panos Nasiopoulos, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
10.1 Combined Adaptive and Averaging Strategies for JPEG-Based Low Bit-Rate Image Coding
Ana-Maria Sevcenco,   Wu-Sheng Lu
10.2 Accelerating Image Processing Algorithms Based on the Reuse of Spatial Patterns
Farzad Khalvati,   Mark D. Aagaard,   Hamid R. Tizhoosh
10.3 Statistical Deformation Model for Intensity Based Image Registration
Ahmed Elsafi,   Rami Zewail,   Nelson Durdle

Session 11: OFDM-II

Chair: Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
11.1 Minimum-BER Power Allocation for Multicarrier Systems with Outdated Channel State Information
Pengfei Zhang,   Hong-Chuan Yang
11.2 Integer QP Relaxation based Algorithms for ICI Reduction in OFDM Systems
Y. H. Zhang,   Wu-Sheng Lu,   T. Aaron Gulliver
11.3 Exact BER Analysis for a Receiver Windowing OFDM System over Frequency Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels
Peng Tan,   Norman C. Beaulieu
11.4 Accurate BER Performance Comparison of Frequency Domain and Time Domain pi/4-DQPSK OFDM Systems
Peng Tan,   Norman C. Beaulieu

Session 12: Medical Applications

Chair: Bozena Kaminska, Simon Fraser University
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
12.1 Development of an Electroencephalography Data Acquisition System for Clinical Research into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Evoked Potentials
Mark Archambeault,   Hubert de Bruin
12.2 SoPC based Smart Home Embedded Computer Capable of Caring for the Home Occupants
Gul N. Khan,   Jonathan B. Chan
12.3 Smart Massage Patch
Firouzeh Lorzadeh,   Bozena Kaminska
12.4 An Agent Model of a Diabetic Patient
Sara Ghoreishi Nejad,   Raman Paranjape

Session 13: Distributed Computing and Computer Networks-I

Chair: Guy Lemieux, University of British Columbia
Room: Parksville
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
13.1 vanDisk: An Exploration in Peer-To-Peer Collaborative Back-up Storage
Tony Angerilli,   Amir Javidan,   Armin Barhashary,   Guy Lemieux,   Roman Lisagor,   Matei Ripeanu
13.2 A Simulation Study of Data Distribution Strategies for Large-scale Scientific Data Collaborations
Samer Al Kiswany,   Matei Ripeanu
13.3 Intelligent Policy Resource Management for Advanced Broadband Access Networks
Benny Bing
13.4 Service Policies for a Storage Services Dispatcher in a Distributed Fault-Tolerant Storage Network and their Performance Evaluation
Moises Quezada-Naquid,   Ricardo Marcelin-Jimenez,   Miguel Lopez-Guerrero

Session 14: Logic Synthesis

Chair: Samuel Lee, University of Oklahoma
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
14.1 Structured Logic Arrays for Future CMOS Technologies
Roozbeh Mehrabadi,   S. Yuan,   Resve Saleh
14.2 Synthesis of Power and Delay Optimized NIG Structures
P. Balasubramanian,   D.A. Edwards
14.3 Low Power Synthesis of XOR-XNOR Intensive Combinational Logic
P. Balasubramanian,   D.A. Edwards,   C. Hari Narayanan
14.4 The mM-hypercube
Samuel C. Lee,   Thanh X. Nguyen
14.5 Information Measures in the M-Hypercube
Samuel C. Lee,   Thanh X. Nguyen

Session 15: Electrical Machines-II

Chair: Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
15.1 High Efficiency IPM Motor Drives for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
M. Azizur Rahman
15.2 A Simple Explicit Method of Representing Magnetic Saturation of Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines in Both Rotor Axes using Matlab-Simulink
Liwei Wang,   Juri Jatskevich,   Nathan Ozog,   Ali Davoudi
15.3 Comparison of Time-Harmonic and Transient Finite Element Analyses for Eddy Currents in the Stator Clamping System of Synchronous Generators
Erich Schmidt,   Georg Traxler-Samek,   Alexander Schwery

Session 16: Power Systems-II

Chair: Jose Marti, University of British Columbia
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Monday, 10:30am-12:10pm
16.1 Power System Protective Functions Performance over an Ethernet-based Process Bus
E. Demeter,   S.O. Faried,   T.S. Sidhu
16.2 Areas of Vulnerability in an Environment of Uncertainty
K. El-Arroudi,   D. McGillis,   G. Joos,   R. Brearley
16.3 Short-term Load Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Zidan Bashir,   Mohamed E. El-Hawary
16.4 A New Restricted Earth Fault Protection
Jian-Cheng Tan,   Damien Tholomier,   H. Wei
16.5 Sensitivity and Stability of Superimposed Component based Directional Comparison Protection
Jian-Cheng Tan,   Damien Tholomier,   G. Bin,   W. Hua

Session 17: MEMS Techniques

Chair: Kenichi Takahata, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
17.1 High Mechanical Bandwidth Polysilicon Micromirrors for Large Area/High Deflection Angle Micromirror Arrays
R. Hoskinson,   I. Mansoor,   B. Stoeber
17.2 Spin-on Glass as a Sacrificial Layer for Patterned Metallization of Compliant SU-8 Microstructures
See-Ho Tsang,   Abdul Haseeb Ma,   M. Parameswaran,   A. M. Leung
17.3 A Free-Space Tunable Beam Expander Designed for Automated Assembly
See-Ho Tsang,   D. Sameoto,   M. Parameswaran
17.4 Assembly and Characterization of Buckled Cantilever Platforms for Thermal Isolation in a Polymer Micromachining Process
Dan Sameoto,   Abdul Haseeb Ma,   M. Parameswaran,   Albert M. Leung
17.5 Polydimethylglutarimide as a Structural MEMS Material
Ian G. Foulds,   Robert W. Johnstone,   M. Hamidi,   See-Ho Tsang,   M. Parameswaran

Session 18: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-III

Chair: Rabab Ward, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
18.1 A Novel Algorithm for Authentication and Protection of SMIL Scenes
Ziad Sakr,   N. D. Georganas
18.2 On Data Distortion for Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Saif M.A. Kabir,   Amr M. Youssef,   Ahmed K. Elhakeem
18.3 An Enhanced Statistical Approach for Watermarking using Wavelets
H. Ahmadi,   A. S. Beheshti,   B. Foruzandeh

Session 19: MIMO

Chair: Aryan Saadat Mehr, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
19.1 Receiver Design and Performance Evaluation for MIMO Integrated GSM Systems
Yong Jin Daniel Kim,   Jan Bajcsy
19.2 Statistically Robust Transceiver Design for Broadcast Channels with Uncertainty
Michael Botros Shenouda,   Timothy N. Davidson
19.3 Linear Matrix Inequality Formulations of Robust QoS Precoding for Broadcast Channels
Michael Botros Shenouda,   Timothy N. Davidson
19.4 Precoder Design for Space-Time Coded MIMO Systems with Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels
Tran Khoa Phan,   Sergiy A. Vorobyov,   Chintha Tellambura
19.5 Multiple-symbol Differential Detection: V-BLAST vs. Sphere Decoding
Malihe Ahmadi,   Aryan Saadat Mehr

Session 20: Wireless Networks-I

Chair: Steven Chamberland, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
20.1 An Analysis of Three-Level IP Network Topologies
Steven Chamberland
20.2 End-to-End Packet Loss Constrained Routing and Admission Control for MPLS Networks
Desire Oulai,   Steven Chamberland,   Samuel Pierre
20.3 Online Routing of Stochastically Arriving Bundles in Delay Tolerant Networks
Daniel C. Lee

Session 21: Distributed Computing and Computer Networks-II

Chair: Ana T. Lawniczak, University of Guelph
Room: Parksville
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
21.1 Performance Analysis of Server-Side Spam Control Strategies based on Layer-3 Classification
Muhammad N. Marsono,   M. Watheq El-Kharashi,   Fayez Gebali
21.2 Context Network
Hooman Tahayori,   Elena Pagani,   Giovanni Degli Antoni,   S. Astaneh
21.3 Analysing and Realising Wireless Mesh Networks as a Replacement for Lon Based Distributed Control Networks for Clean Room Environment
A. Sinha,   W.A.C. Fernando
21.4 Study of Packet Traffic Fluctuations Near Phase Transition Point From Free Flow to Congestion in Data Network Model
Anna T. Lawniczak,   P. Lio,   S. Xie,   J. Xu
21.5 Wavelet Spectral Analysis of Packet Traffic Near Phase Transition Point from Free Flow to Congestion in Data Network Model
Anna T. Lawniczak, P. Lio, S. Xie, J. Xu

Session 22: RF Front-End Circuits

Chair: Robert Sobot, University of Western Ontario
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
22.1 An Image-Reject Low-Noise Amplifier with Passive Q-enhanced Notch Filters
Pranavi Anand,   L. Belostotski,   K. Townsend,   R. G. Randall,   James W. Haslett
22.2 A Fast CMOS Self-oscillating Modulator for RF Power Amplifier
Xin Jie Wang,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
22.3 Design Considerations for Sub-mW RF CMOS Low-Noise Amplifiers
Derek Ho,   Shahriar Mirabbasi
22.4 A Low-Power CMOS Modulator for Ultra-Wideband Transmitters
Shahrzad Jalali Mazlouman,   Alireza Mahanfar,   Shahriar Mirabbasi
22.5 Low Cost, Power-Efficient Reconfigurable Passive FET Mixers
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar,   A. P. Almeida,   V. Ahmed

Session 23: Electrical Machines-III

Chair: Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
23.1 Energy Savings by Means of Generalisation Adjustable Speed Drive Utilisation
M. Benhaddadi,   G. Olivier,   B. Dima
23.2 Analytical Approach to Design of Slip-Controller for Constant Volts/Hz Scheme Induction Motor Drive using Motor Name-plate Details
Dhaval Shah,   S. Nandi
23.3 Performances of PI and Fuzzy-Logic Speed Control of Field-Oriented Induction Machine Drives
Mavungu Masiala,   Behzad Vafakhah,   Andy Knight,   John Salmon
23.4 Modeling and Transient Simulation of an All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
Adam R. Chevrefils,   Shaahin Filizadeh

Session 24: Power Systems-III

Chair: Adel M. Sharaf, University of New Brunswick
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Monday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
24.1 Amélioration de Processus Logiciel Chez Hydro-Québec Équipement
M. Lacroix,   Pierre-N. Robillard
24.2 Reliability Database Management System: Experiences at BCTC
Wenyuan Li,   H.C. Jonas,   S. Yan,   B. Corns,   Paul Choudhury,   E. Vaahedi
24.3 A Technique for Evaluating the Reliability Improvement due to Energy Storage Systems
Dwayne Aming,   Athula Rajapakse,   Tom Molinski,   E. Innes

Session 25: Neural Networks and Biomedical Applications

Chair: TBD, TBD
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
25.1 Neural Networks for Color Image Segmentation: Application to Sapwood Assessment
Adel Ziadi,   Frédéric Ntawiniga,   Xavier Maldague
25.2 Electro-Enzymatic Sensor for Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement
Jasbir N. Patel,   Byron Gates,   Bonnie L. Gray,   Bozena Kaminska
25.3 Ultra Low Power Transceiver for Wireless Patient Vital Sign Monitoring
Mostafa Rashdan,   Mahesh M. Pai,   Pranavi Anand,   James W. Haslett,   Brent J. Maundy
25.4 Controlled Micro-Stimulation for Peripheral Neural System Enhancement
Behzad Behroozan,   Bozena Kaminska
25.5 Digital Emulation of Analogue CNN System on FPGA
Dongdong Chen,   Seok-Bum Ko
25.6 Current Mode Euclidean Distance Calculation Circuit for Kohonen's Neural Network Implemented in CMOS 0.18um Technology
Tomasz Talaska,   Rafal Dlugosz

Session 26: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-IV

Chair: Mehran Mehrandezh, University of Regina
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
26.1 Motion Adaptive Video Denoising in the Wavelet Domain Based on Bivariate Shrinkage
Nikhil Gupta,   M. N. S. Swamy,   Eugene I. Plotkin
26.2 Secure and Scalable Video Streaming over IEEE 802.11e based Home Networks
Azfar Moid,   Abraham O. Fapojuwo,   Robert J. Davies
26.3 Visual Servoing of a Mobile Robot in Presence of Tilt Disturbances using a Central Catadioptric Vision System
W. Liu,   M. Mehrandezh
26.4 Visual Servoing of a 5-DOF Mobile Manipulator using a Panoramic Vision System
Y. Zhang,   M. Mehrandezh

Session 27: Detection

Chair: Michael Riediger, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
27.1 On Forming the Detection Set for Multicell Multiuser Detection in Narrowband Cellular Systems
Shirin Karimifar,   James K. Cavers
27.2 Performance/Complexity Comparison between MAP-PSP and Mixture Kalman Filtering for Joint Estimation and Detection of STTCs
Usa Vilaipornsawai,   Harry Leib
27.3 Reduced Complexity Belief Propagation Algorithm Based on Iterative Groupwise Multiuser Detection
Sara Bavarian,   James K. Cavers
27.4 A Chase Based Multistage Parallel Interference Cancellation Scheme for Asynchronous Fading Channels
Liu Feng,   M. Reza Soleymani
27.5 Optimal Power Allocation for Pilot Channel Assisted Multi-User CDMA
R.A. Stuart,   François Chan,   Claude D'Amours

Session 28: Wireless Networks-II

Chair: Steven Chamberland, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
28.1 Efficient Heuristics for Planning GMPLS Transport Networks
Nabil Naas,   Hussein T. Mouftah
28.2 Efficient Delivery of Voice Services over MPLS Internet Infrastructure
Basel Alawieh,   Hussein T. Mouftah
28.3 A New Approach for Designing WiMAX Networks
Seyedeh Moloud Mousavi,   Steven Chamberland,   Alejandro Quintero
28.4 Towards Seamless Service Mobility for Mobile Devices Communicating within Wireless Grids
Bashar Rashid,   Mohamed El-Darieby
28.5 Designing Secure Peer-to-Peer Voice Applications in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Issam Al-dalati,   Ashraf Matrawy

Session 29: Computer Architecture

Chair: Amirali Baniasadi, University of Victoria
Room: Parksville
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
29.1 Investigating Cache Energy Efficiency in Multimedia Processors
Kaveh Jokar Deris,   Amirali Baniasadi
29.2 Point Estimation in Design Space Exploration using Local Regression Modeling
Peter Hallschmid,   Resve Saleh
29.3 Fast Power Estimation for Automatic Instruction-Set Selection
Peter Hallschmid,   David Yeager,   Resve Saleh
29.4 Grid Architecture for High Performance Computing
Youcef Derbal
29.5 EP32 - a 32-bit Foth Micorprocessor
Edvin Hortland,   Li Chen

Session 30: Advanced Circuits

Chair: Marek Syrzycki, Simon Fraser University
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
30.1 A Low-Power 75dB Digitally Programmable CMOS Variable-Gain Amplifier
Behnoosh Rahmatian,   Shahriar Mirabbasi
30.2 A 2.5 Gb/s, Low Power Clock and Data Recovery Circuit
Qingjin Du,   Jingcheng Zhuang,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
30.3 Fractional Sigma-Delta Modulator in SiGe
Robert Sobot,   Shawn Stapleton,   Marek Syrzycki
30.4 A Low-Voltage High Linear Body-Driven Operational Transconductance Amplifier and Its Applications
Lihong Zhang,   Xuguang Zhang,   Ezz El-Masry,   Y. Zhang
30.5 A New Loadless 4-Transistor SRAM Cell with a 0.18 m CMOS Technology
J. Yang,   Li Chen
30.6 Improve the Resolution of Analog to Digital Converters with Bootstrap Method
Y. Kebbati,   H. K. Souffi

Session 31: Electrical Machines-IV

Chair: TBD, TBD
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
31.1 Real-Time Implementation of a Wavelet Based Speed Controller for Induction Motor Drives
M. Abdesh Khan,   M. Azizur Rahman
31.2 Variable speed induction drive system in V/f control mode - Numerical calculation versus practical measurement
C. Grabner
31.3 Investigation of Induction Motors Starting and Operation with Variable Frequency Drives
Xiaodong Liang,   Ryan Laughy,   Joe Liu

Session 32: Power Systems-IV

Chair: Jose Marti, University of British Columbia
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Monday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
32.1 Life Cycle Analysis Methodology for Distribution Feeder Reclosers
Wenpeng Luan,   C. K. Siew,   H. Iosfin
32.2 Frequency Locked Phase Estimation
A. W. Krieger,   John Salmon
32.3 Detection of Electrical Arc Faults in a Distribution Network
Julien Saulnier,   Jamel Ghouili
32.4 A Novel Travelling Wave Based Relaying Scheme using Wavelet Transforms for Arcing Faults Detection on Series Compensated Transmission Lines
Syed Muhammad Atif Saleem,   Adel M. Sharaf

Session 33: Biomedical Signal Processing-I

Chair: Boris Stoeber, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
33.1 Peak Blood Glucose Prediction Algorithm Following a Meal Intake
Md. Shafiqul Islam,   J. Leech,   C. Lin,   Lukas Chrostowski
33.2 Contactless Heart Monitoring (CHM)
Faranak Mohammad-zadeh,   F. Taghibakhsh,   Bozena Kaminska
33.3 Vehicle Positioning in Underground Mines
Angus F. C. Errington,   Brian L. F. Daku,   Arnfinn F. Prugger
33.4 Non-invasive Measurement of Arterial Pressure-Dependent Compliance
Changchun Liu,   Xin Sun,   Chengyu Liu,   Jason J. Gu,   M. Yu

Session 34: Signal Processing Algorithms-I

Chair: Jane Wang, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
34.1 Reproducibility of Experimental Results from a Highly Parallelized Classification Algorithm
Conrad Wiebe,   Nick J. Pizzi
34.2 Kernel Principal Component Chart for Defect Detection
Yan Luo,   George Stefatos,   A. Ben Hamza
34.3 Towards A Neural-Network-Based Decision Tree Learning Algorithm for Petroleum Production Prediction
Xiongmin Li,   Christine W. Chan

Session 35: CDMA

Chair: Ali Ghrayeb, Concordia University
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
35.1 Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA using Hybrid Evolutionary Strategy
Mehtaz Sharmin,   Chintha Tellambura
35.2 An Application of ICA to DS-CDMA Detection
Yue Fang,   Kunio Takaya
35.3 Chase Based Multiuser Detection for MIMO-CDMA Systems
Liu Feng,   M. Reza Soleymani
35.4 A Low Complexity MMSE Detector for Multiuser Layered Space-Time Coded MIMO Systems
May Gomaa,   Ali Ghrayeb
35.5 A Hybrid Serial-Parallel Interference Cancellation Scheme for WCDMA Systems
Pooyan Haghighat,   Ali Ghrayeb

Session 36: Access Control

Chair: Vincent Wong, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
36.1 Efficient Medium Access Control for Broadband Powerline Communications Networks
T. Chiras,   P. Koutsakis,   M. Paterakis
36.2 Resource Sharing in an Integrated Wireless Cellular/WLAN System
E. Stevens-Navarro,   Vincent W.S. Wong
36.3 Complexity Analysis of Optimal Stationary Call Admission Policy and Fixed Set Partitioning Policy for OVSF-CDMA Cellular Systems
Daniel C. Lee,   M. Naeem,   Chingyu Hsu
36.4 Distributed Admission Control for Power-Constrained Cellular Wireless Systems
Gaurav Bansal,   A. K. Chaturvedi,   Vijay K. Bhargava
36.5 Adaptive 2C: A Novel Access Control for Fair and Efficient Channel Sharing
Luis Alarcon-Ramos,   Miguel Lopez-Guerrero,   Dimitrios Makrakis

Session 37: Physical Design

Chair: Guy Lemieux, University of British Columbia
Room: Parksville
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
37.1 Using Hardware Acceleration to Reduce FPGA Placement Times
Andrew Morton,   Gary Grewal,   Christian Fobel
37.2 Advanced Neural-Based CAD Tools for Communication System Modeling and Design
M.C.E. Yagoub,   T.P. Vuong,   F.A. Mohammadi
37.3 Wirelength Based Clustering Technique for VLSI Physical Design
Jie Huang,   Jianhua Li,   L. Rakai,   Laleh Behjat

Session 38: Advances in Microwave Devices

Chair: Robert Sobot, University of Western Ontario
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
38.1 Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters for Airborne and Satellite Applications
Xiaoping Chen,   Daniel Drolet,   Ke Wu
38.2 Micromachined Microwave Filters Based on Slot Type Split Ring Resonators
Sae-Won Lee,   Alireza Mahanfar,   M. Parameswaran,   Rodney G. Vaughan
38.3 A New Dynamic Local Mesh Refinement Algorithm for Finite Difference Time Domain
Alireza Marandi,   Farzaneh Afshinmanesh,   Poman P. M. So
38.4 Design of a Single Chip GaAs MESFET Dielectric Resonator Oscillator at 26 GHz
I. Hilborn,   A. P. Freundorfer,   J. Show,   M. G. Keller
38.5 Concurrent Oscillators for Multi-Band Multi-Mode Wireless Communication Systems
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar

Session 39: Software Engineering

Chair: Philippe Kruchten, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
39.1 Peer Review as a V&V Standard Compliance Technique: An Aviation Industry Case Study
Olivier Gendreau,   Pierre Labrèche,   Pierre-N. Robillard
39.2 Outsourcing Software Maintenance: Processes, Standards and Critical Practices
Pierre-N. Robillard,   Martin Tapp,   Noureddine Kerzazi,   Hamid Hmima
39.3 Capturing Software Architectural Design Decisions
Larix Lee,   Philippe Kruchten
39.4 On Agent-Oriented Requirements Engineering for COTS-Based Software Development (CBSD)
Hamdy Ibrahim,   Behrouz H. Far,   Armin Eberlein
39.5 Software Reliability Engineering for Agile Software Development
Behrouz H. Far

Session 40: Power Electronics-I

Chair: Ed Nowicki, University of Calgary
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Tuesday, 8:30am-10:10am
40.1 A Current Sensorless Sliding Mode Controller for a Three Level Resonant Single Stage PFC AC/DC Converter
Mohammed S. Agamy,   Praveen K. Jain
40.2 Analysis and Design of a Compact Single-stage AC-DC Resonant Converter with High Power Factor
M. Z. Youssef,   Praveen K. Jain
40.3 Steady State Analysis of Switching Converters without Predefined Switching Period
Faouzi Tourkhani,   Marcel Allain,   Philippe Viarouge
40.4 Voltage Switching Scheme for Harmonic Reduction in Multilevel Inverters
A. Al-Judi,   E. Nowicki,   H. Bierk
40.5 Characterization of Distortion Reduction for Single-Phase Multiple Inverter Operation
H. Bierk,   E. Nowicki,   A. Al-Judi

Session 41: Biomedical Signal Processing-II

Chair: Rangaraj M. Rangayyan, University of Calgary
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
41.1 Detection of Blood Vessels in the Retina using Gabor Filters
Rangaraj M. Rangayyan,   Faraz Oloumi,   Foad Oloumi,   Peyman Eshghzadeh-Zanjani,   Fabio J. Ayres
41.2 Detection Schemes for High Sensitivity Electronic Biomolecular Detection
T. Charania,   M. Parameswaran
41.3 Comparison of Using Mono-Polar and Bipolar Electroencephalogram (EEG) Electrodes for Detection of Right and Left Hand Movements in a Self-Paced Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Ali Bashashati,   Rabab Kreidieh Ward,   Gary E. Birch
41.4 STFT-based Segmentation in Model-based Seizure Detection
Rajeev Yadav,   Rajeev Agarwal,   M. N. S. Swamy

Session 42: Signal Processing Algorithms-II

Chair: Nima Mahanfar, Simon Fraser University
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
42.1 A Genetic Algorithm for the Design of Tunable Fractional-Delay Allpass IIR Filter Structures
Sabbir U. Ahmad,   Andreas Antoniou
42.2 A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Design of IIR Digital Filters
Sabbir U. Ahmad,   Andreas Antoniou
42.3 A New Method to Collapse the S-Transform into Local Spectra by Integrating in Squares
Sylvia Drabycz,   Thorarin A Bjarnason,   J Ross Mitchell
42.4 Reduced Memory Requirements for the S-Transform
Thorarin A Bjarnason,   Sylvia Drabycz,   J Ross Mitchell
42.5 Suitable Mother Wavelet for Harmonics and Interharmonics Measurements using Wavelet Packet Transform
Walid G. Morsi,   Mohamed E. El-Hawary

Session 43: Channel Estimation

Chair: James Cavers, Simon Fraser University
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
43.1 Short Data Record DoA and Timing Estimation in Multipath DS/CDMA Systems
Ren Wu,   Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos
43.2 Widely Linear Minimum Variance Channel Estimation for MC-CDMA Systems using Real Modulation
Saeed Abdallah,   Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos
43.3 Automated Identification of Clusters in UWB Channel Impulse Responses
James Chuang,   S. Bashir,   David G. Michelson

Session 44: Quality of Service

Chair: Wahab Almuhtadi, Algonquin College
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
44.1 IPTV Distribution Technologies in Broadband Home Networks
Emad Shihab,   Lin Cai
44.2 A QoS Negotiation Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Abdul Hasib,   Abraham O. Fapojuwo
44.3 The Effects of Adaptive Error Correction on Satellite Optimized TCP
J. Graumann,   K. Ferens
44.4 Optimal Media Communication in Capacity Constrained Networks
Nima Sarshar,   Xiaolin Wu
44.5 Characterizing Performance of an Intelligent Satellite QoS Optimization System
Wahab Almuhtadi,   Jason Tang,   D. Murphy

Session 45: Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering-I

Chair: Martin Hansen, University of Waterloo
Room: Parksville
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
45.1 Narrowcast Advertising Retail Metrics: A Simulation with Fuzzy Product Profitability Potential
Mark Alexiuk,   Nick J. Pizzi,   Gord Sawatzky,   Witold Pedrycz
45.2 Secure and Observable Auditing of Electronic Voting Systems using Stock Indices
Jeremy Clark,   Aleksander Essex,   Carlisle Adams
45.3 Document Classification with ACM Subject Hierarchy
Tao Wang,   Bipin C. Desai
45.4 Practical Perceptually Adaptive Approach to Video Logo Placement in TV Broadcasts
Alexander Wong,   William Bishop
45.5 Personalization Through Personality Categorization of Products
Nancy Ho Woo,   Xiaojun Shen,   Shervin Shirmohammadi

Session 46: Microwave Circuits

Chair: James Haslett, University of Calgary
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
46.1 High Gain On-Chip Dielectric Resonator Antennas using Silicon Technology for Millimeter Wave Wireless Links
P.V. Bijumon,   A. P. Freundorfer,   M. Sayer,   Y. M. M. Antar
46.2 Spatial Aspects of the Transmission Line Model for Rectangular PIFA
Vadim Antonchik,   Rodney G. Vaughan
46.3 MEFiSTo Modeling and Analysis for Microwave Engineering Education
Poman P. M. So
46.4 Multi-Branch Polynomial Model with Embedded Average Power Dependency for 3G RF Power Amplifiers
Oualid Hammi,   Slim Boumaiza,   Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
46.5 New Design for Microstrip Antenna Element with U-Shaped Rectangular Patch
Enver Hamiti,   Luan Ahma,   Abdel Razik Sebak

Session 47: E-Commerce

Chair: Philippe Kruchten, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
47.1 Privacy Management in e-Commerce Communities
Chris Desmarais,   Xiaojun Shen,   Shervin Shirmohammadi,   Alex Cameron,   Nicolas D. Georganas,   Ian Kerr
47.2 A Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Virtual Environment for E-Commerce
Michel Khoury,   Xiaojun Shen,   Shervin Shirmohammadi
47.3 A Visualization Approach for Modeling Trust in E-Commerce
Alireza Pourshahid,   Thomas Tran
47.4 Drivers of Customer Convenience in Electronic Tourism Industry
Masoomeh Moharrer,   Hooman Tahayori
47.5 Intelligent-Agent and Web-Service Based Service Composition for E-business
Jing Chi,   Junde Song

Session 48: Power Electronics-II

Chair: Ed Nowicki, University of Calgary
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Tuesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
48.1 Output Voltage Regulation Curves for a 1-switch Boost Converter using Coupled Inductor Windings and Split dc-Rails under Unbalanced Load Conditions
John Salmon,   Jeff Ewanchuk
48.2 Design Considerations of a New ZVT-PWM Converter with an Off-Tuned Auxiliary Circuit
Amir Ostadi,   Xing Gao,   Gerry Moschopoulos,   Roohollah Fadaeinedjad
48.3 A Novel Soft-Switched Three-Phase Single-Switch Rectifier
Sondeep Bassan,   Gerry Moschopoulos,   Roohollah Fadaeinedjad
48.4 A Novel Thermal Spectrum Analysis Method for Reliability Analysis of Semiconductor Devices
Yangjun Zhu,   Chunyan Miao,   Qinghai Miao,   Xinghua Zhang,   Shuojin Lu

Session 49: Biomedical Signal Processing-III

Chair: Jane Wang, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
49.1 Tumor Estimation in Tissue Sensing Adaptive Radar (TSAR) Signals
D.J. Kurrant,   E.C. Fear,   D. T. Westwick
49.2 An Algorithm for Evaluating the Performance of Adaptive Filters for the Removal of Artifacts in ECG Signals
Yunfeng Wu,   Rangaraj M. Rangayyan
49.3 An Unbiased Linear Artificial Neural Network with Normalized Adaptive Coefficients for Filtering Noisy ECG Signals
Yunfeng Wu,   Rangaraj M. Rangayyan
49.4 Mining Brain Tumours and Tracking their Growth Rates
A. Halim Elamy,   Maidong Hu
49.5 New Approach on Cardiac Autonomic Control Estimation Based on BCG Processing
O. Postolache,   G. Postolache,   P. Silva Girão

Session 50: Signal Processing Algorithms-III

Chair: Witold Kinsner, University of Manitoba
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
50.1 Performance of Weak Asymmetric MHPM Signals in Non-Gaussian Noise
Monal Shah,   Raveendra K. Rao
50.2 Analysis of Modulated Monofractal Noise
L. Woo,   M. Potter,   W. Kinsner,   K. Ferens
50.3 An Identification Technique for ARMA Systems in the Presence of Noise
S. A. Fattah,   W. P. Zhu,   M. O. Ahmad
50.4 Incorporating Term Selection Into Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Identification Methods
Mohammad Rasouli,   D. T. Westwick,   William Rosehart
50.5 VS-SC: A Variable Step Size NLMS Algorithm
Fausto Casco,   R. Carolina Medina-Ramirez,   Miguel Lopez-Guerrero,   Cesar Jalpa-Villanueva

Session 51: Coding and Decoding

Chair: Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
51.1 Closed-form SER and Capacity Expressions for Receive Antenna Selection using Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes
Tran Khoa Phan,   Chintha Tellambura,   Trong Duy Ngo
51.2 A Joint Network-Channel Coding Scheme for Relay-Based Communications
Hieu T. Nguyen,   Ha H. Nguyen,   Tho Le-Ngoc
51.3 Multiple-Symbol Detection for Shot-Noise Limited Free-Space Optical Communications
M. L. B. Riediger,   R. Schober,   L. Lampe
51.4 Fixed-Rate Raptor Code Performance over Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels
Bharathram Sivasubramanian,   Harry Leib
51.5 Virtual Space-Time Coding for Cooperative Communication and Downlink Receiver Hardware Implementation
Binbin Jia,   M. Reza Soleymani

Session 52: Sensor Networks-I

Chair: Ken Ferens, University of Manitoba
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
52.1 Link Analysis of a Protoype Wireless Implanted Tracking Tag
Andrew Lea,   William Dunford,   Royann J Petrell,   Andrew W Trites,   Rodney G. Vaughan
52.2 Performance Results and Analysis of ZigBee Networks in the Presence of Multifractal Noise
L. Woo,   W. Kinsner,   K. Ferens,   J. Diamond
52.3 An Energy-Efficient Cooperative Algorithm for Data Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ashkan Heshmati,   M. Reza Soleymani
52.4 A Novel Earthquake Warning System based on Virtual MIMO-Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohamed Youssef,   Abdel Fattah Yousif,   Aboelmagd Noureldin,   Naser El-Sheimy

Session 53: Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering-II

Chair: Nikitas Dimopoulos, University of Victoria
Room: Parksville
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
53.1 Using the Cell Processor as a Network Assist to Minimize Latency
Farshad Khunjush,   Nikitas Dimopoulos
53.2 Introducing OperaNP: A Reconfigurable NoC-based Platform
Haytham Elmiligi,   M. Watheq El-Kharashi,   Fayez Gebali
53.3 A Processor Allocation of DSP Applications onto Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Architectures
Awni Itradat,   M. O. Ahmad,   Ali Shatnawi
53.4 A Thread Specific Load Balancing Technique for a Clustered SMT Architecture
Maryam Mehri,   Wessam M. Hassanein

Session 54: Advanced Technologies

Chair: Karen Cheung, University of British Columbia
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
54.1 Characterization of Low Temperature P-type Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films Deposited by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
W. F. L. Tse,   I. Khodami,   M. M. Adachi,   X. Wang,   K. Kavanagh,   Karim S. Karim
54.2 Low Voltage Polymer Transistors
Alexandros Dimopoulos,   Arash Takshi,   John D. Madden
54.3 Bimetallic Thin Film Grayscale Photomasks for Complex 3D Microstructure Creation in SU-8
Jun Wang,   James M. Dykes,   C. Choo,   David K. Poon,   M. Chang,   Jimmy T. K. Tsui,   Glenn H. Chapman
54.4 Undercut Compensation for Xenon Difluoride Etching of Polysilicon Thin-films
Jaeseok Jeon,   Abdul Haseeb Ma,   Kourosh Khosraviani,   Albert M. Leung
54.5 Engineered Magnetic Materials with Improved Dispersion using Multi-resonator Structures
Leila Yousefi,   Omar M. Ramahi

Session 55: Security

Chair: TBD, TBD
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
55.1 A Privacy-Preserving 3rd-Party Proxy for Transactions that use Digital Credentials
Daniel Shapiro,   Vishal Thareja,   Carlisle Adams
55.2 Securing XML Web Services with Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Ying Liu,   Tet H. Yeap,   W. O'Brien
55.3 Secure Routing in Sensor Networks
Mohammad S. Nikjoo,   A. S. Tehrani,   Priyantha Kumarawadu
55.4 A Scalable Secure Multicast System
Zhao Yu Chi,   J. William Atwood
55.5 An Improved Defense Scheme Against Attacks on Wireless Security
Hua Li,   Dimitri Reizvikh,   Lucy Liang Lei

Session 56: Power Electronics-III

Chair: Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Tuesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
56.1 Parametric Average-Value Modeling of Multiple-Input Buck Converters
Ali Davoudi,   Juri Jatskevich,   Patrick L. Chapman
56.2 Discrete Time Modeling of Variable Frequency Pulse Width Modulation Controlled Single Stage Three-Level Resonant AC/DC Converters
Mohammed S. Agamy,   Praveen K. Jain
56.3 Accurate Sensitivity Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Power Converter
Faouzi Tourkhani,   Marcel Allain,   Philippe Viarouge
56.4 Averaged-Model-Based Nonlinear Control of a PWM Three-Phase Four-Leg Shunt Active Power Filter
Hadi Y. Kanaan,   Alfred Hayek,   Kamal Al-Haddad
56.5 Averaged Model Based Control of a Sheppard-Taylor PFC with Nonlinearity Compensation
Hadi Y. Kanaan,   Alfred Hayek,   Kamal Al-Haddad

Session 57: Biomedical Signal Processing-IV

Chair: Jason Gu, DalHousie University
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
57.1 Biorthogonal 3.1 Wavelet Enhancement of Brain Activities
P. M. Zeman,   Sunny Vardhan Mahajan,   P.L. Sorensen,   N. J. Livingston
57.2 Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Neural Source Activation from EEG Data
Alexandra Branzan Albu,   Sunny Vardhan Mahajan,   P. M. Zeman,   Jim Tanaka
57.3 Brainwave Classification based on Wavelet Entropy and Event-related Desynchronization
Boqiang Liu,   Junbo Gao,   Zhongguo Liu,   Cuiping Peng,   Zhenwang Zhang,   Cong Yin,   Jason J. Gu
57.4 Microscopic Image Analysis and Recognition on Pathological Cells
Boqiang Liu,   Cong Yin,   Zhongguo Liu,   Z. Zhang,   J. Gao,   M. Zhu,   Jason J. Gu,   Kai Xu

Session 58: Signal Processing Algorithms-IV

Chair: David E. Dodds, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
58.1 Eye Array Placement in Enclosed Areas
Hedayat Alghassi,   Shahram Tafazoli,   Peter Lawrence
58.2 MUSIC-based Joint DoA Estimation and Signal Enumeration
Ren Wu,   Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos
58.3 Parametric Analysis of Frequency Domain Reflectometry Measurements
David E. Dodds,   T. Fretz
58.4 Optimal Elevation of Phased Array Antennas in Pyramidal Configurations Using a Minimax-Based Approach
Inas Khalifa,   Rodney G. Vaughan
58.5 New Closed-Form Estimators for the Angle of Arrival and the Angular Spread of a Locally Scattered Source
Mehrez Souden,   Sofiène Affes,   Jacob Benesty
58.6 Extraction of Primitives from ZF-SQRD Algorithm for a DSP Platform
Sandrine Futcha,   Claude Thibeault,   Francois Gagnon,   B. Agba

Session 59: Wireless Communications

Chair: James Cavers, Simon Fraser University
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
59.1 Application of Spread-Spectrum and Frequency Hopping Techniques to Geophysical Inversion Problems
Matthew J. Yedlin,   Yair Linn
59.2 Impedance of Closely Spaced Orthogonal Slot Antennas
Jane Xing Yun,   Rodney G. Vaughan
59.3 Adaptive Antenna Selection Algorithm for Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems
Seyed Aidin Bassam,   M. Kalantari,   Slim Boumaiza,   R. Davies,   Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
59.4 IEEE 802.11 WLAN based Real-time Location Tracking in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Mike Emery,   Mieso Denko
59.5 Mobile Location in MIMO Communication Systems by Using Learning Machine
Ji Li,   Ligen Wang,   Jean-Jules Brault,   Jean Conan

Session 60: Sensor Networks-II

Chair: Ahmed Youssef, University of Calgary
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
60.1 A Method to Identify Boundary Nodes for Virtual Coordinate Constructions in Large Wireless Networks
Marwan Fayed,   Hussein T. Mouftah
60.2 Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks: Protocols and Perspectives
Michele Battelli,   Stefano Basagni
60.3 Indoor Sensor Networks: Localization Schemes
Rami Abielmona,   V. Groza
60.4 Route Duration in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Michael Pascoe,   Javier Gomez,   Víctor Rangel,   Miguel Lopez-Guerrero
60.5 A Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Energy Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Amini,   M. Fazeli,   S. G. Miremadi

Session 61: Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering-III

Chair: Rangaraj M. Rangayyan, University of Calgary
Room: Parksville
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
61.1 Polygonal Modeling of Contours using the Turning Angle Function
Juliano Daloia de Carvalho,   Rangaraj M. Rangayyan,   Denise Guliato,   Sergio Anchieta Santiago
61.2 Design and Implementation of Decimal Reciprocal Unit
Dongdong Chen,   Seok-Bum Ko
61.3 Spanning Tree Protocol Interoperability with Other Loop Prevention Algorithms
Galina Antonova

Session 62: Noise, Timing and Leakage Analysis

Chair: Marek Syrzycki, Simon Fraser University
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
62.1 Noise Analysis for UltraWideBand Low Noise Amplifiers
M. Zargham,   Vincent Gaudet
62.2 Investigation of Substrate Noise Isolation Solutions in Deep Submicron (DSM) CMOS Technology
Henry Lin,   James B. Kuo,   Robert Sobot,   Marek Syrzycki
62.3 Synthesizer Phase Noise Shape Optimization for a Multi Baud Rate Microwave Radio
L. Villeneuve,   N. Hassaïne,   Y. Shen
62.4 Early Analysis of Timing Margins and Yield
Khaled R. Heloue,   Farid N. Najm

Session 63: Cryptography

Chair: Howard Heys, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
63.1 A Survey on Quantum Cryptographic Protocols and Their Security
Chi-Hang Fred Fung,   Hoi-Kwong Lo
63.2 Hardware Implementation of the Salsa20 and Phelix Stream Ciphers
Junjie Yan,   Howard M. Heys
63.3 Compact Hardware Implementation of the Block Cipher Camellia with Concurrent Error Detection
Huiju Cheng,   Howard M. Heys
63.4 Hardware Design and Analysis of Statistical Cipher Feedback Mode Using Serial Transfer
Liang Zhang,   Howard M. Heys

Session 64: Power Electronics-IV

Chair: Witold Kinsner, University of Manitoba
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
64.1 A Compensation Way for a Differential Pair to Achieve a High Performance Single-ended to Differential Converter
Xin Jie Wang,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
64.2 PWM Current Controllers for a Family of 3-switch Utility Rectifier Topologies
Nouman Noor,   J. Ewanchuk,   John Salmon
64.3 On the Chaotic Behaviour of Buck Converters
Ali Mehrizi-Sani,   W. Kinsner,   Shaahin Filizadeh
64.4 Analysis of Bifurcation and Stability in a Simple Power System Using MATCONT
K. Kobravi,   W. Kinsner,   Shaahin Filizadeh
64.5 Performance of Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier Controlled by PWM
Yahya Asiri,   Mohamed Shwehdi

Session 65: Biomedical Signal Processing-V

Chair: Jason Gu, DalHousie University
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
65.1 Enhanced Accuracy in Registration of Cortex Functional Data via Large-Deformation Differomorphic Maps
Behrang Nosrat Makouei,   Lei Wang,   Mirza Faisal Beg
65.2 Brain Image Registration Based on the Entropy of Mutual Information Matrix
Changchun Liu,   Shunbo Hu,   Jason J. Gu,   Jinbao Yang,   M. Yu
65.3 Normalized I-alpha-Information for Medical Image Registration
Changchun Liu,   Jinbao Yang,   Shunbo Hu,   Jason J. Gu,   M. Yu
65.4 Mean Divergence Measures for Multimodality Medical Image Registration
Changchun Liu,   Jinbao Yang,   Peng Shao,   Jason J. Gu,   M. Yu
65.5 Indirect Knowledge-Based Approach to Non-Rigid Multi-Modal Registration of Medical Images
Alexander Wong,   William Bishop

Session 66: Ultra Wideband-I

Chair: Anh Dinh, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
66.1 UWB-IR System Performance for Implementable Rake Receivers
Serhat Erküçük,   Dong In Kim
66.2 A High-Resolution, Multi-Template Deconvolution Algorithm for Time-Domain UWB Channel Characterization
Ted C. K. Liu,   Dong In Kim,   Rodney G. Vaughan
66.3 On-Off Keying Ultra-Wideband Communication with Adaptive Overcomplete Dictionary Detection
Wei Li,   T. Aaron Gulliver
66.4 Performance Evaluation of a Computationally-Efficient Acquisition Scheme for DS-UWB Signals
Yassine Salih Alj,   Charles Despins,   Sofiène Affes
66.5 Design of a Family of ISI Free Pulses for Very High Data Rate UWB Wireless Systems
Ziaul Hasan,   V. Yadav,   A. K. Chaturvedi,   Vijay K. Bhargava

Session 67: Mobile Robots

Chair: Mehran Mehrandezh, University of Regina
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
67.1 A New Driving Assistant for Automobiles
Fred Yu,   Bozena Kaminska,   Pawel Gburzynski
67.2 Design and Development of a Smart Vehicle for Inspection of In-service Water Mains
S. Poozesh,   M. Mehrandezh,   H. Najjaran,   Raman Paranjape
67.3 Multiple Sensor Fusion in Mobile Robot Localization
Karthick Srinivasan,   Jason J. Gu
67.4 Localization of Electrical Outlet for a Mobile Robot using Visual Servoing
Luis Bustamante,   Jason J. Gu

Session 68: System Development-I

Chair: TBD, TBD
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
68.1 Speeding Up QA: An Index Structure for Question Queries
Maidong Hu,   A. Halim Elamy
68.2 A Distributed Trust Management Scheme in the Pervasive Computing Environment
Tao Sun,   Mieso Denko
68.3 JICT: An Eclipse Plug-in for Incremental Changes on JDBC Applications
Shaochun Xu,   Dapeng Liu
68.4 Empirical Evaluation of the Dialog-Based Protocol and Think-Aloud Protocol
Shaochun Xu,   Zendi Cui,   X. Chen
68.5 Requirements Management System for KT-OSS Maintenance
Dae-Woo Kim,   H.-M. Lim,   S.-K. Lee

Session 69: Communications Applications

Chair: Bruce F. Cockburn, University of Alberta
Room: Parksville
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
69.1 FPGA-Based Lossless Data Compression using Huffman and LZ77 Algorithms
Suzanne Rigler,   William Bishop,   Andrew Kennings
69.2 A Compact and Accurate FPGA based Nonisotropic Fading Channel Simulator
Saeed Fouladi Fard,   Amirhossein Alimohammad,   Maziar Khorasani,   Bruce F. Cockburn,   Christian Schlegel
69.3 FPGA Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Digital Carrier Synchronizer using Different Numerically Controlled Oscillators
Sayed Hafizur Rahman,   Asif Iqbal Ahmed,   Otmane Ait Mohamed
69.4 Fully Mobile Telephony using VoIP Computer Software
Tyler Ross,   Habib Hamam,   Yassine Bouslimani

Session 70: Software and Knowledge Engineering

Chair: Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
70.1 A Type Framework for Modeling Data Objects in Software Engineering
Yingxu Wang
70.2 A Web Knowledge Discovery Engine based on Concept Algebra
Kai Hu,   Yingxu Wang
70.3 Transformation of UML Models into Formal RTPA Specifications
Tian Yousheng,   Yingxu Wang
70.4 Applying Concept Algebra to Information Restructuring of Web Documents
Kai Hu,   Yingxu Wang
70.5 Software Costs and Schedule Estimations based on the Work Coordination Laws
Jialin Shen,   Yingxu Wang

Session 71: Power Systems-V

Chair: Mohamed E. El-Hawary, DalHousie University
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Wednesday, 8:30am-10:10am
71.1 Transmission Loss Recovery in a Deregulated Power System Network - A Practical Example
Robert Baker,   Ashikur Bhuiya,   Xiaomiao Wu
71.2 Transmission Loss Cost Reconciliation in Alberta's Deregulated Electric Market
Robert Baker,   Xiaomiao Wu,   Ashikur Bhuiya
71.3 The Investor's Dilemma: Generation or Transmission Expansion?
Juan Alvarez,   Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam,   Victor H. Quintana
71.4 A Novel Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Capacitor Placement and Sizing
M. F. AlHajri,   M. R. AlRashidi,   Mohamed E. El-Hawary
71.5 Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Optimal Distribution Generation Sizing and Allocation in Distribution Systems
M. F. AlHajri,   M. R. AlRashidi,   Mohamed E. El-Hawary

Session 72: Nanoelectronic Techniques

Chair: Samuel Lee, University of Oklahoma
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
72.1 Field-Electron Emission from Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Lying on a Surface
Alireza Nojeh,   R. Fabian,   W. Pease
72.2 Nanothermal Management in Nanoelectronics Systems
Adam W. Skorek,   Stefan Velou Ble,   Anna Gryko-Nikitin,   Joanicjusz Nazarko
72.3 Logic Design of High Density Nanomemory Using Multiple-Electron Transistors
Samuel C. Lee
72.4 Fault Detection in NanoICs
Samuel C. Lee,   Thanh X. Nguyen

Session 73: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-V

Chair: Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj, Concordia University
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
73.1 A Study on Significance of Color in Face Recognition using Several Eigenface Algorithms
Behnam Karimi,   Adam Krzyzak
73.2 Face Recognition under Significant Pose Variation
Yang Feng,   Adam Krzyzak
73.3 A New Approach for Rotation Invariant Optical Character Recognition Using Eigendigit
Md. Maruf Monwar,   Waqar Haque,   Padma Polash Paul
73.4 Towards a Multi-View Trace Visualization Environment
Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj
73.5 Wavelet-Based Independent Component Analysis for Statistical Shape Modeling
Rami Zewail,   Ahmed Elsafi,   Nelson Durdle
73.6 Incremental Line Tangent Space Alignment Algorithm
Osama Abdel-Mannan,   A. Ben Hamza,   Amr M. Youssef

Session 74: Ultra Wideband-II

Chair: Xiaodai Dong, University of Victoria
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
74.1 Multiple Access Transmitted Reference Pulse Cluster System for UWB Communications
Li Jin,   Xiaodai Dong
74.2 Performance Analysis of MB-OFDM in the Presence of Multiple UWB Interferers
Abolfazl Mehbodniya,   Sonia Aissa,   Sofiène Affes
74.3 Narrowband Interference Elimination in UWB Communications Systems
Huy Quach,   Anh Dinh
74.4 Mitigation of Interference by Ultra Wide Band Radio into Other Communication Services: Evolution to Cognitive Ultra Wide Band Radio
Michael Sablatash

Session 75: VR Systems

Chair: Xiaoli Yang, Lakehead University
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
75.1 Towards a GPU-based Simulation Framework for Deformable Surface Meshes
Vidya Kotamraju,   Shahram Payandeh,   John Dill
75.2 Integration of the Senses of Vision and Touch in Perceiving Object Softness
Antoine Widmer,   Yaoping Hu
75.3 Real-Time Performance Analysis of Hand Writing Rehabilitation Exercise in Haptic Virtual Reality
Youn K. Kim,   Xiaoli Yang

Session 76: Novel Applications

Chair: Bruce F. Cockburn, University of Alberta
Room: Parksville
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
76.1 Quantitative Evaluation of Low Density Parity Check Convolutional Code Encoder and Decoder Algorithms for the XInC MIMD Multithreaded Microprocessor
Xin Sheng Zhou,   Bruce F. Cockburn,   Stephen Bates
76.2 Improvements of VQ Compression Algorithm for Parallel Systems
Akiyoshi Wakatani
76.3 Performance Evaluation of NS-2 Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yunjiao Xue,   Ho Sung Lee,   Ming Yang,   Priyantha Kumarawadu,   H. H. Ghenniwa,   W. Shen
76.4 A Technology-Independent Logarithmic Converter IP Block
Daniel Teng,   Song Hu,   A. Dinh
76.5 A Decision Support System for Filtering and Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Capture Data
Robert Harrison,   Yuxiang Wu,   Hanh Nguyen,   Xiongmin Li,   Don Gelowitz,   Christine W. Chan,   Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul

Session 77: Multi-Agent Systems

Chair: Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
77.1 A Python-based MPI Framework for Exploring an Adaptive Fuzzy-agent Approach to Simulating Large-scale Non-cooperative Games
Eamon Millman,   C. Budakoglu,   Stephen W. Neville
77.2 Attitude Dynamics and Control of Satellites Orbiting Rotating Asteroids
K. D. Kumar,   M. Shah
77.3 A Swarm Optimizer Based on Multi-Criterion Decision Making, part II: Case study
A. I. EL-Gallad,   Mohamed E. El-Hawary
77.4 Toward a Society Oriented Approach for Fault Handling in Multi-Agent Systems
Maryam Ashoori,   Majid Nili,   Chunyan Miao,   E. S. Goh

Session 78: Formal Verification

Chair: TBD, TBD
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
78.1 Formal Verification of a Pipelined Cryptographic Circuit Using Equivalence Checking and Completion Functions
Chiu Hong Lam,   Mark D. Aagaard
78.2 Pipeline Design and Verification in Bluenose II
Ca Bol Chan,   Vlad Ciubotariu,   Mark D. Aagaard
78.3 Distributed Intervals: A Formal Framework for Information Granulation
Hooman Tahayori,   Witold Pedrycz,   Giovanni Degli Antoni
78.4 Formal Verification of System Level Designs: A GSM Vocoder Case Study
Ghiath Al Sammane,   Otmane Ait Mohamed
78.5 Formal Verification of Mutual Exclusion between the Guards of Deterministic Choice Structures
M. Boubekeur,   K. L. Man,   M. P. Schellekens

Session 79: Power Systems-VI

Chair: Jose Marti, University of British Columbia
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:10pm
79.1 Power System Harmonic Analysis in the Frequency Domain
K. W. Louie,   P. Wilson,   R. Mazur,   K. Kent,   H. W. Dommel,   Jose R. Marti
79.2 A New Way to Represent Unified Power Flow Controllers in Power Flow Studies
K. W. Louie,   P. Wilson,   A. Wang
79.3 Aggregation of Induction Motors in a Power System Based on Some Special Operating Conditions
K. W. Louie,   Jose R. Marti,   H. W. Dommel
79.4 A New Wind Power Plant Simulation Method to Study Power Quality
Roohollah Fadaeinedjad,   Gerry Moschopoulos,   Mehrdad Moallem
79.5 Control of a High-Inertia Flywheel as part of a High Capacity Energy Storage System
Chris Chapelsky,   John Salmon,   Andy Knight

Session 80: Sensors and Actuators

Chair: Edmond Cretu, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
80.1 Characterization of Work and Power Efficiency of Micromachined Polymer Thermal actuators
Dan Sameoto,   M. Hamidi,   M. Parameswaran
80.2 A Fault-Tolerant Active Pixel Sensor for Mitigating Hot Pixel Defects
Jozsef Dudas,   Cory Jung,   Michelle M. La Haye,   Glenn H. Chapman
80.3 Corrugated Metal Bragg Grating Assisted Integrated Planar Waveguide Surface Plasmon-Polariton Based Sensor
Galina Nemova,   Raman Kashyap
80.4 Sensor System for Crack Initiation and Crack Growth Monitoring in Aeroengine Components
Amar Kumar,   Amiya Nayak,   R. El-Masri,   Xijia Wu,   Wieslaw Beres,   Prakash C. Patnaik
80.5 The Implementation of Poisson Field Analysis within FLUENT to Model Electrostatic Liquid Spraying
Shaoxing Zhao,   Kazimierz Adamiak,   G.S. Peter Castle

Session 81: Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing-VI

Chair: Kunio Takaya, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
81.1 Depth Measurement and 3D Metric Reconstruction from Two Uncalibrated Stereo Images
Hendrika Kuffar,   Kunio Takaya
81.2 Scale-Space Feature Detection for Close Range Camera Calibration
M. Kinsner,   D. Capson,   A. Spence
81.3 Motion-Compensated Frame Prediction with Global Motion Estimation for Image Sequence Compression
Kehua Jiang,   E. Dubois
81.4 Dumbbell Calibration for a Multi-camera Tracking System
Yan Lu,   Shahram Payandeh
81.5 Performance Evaluation of Similarity Metrics for Stereo Correspondence Problem
Bahador Khaleghi,   S. M. A. Shahabi,   Ali Bidabadi

Session 82: Next Generation Wireless Circuits

Chair: Tadeusz Kwasniewski, Carleton Unversity
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
82.1 A High Performance VLSI Architecture for MIMO Detection in Future WLAN Receivers
Ramin Shariat-Yazdi,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
82.2 Challenges in the Design of Next Generation WLAN Terminals
Ramin Shariat-Yazdi,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
82.3 Broadband, Cost-Effective, and Power-Efficient DBM for Modern Wireless Applications
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar,   A. P. Almeida,   V. Ahmed
82.4 Configurable Signal Source for Modern Wireless Applications
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar
82.5 A Novel Stubs-Tuned Planar Resonator based Low Noise Signal Source for Wireless Communication Systems
U. L. Rohde,   A. K. Poddar

Session 83: Process Control

Chair: Meeko Oishi, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
83.1 Optimization of a Fuel-Cell EV Air-Conditioning System
C.P. Lawrence,   M. M. A. Salama,   R.A. El Shatshat
83.2 Statistical Process Control of Olfactometer Temperature
Ying Zhang,   A. Ben Hamza,   Yong Zeng
83.3 Abnormal Process Condition Prediction (Fault Diagnosis) using G2 Expert System
Cen Nan,   Faisal Khan,   M. Tariq Iqbal
83.4 Air Supply State Model for a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Control
N. Hassanaly,   K. Agbossou,   Y. Dubé,   K. P. Adzakpa

Session 84: Real Time Systems

Chair: M. Omair Ahmad, Concordia University
Room: Parksville
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
84.1 Dynamically Reconfigurable Adaptable Multi-Module Based Synthesis of DSP Data Flow Graphs
Awni Itradat,   M. O. Ahmad,   Ali Shatnawi
84.2 EDF Feasibility Analysis of Accelerated Tasks
Andrew Morton,   Wayne M. Loucks
84.3 Evaluating the Performance of CSB+-Trees on Multithreaded Architectures
Layali K. Rashid,   Wessam M. Hassanein
84.4 Petri Net Reduction
Calin Costea,   Bogdan Groza,   Damian Costea,   Voicu Groza

Session 85: Advanced Topics

Chair: David E. Dodds, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
85.1 Synchronization of Weak Indoor GPS Signals with Doppler using a Segmented Matched Filter and Accumulation
Bruce Tang,   David E. Dodds
85.2 Design Issues for Sensor Network RF Receivers
Ahmed Youssef,   James W. Haslett,   Sebastian Magierowski
85.3 A Novel Chaos-based Transceiver Solution with High Data Rate Capability
D. Majumdar,   H. Leung,   Brent J. Maundy
85.4 A Comparative Study of Power Amplifier's Sensitivity To Mismatched Load: Single Branch vs. Doherty Architectures
Nissar Messaoudi,   O. Hammi,   J. Sirois,   Slim Boumaiza,   F. M. Ghannouchi
85.5 Stochastic Power Allocation with Outage-Expectation Constraints in Lognormal Fading Wireless Channels
Kan-Lin Hsiung

Session 86: System Development-II

Chair: Behrouz H. Far, University of Calgary
Room: Port Alberni
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
86.1 Fault Tolerance and Testable Software Security: A Method of Quantifiable Non-Malleability with Respect to Time
Dave B. Sharp,   Amiya Nayak,   Nita Goel
86.2 On Moving Test-Driven Development from the Business World into a Biomedical Engineering Environment
Juan Qiao,   James Miller,   Michael Smith
86.3 A Multiagent Coalition Support Tool for Collaborative and Dynamic Roles
Nora Houari,   Behrouz H. Far
86.4 Improving Project Performance with Role Driven Computational Support System
Nora Houari,   Behrouz H. Far
86.5 Tools for Industrial Knowledge Modeling and Management
Robert Harrison,   Christine W. Chan

Session 87: Power Systems-VII

Chair: Adel M. Sharaf, University of New Brunswick
Room: Port McNeill
Time: Wednesday, 1:40pm-3:20pm
87.1 Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of a Back-to-Back Voltage Source Converter Based Transmission Scheme
M. M. Zakaria Moustafa,   Shaahin Filizadeh
87.2 Design and Compliance of Frequency Drifting Islanding Detection Methods with the IEEE Standard 1547.1
Yongzheng Zhang,   Luiz A.C. Lopes
87.3 Novel Control Strategies using Load Matching for Maximum Photovoltaic Energy Utilization
Ismail H. Altas,   Adel M. Sharaf
87.4 Novel STATCOM Controller for Reactive Power Compensation in Distribution Networks with Dispersed Renewable Wind Energy
Adel M. Sharaf,   Weihua Wang,   Ismail H. Altas
87.5 Impact of Wind Power Growth on Wind Capacity Value
Rajesh Karki,   Po Hu

Session 88: Speech Processing

Chair: M. Omair Ahmad, Concordia University
Room: Junior Ballroom A
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
88.1 An Approach for Pitch Estimation from Noisy Speech
C. Shahnaz,   W. P. Zhu,   M. O. Ahmad
88.2 Further Analysis of the beta-Order MMSE STSA Estimator for Speech Enhancement
Eric Plourde,   Benoit Champagne
88.3 Modified Linear Discriminant Analysis for Speech Recognition
Xiao-Bing Li,   Douglas O'Shaughnessy
88.4 Classification of Speech Degradations at Network Endpoints using Psychoacoustic Features
Hua Yuan,   Tiago H. Falk,   Wai-Yip Chan
88.5 Recognition of Phonemes in a Continuous Speech Stream by Means of PARCOR Parameter in LPC Vocoder
Ying Cui,   Kunio Takaya

Session 89: Signal Processing for Communications

Chair: Wai-Yip Geoffrey Chan, Queen's University
Room: Junior Ballroom B
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
89.1 MIMO Wireless Channel for Video Communications using Distributed Video Coding
K. Muraleetharan,   W.A.C. Fernando,   W.A.R.J. Weerakkody,   R.M.A.P. Rajatheva
89.2 Application of Six-Port Receiver for OFDM Signals
Munir Arshad,   Jean-Francois Frigon,   Yanyang Zhao,   Renato Bosisio
89.3 Minimizing Recurrent Handoff Delays in MIPv6
May Siksik,   Hussein Alnuweiri,   Saif Zahir

Session 90: Advances in Control System

Chair: Meeko Oishi, University of British Columbia
Room: Junior Ballroom C
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
90.1 Towards Switched Control Under Input and State Constraints
Meeko Oishi
90.2 The Auxiliary Extended and Auxiliary Unscented Kalman Particle Filters
Laurence Smith,   Victor Aitken
90.3 Development of a Fuzzy-Based Sit-To-Stand Controller
R. Prinz,   Stephen W. Neville,   N. J. Livingston
90.4 Simultaneous Reliable H Stabilization using a Multi-Controller Configuration
Peng Hin Lee,   Yeng Chai Soh

Session 91: Advanced Circuits

Chair: Anh Dinh, University of Saskatchewan
Room: Junior Ballroom D
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
91.1 Using Keeper Control and Body Bias for Fine Grained Threshold Voltage Compensation in Dynamic Logic
Navid Azizi,   Farid N. Najm
91.2 Low-Voltage Single-Phase Clocked Quasi-Adiabatic Pass-Gate Logic
Edward K. Loo,   Harry I. Chen,   James B. Kuo,   Marek Syrzycki
91.3 Flexible Ultra Low Power Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter with Asynchronous Clock Generator
Rafal Dlugosz,   Vincent Gaudet,   Kris Iniewski
91.4 An Extreme Low Power Galois Field Inversion Circuit
Anh Dinh,   Daniel Teng,   Bi Pham
91.5 Optimized Design Methodology for an Integration of Electrical Control Systems
Y. Kebbati,   H. K. Souffi

Session 92: Advanced Technologies

Chair: Tadeusz Kwasniewski, Carleton Unversity
Room: Parksville
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
92.1 A 40-GHz Quadrature LC VCO in 90-nm CMOS Technology
Muhammad Usama,   Tadeusz Kwasniewski
92.2 Fabrication and Characterization of Nickel Amorphous Silicon Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photoconductors
Farhad Taghibakhsh,   Karim S. Karim
92.3 Exposure and Development of Poly (methyl methacrylate) using 254nm Light Source and IPA/water
Robert W. Johnstone,   Ian G. Foulds,   M. Parameswaran
92.4 Triple-Threshold Static Power Minimization Technique in High-Level Synthesis for Designing High-Speed Low-Power SOC Applications Using 90nm MTCMOS Technology
Harry I. Chen,   Edward K. Loo,   James B. Kuo,   Marek Syrzycki
92.5 EM Methods for Full-Wave Characterization of Microwave Integrated Circuits
M.C.E. Yagoub,   M.L. Tounsi,   T.P. Vuong

Session 93: Reconfigurable Embedded Systems

Chair: Susan Xu, CMC Microsystems
Room: Port Hardy
Time: Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:30pm
93.1 A Methodology for Prototyping Flexible Embedded Systems
John Sachs Beeckler,   Warren J. Gross
93.2 A Flow for Self-Reconfigurable Embedded Architectures and Co-Design Environments
Ricardo Villalobos Guevara,   Arkan Khalaf,   Voicu Groza
93.3 A Comparison of Profiling Tools for FPGA-Based Embedded Systems
Jason G. Tong,   Mohammed A. S. Khalid
93.4 Optimization of HW/SW co-design: Relevance to Configurable Processor and FPGA Technology
Susan Xu,   Hugh Pollitt-Smith

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